Week 9 Fantasy Football Beginner Prep

What I’m going to do now is prep you up so that you can be prepared and fantasy football beginner mode, to win your contest in week 9;

Here they are in Vegas order to show you the importance of it;

These are basically the hot! Games that you want to take players from.

Tampa @ N.O. fantasy football beginners


New Orleans is favored by 7 points. That gives them the highest implied team total of the week. That totals to 52 points between both teams

Kansas City @ Dallas

It’s supposed to be a small margin of victory for either team. However Zeke Elliott is back again! At the time of this writing 53 and a half points total.

Indy @ Houston

Here again, another team is highly favored, Euston however DeShaun Watson is done for the year. That’s a big development for this 56 total point game.

Wash. @Seattle

Another potential high-scoring matchup, based on the Seahawks winning this one, favor. They are implied to get a bulk of these 45 points.

Denver @ Phil.

Also considered possibly even a blowout, the Eagles are really the most highly favored this week at seven and a half points. Total points should be 43 and a half though.

Mia. @Oakland

This is the least favorable of all these six games I will mention. Was a total Point implied of 44 points. It should be a close game.

The other games do not have enough points totals. The reason why you would need to look at these as a fantasy football beginner to develop into an expert if that’s what you want to, is that Vegas knows the odds best. They are professional gamblers and they know which teams are most likely to win. So, don’t go against this logic of order.

This does not mean, however that you cannot take games that are less scoring and look for a stud players. Just that you have to be more selective and look to the high scoring games to really win tournament matchups.


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