How To Win Daily Fantasy Sports Contests

I am going to show you how to win daily fantasy sports contests by differing sports using the incremental videos below for each sport. This way, if you have struggled to overcome losing in general, you can diversify largely based on different sports.

When you diversify in daily fantasy sports, make sure you understand the basic bank roll concepts such as found in my article, Fantasy Sports Advice: $25 Per Night

NHL DFS Preparation

Here’s starting with NHL and corresponding notes of aspects not mentioned, forgetting to during video recording.

Don’t forget to actually visit for the actual lines for the night, and also not mentioned, don’t just take the highest Dashrank player if someone with a lower dashrank has more projected points for the night, based on the Proj: right under the salary of the player.

One more thing on Hockey. When playing in tournaments, I recommend this strategy all the way. However when just playing 50/50 or head to head for cash, just use the best Optimized Studs for the day, so that you limit your risks in these contests. I would also reccommend a FULL STACK in tournaments meaning, a C, 2 W’s, and a Defensiveman from 2 different teams together. Goalie would have to be from another separate team.

NBA DFS Preparation

Next. as for NBA lineups, see this video for your most important tool, the position Optimizer:

As you can see in NBA lineups you are going to be considering minutes played, pace of game, and of course Fantasy Points Per Game. Don’t be too concerned with stacks other than maybe a point guard who consistently dishes out to a  big man, which not every team really has. Even in tournaments a major key is actually looking at depth charts. Here is and example of the setting used for that:

Click on the Image to Access the Trial or Paid Version of the Draft Tool:


win daily fantasy sports

If you notice here there is a player that is SF3 or Small Forward 3rd on the depth chart. The name is Hezonja for Orlando. This indicates that the player not only has minutes but also has Points.  In fact in 2 out of his last 3 games, due to injury to the starter, he has put up over 40 points, making him a great value.

So you never know, this low priced entry point at the position may win you a tournament! If you can fit another superstar on your roster that scores around 50 points, you will score over 300 as the majority of your other players are studs. Its all based on getting the best law of average players on your limited salary and best value on your team in NBA. Always check the injuries on the night before firing up these lineups. Find those on your favorite Fantasy Sports App.

Here is the Video to demonstrate How I actually go through the NBA routine, right over my shoulder.

Tip How to Include players buried on depth charts: When clicking on the position optimizer, simply drop down the depth drop down box, to include down to the G4, F4, and C4 options towards the top of the screen.



Now for NFL Preparation:

Please see the next article, as this must be broken up.

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  1. It’s good info, thank you for putting it together, Andy. How do you account for things like coaches resting players and players falling ill? Also, I have a sneaking suspicion James Harden’s beard is the source of his scoring brilliance. And did you see the tomahawk that Russ threw down tonight? It is a shame the game ended the way it did.

  2. You have put together a good site. Your niche is unique and therefore definitely a keeper. I like how you use the videos to explain things. It there is one recommendation I would make is to create a home page with some catchy imagery and banners, and have the blog as a separate page!

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