What is Chalk in DFS and How To Identify for Separation?

Chalk in DFS is the pool of players in your salary cap daily fantasy game that are highly owned. On a 10-15 game slate this should be anywhere from %25-95 such as on Fanduel.

This “Chalk is no so desirable in tournament games or contests that pay out over X5 your investment or games that pay out only around %10-15 of the contestants.

Chalk, however is desirable if you are taking into consideration the highest performing players depending on the sport. I will illustrate a perfect example of identifying chalk in an MLB contest, which has high variance compared to other sports,

High variance = less consistent players.

I will help to identify the most consistent pitchers in my article Fantasy baseball sleepers for rest of 2018 season here where I will get into on larger slates, except for sunday, as I have started to take that day off for football or other activities.

So what do most good DFS players do in MLB DFS to counteract the high variance? They look for Low variance Pitchers because that is the only low variance position on the baseball field. Next they look at players that have high OPS, Woba, and ISO to get Hot hitters to fill out their rosters.

In order to get hot players in Cash games or %50/50 along with head to head, they gain a high percentage of wins in these contests. I was surprised to learn that some professional DFS players win up to around %70 of their contests.

Here is a contest from the main saturday showing the owner percentage of each player I chose using the identifying marks described above to get these higher ownership players

What is Chalk in DFS

What is Chalk in DFS

Here is a video that shows it overall a bit better along with the process.

As you can also see, I separated myself with the winning advantage with 2 key differentiation players including my pitcher Fulty and my Util. spot, with Lucas Duda. Thats all you really need to win these type of higher cash investments.

As a fantasy player now for years, I have learned from experiences. Bank roll and strategy are essential to every sport. Don’t lose any more, visit DFSArmy for more instruction, coaching, along with the latest technology in analytics using the state of the art Domination Station today. Don’t hold back from a small investment in your game, earning an easy %20 on your returns instead of re-depositing monthly from your paycheck of hard earned money. Make it fun and safe!

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  1. Do you know one thing Andrew. This game is absolutely meant and created because of me. I love playing games online. And with the idea that one can earn with his or her choice of players in this particular platform. I will however desire to keep the earning high with my highest performing players. I love volley ball.
    Thanks for this!

  2. Hi Andy. What a very different site you have created. At firs tI thought you were discussing actual baseball. It took me a while to realize you were discussing a game. I must say that it sounds very interesting, a little bit complicated, but definitely something I’d like to know a lot more about. I stumbled on your site by accident. Do you think you could create a blog for gaming dummies where you simplify the instructions, so that newbies (like me) to the game can pick it up a bit easier. I would be most interested in learning more. Thank you for your exciting website.  Jim

    1. Great Jim, Yes I have made beginner fantasy sports articles, just search “beginner” in the search bar on the right side of the screen. 

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