What Fantasy Sport is the Best and What are the Best Fantasy Sports Sites?

Its extravaganza of fantasy sports this time of year as every major fantasy sport is almost currently in play with basketball swiftly approaching. There is something for everyone and its truly exciting to be a part of any contest going on right now or in the near future.

I will answer 2 questions in one today as we examine the best fantasy sports, along with the best place to play each sport in season long and daily fantasy games.

The Best Fantasy Sport and Best place to play: NFL Football

While there are many options, NFL fantasy football is still the best out there on a weekly basis. There are so many games and contests going on, especially on sunday. You can even play short slates in fantasy football if you want sunday afternoon, night, or single showdown slates in the daily fantasy games available on various sites. Of all the places I play on right now, I’d say the best and cleanest looking format according to my app preferences is on nfl.com for season long contests. In daily contests, I am focusing on playing this year in FantasyDraft as they charge the least by far, as long as you play enough entries per month.

Football is still King all things considered. However, these next sports are a lot of fun, and can be very profitable, once you learn and retain the in and outs or the nuisances of the sport itself.

2nd Best Fantasy Sport: NBA

NBA basketball is best played daily as the place to play is probably also on fantasy draft due to the rake free. For pre-season however, its not available if you wanted to jump in as of early to mid October. NBA is difficult to try and predict with any regularity as to who will start, who will be on the bench, or who will rest altogether. Players must basically get the minutes and the consistent peripheral type numbers to correlate into a winning lineup daily as there is not a lot of variance. What Fantasy Sport is the BestFandeul as well as Draftkings has the adjustable lineup feature until tipoff, so you can still swap out players as long as the game has not started yet on larger slates. I will have more analysis on how to attack NBA daily basketball in more detail than what I did last year after the start of the season for 2019.

3rd Best Fantasy Sport: NHL Hockey

Yes my third and really a go to sport in the daily fantasy space is NHL Hockey on Fantasy Draft now as well. This is unique in lineup construction throughout the day in preparation as there are really only  a few injuries to worry about from day to day, as they rarely sit out. They are VERY TOUGH guys. You can’t ask for better when it comes to durability. No need to play on other sites, as there is variance even with the most supposed dependable position of goalie, however I usually find enough consistent players to make a reliable roster on a nightly basis, crushing my competition!

4th Best Fantasy Sport: College Football

You may be wondering where the next sport is, but its back to football here. The best place to play college fantasy football is either FD or DK, which is also a lot of fun with a lot of variance due to unpredictable players being young and players sitting for any unknown reason. Its a different and fun twist to fantasy football. in Here are the best college fantasy football sites for different categories I wrote.

Last Fantasy Sport I will play: MLB

Due to total variance and loss of money on most nights in cash lineups, baseball is never going to be your optimal or go to cash maker. Tournaments only as recommended as you can play anywhere you want, the risks are high.




4 thoughts on “What Fantasy Sport is the Best and What are the Best Fantasy Sports Sites?”

  1. I used to dabble in fantasy sports a few years back, I and my mates would do a mini competition where we would all put in some money and the winner would get it all. I don’t really follow American sports however here in the UK fantasy football (soccer) is very popular. 

    Where you pick 11 players and hope they get a few goals and clean sheets if there defenders, theres quite a few companies to pick from which explains why it’s so big.

    Thanks for talking about the US sports and the fantasy sites you can get involved in. I might one day do American football fantasy as I’ve watched it a few times late here in the UK and enjoyed it.


    1. Hey Josh, glad you enjoyed it, we get a lot of NBA fans over there as well. Feel free to check back, as I’ll be directing toward a heck of a lot of Free daily nba content. 

  2. Not surprised that football takes the first position as almost every one is just fascinated about the sport, I wasn’t really interested in fantasy football until lately when my friend has been saying a lot about it and it looks like I may enjoy and if I can make a little bit of pocket money from it then it’s worth it. In still learning the basic stuff but I can also say I have been enjoying playing the games even though I don’t win much yet but very soon may be starting to get to learn how to play hockey and basket ball as well.

    1. Very cool, Donny, We have some things growing as I have joined a team, but I would like to keep this fantasy site going if I possibly can. I have not wrote in a little while. 

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