How To Win In Fantasy Football ?

How to win in fantasy football? That has been a question well asked and a question we will answer right now?? the best we can. This will specifically be in fantasy daily contest applications but can also be used in season long leagues such as yahoo fantasy football.

When considering this subject, that is simply the object of the game to simply define: score more points than your opponent(s). For the day.

There are a few simple things to keep in mind:

Keys To Winning Consistently:

  1. Just Play Good Players
  2. Play Players that have Best Scoring avg on the Year or PPG
  3. Use Advanced Algorithms
  4. Use Common Sense Fundamentals

The first point, playing good players seems like very common sense in the first place, but if over-complicating your matchup evaluations and worrying about every detail, you may miss out on playing a player that is very worthy of starting and not build your lineup around him as he could rightfully be referred to as a “STUD.”

Warning: These Are Advanced Strategies

Definition  of Fantasy Stud: A player who week in and week out performs around his average points per game, and outperforms his average points per game (PPG) more so than he under-performs. How though, you may ask, can a player more often outperform his PPG then under-perform, when the average is the mean of the 2 varying numbers from week to week?  How to win in fantasy football                                                               Well, that depends on the Co-efficient Variable and Deviation from that Mean number. Also referred to in my article, as the Coefficient of Variation or (CV) Definitely check out the article there to see the picture painted better.

There is still another set of rules, you could say, to factor into your determining the best players for a day, taking into account the advanced algorithms and many programs take into account to make Computer Based Decisions. I have found that this varies, based on the software developer of various optimizers, which will give you varied results.

How can you get a accurate estimation of the best chances of getting players, and winning the 3-6 figure contest games? I’ll show you here in this video: [embedyt][/embedyt]

As you can see, this is an advanced algorithm along with common sense factors included such as batting order in baseball, as well as, even though not mentioned in the video, injury status is used fundamentally.

In terms of one of the options, at least one, if not more that you will need to use, to take risk with is SLEEPERS.

A Fantasy football sleeper is defined here by Fantasy Sports

So when a player is not recognized by others to be a fantasy stud for whatever reason, he is considered one of these sleepers.

To remain competitive, or to start getting a very competitive edge when it comes to this advanced rankings and algorithm system, which is not available on any free site, directly from my experience visit: to opt into the free report, or go directly to to get started with these Advanced Strategies.

Start before football season, getting acclimated to the system and using it such as the way I prefer to use it above. ? and get started Before you enter another single paid lineup❗️ ?❗️

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8 thoughts on “How To Win In Fantasy Football ?”

  1. hello Andrew, I love your site, I am into fantasy football and I am about to enter a snake draft this coming week end I really have no clue what that is exactly but at least now I have a list of players that I may want to consider thanks to your fantasy football draft board, I have book marked your site and I will share your site with all my fantasy friends, tahnks again dennis..

  2. Great Fantasy Football article. It is good to have a strategy before going into a fantasy football draft. Good suggestions on what is important in the draft and how to organize them. I especially like that you included the advanced strategy section. All of the links you provided were also very helpful.

  3. Hey Andy

    While I have never played around with fantasy football, it is something I have been considering.

    I just read your article How To Win In Fantasy Football, and it did clear somethings up for me.

    I really liked the part about sleepers, I would have never even thought about that!

    Thanks for a good read,

  4. Awesome. I am looking at getting back into fantasy football this year and I love your easy list of keys to winning consistently. And then I can read some more and learn about this complicated algorithm you were talking about. All in all I will have to come back and check this out as I get closer to drafting.

    1. Great Austin, seriously, keep these posts in reference, and take a little time to check out some of the updated menus, as I do update as much as possible.

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