Weekly Fantasy Rankings: Week 9

Here is a fantasy football rankings post for the week to set you up for your leagues, no matter what type of league it is, getting you the best value in your lineup so that you can decide according to the price and lineups available in your particular league. Just don’t consider these high dollar ($million) dollar DFS leagues. More like 50/50s.

You’ll get a nice bonus at the bottom of this list since I had went over the keys to consistency in a pryor post, here that is Pryor Sr. in comparison below

  1. David Johnson  RB Cards
  2. Ezekiel Elliott Dal. RB
  3. AJ Green  WR Bengals
  4. Julio Jones WR
  5. D. Freeman RB Atl.
  6. O. Beckham Jr. NYG WR
  7. MeMarco Murray RB
  8. Le’Veon Bell Pitt. RB
  9. D. Hopkins WR Hous
  10. Jordy Nelson GB WR
  11. A. Brown WR Pitt.
  12. Matt Ryan QB
  13. Melvin Gordan SD RB
  14. Tom Brady QB
  15. Jay Ajayi Mia. RB
  16. Mike Evans WR
  17. Mark Ingram NO RB
  18. D. Thomas Den. WR
  19. Dez Bryant Dall. WR
  20. Dre Brees NO. QB
  21. Kelvin Benjamin Car. WR
  22. Larry Fitzgerald WR Cards
  23. Allen Robinson WR Jaguars
  24. E. Sanders Den. WR
  25. Michael Thomas WR NO
  26. Matt Forte NYJ RB
  27. Rob Gronkowski TE
  28. Brandon Marshall NYJ WR
  29. Alshon Jeffrey WR Chi.
  30. J. Matthews Phi. WR
  31. T. Pryor Sr. WR Cleve.
  32. Brandon Cooks NO WR
  33. Jordan Reed Wash. TE
  34. Greg Olsen Car. TE
  35. L. Miller RB
  36. J. Howard RB Chi
  37. Todd Gurley LA RB
  38. C. Newton Car. QB
  39. D. Booker RB
  40. Aaron Rodgers GB QB
  41. Russell Wilson Sea. QB
  42. Jonathan Stewart Car. Rb
  43. Travis Kelce KC TE
  44. B. Roethlisburger Pitt. QB
  45. M. Mariotta QB Tenn.
  46. L. Blount RB
  47. Doug Martin RB
  48. Quincy Anunwa  WR Jets
  49. Doug Baldwin Sea. WR
  50. Jimmy Graham Sea. TE
  51. Coby Fleener Ind TE
  52. D. Ware RB KC
  53. M. Wallace WR Balt.
  54. Stefon Diggs  Min. WR
  55. Donte Moncrief  Ind. WR
  56. Darren Sproles RB
  57. Jarvis Landry Mia. WR
  58. D. Prescott. Qb Dall.
  59. Ryan Matthews Phi. RB
  60. Chris Ivory Jax. RB
  61. Philip Rivers SD QB
  62. Delanie Walker Ten. TE
  63. T. Williams WR SD
  64. J. Eddleman WR NE
  65. T. Eifert TE
  66. C. Conley WR Wash.
  67. Randall Cobb GB WR
  68. Devante Adams WR GB
  69. D. Pitta TE Balt.
  70. Isaiah Crowell  Cleve. RB
  71. Corey Coleman Cleve. WR
  72. J. Brown WR Cards
  73. CJ Procise RB Sea.
  74. TJ Yeldon Jax. RB
  75. Gary Barnidge Cleve. TE
  76. Devonte Parker Mia. WR
  77. Tyler Lockett Sea. WR
  78. Blake Bortles Jax. QB
  79. Rishard Matthews WR Tenn.
  80. J. Whitten TE
  81. M. Sanu WR Atl.
  82. T. Hightower RB NO
  83. Meridith WR Chi.
  84. Geo Bernard RB Cincy
  85. K. Britt WR LA
  86. K. Fuller WR Hous.
  87. K. Wentz QB
  88. C. Palmer QB
  89. B. Powell RB Jets
  90. S. Smith WR Balt.
  91. Kapri Bibbs RB Den.
  92. James White RB NE
  93. Eli Rogers WR Pitt.
  94. Jeremy Maclin KC WR
  95. J. Hill RB Cin.
  96. C.Beasley WR
  97. D. Martin RB TB
  98. P. Barber RB TB
  99. R. Kelley RB Wash.
  100. M.Asiata RB

Will be updated daily through the week.

Here’s a bonus for comparison in consistency among a few select players for this week: Very interesting if your into real numbers.

4 thoughts on “Weekly Fantasy Rankings: Week 9”

  1. Great post on the rankings for fantasy football going in to week 9. It looks like you have ranked RBs and WRs higher than some of the best QBs in the league (i.e. Tom Brady). Did you do this because it is more likely for a QB to be consistent with their numbers, or because a RB or WR is more likely to break out for a big game and big numbers? I am curious on your thoughts behind this, but it is great that you create a ranking to share with your readers to help them make a decision based on their own research. I hope this helps me with my Draft Kings lineup for the coming week!

    1. True, I suppose I am used to making better evaluations per the drafts that I participate in which QB’s are not drafted until around 5 round per the majority. Hope that makes sense.

  2. Andy,
    Man alive, am I glad I don’t play Fantasy. I can see from looking at the rankings that you have posted that you would need to know your Teams & Players. When I was looking at your post, it was like looking at French or Spanish. Do you do well in your winnings with this?
    As I scaled down the list, I think I might be able to know what positions are played by the initials. As I am not much of a Sports Fan, but will definitely be learning here shortly around Thanksgiving.
    Does Fantasy Sports cover only Football, or are there other Sports covered? Again, shows how much I know about Sports, etc.

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