Week 6 Fantasy Football Position Rankings Breakdown

In week 5 of Fantasy Football as every week, I break down positions rankings.

I will go about it as in the previous week with a chart that will provide valuable insight into the player performance and the matchup, as well as provide a video breakdown if your so rather inclined to watch.

This list does not include every player but remember an important rule. Just because a player such as Kevin Hogan has a better matchup or is hot for the past few weeks does not mean that he is or will continue to be as reliable as Antonio Brown.

As you can see this interestingly gives you some point fishing variation to look at upon deciding best players for now.

What we will do next is actually look at the specific matchups according to the day Sunday

Here they are:

49ers at Redskins:

In this game the 49ers look weak at linebacker Navarro Bowman was let go. But Washington also has some major weaknesses on their side without knowing about Josh Norman status as well as some other defense of Lyman and defense of backs these teams could very well put up more points than expected with Washington favor by 11 1/2. So my expectation here is at Washington will find open field running opportunities again San Francisco’s defense. Also, look for one of the water Sever’s from Sam Sisco to get loose for a long touchdown.

Bears at ravens:

This game figures to be a low-scoring match with Baltimore trying to find it’s running back I am favoring buck Allen. Bottom more themselves though, also has issues on offense of line and defense of line. Can a bears tight and get loose? There aren’t many wide receiver options.

Buccaneers at Cardinals:

This game figures to have 45 points scored which is fine. Not sure if Patrick Peterson is going to play versus Mike Evans. The Cardinals also have a lot of front seven concerns that Tampa could make use of especially with Doug Martin now ready to run loose.

Giants at broncos:

This game very well figures to be low scoring. However the Broncos domination could very well be a lot of points or they’re running backs and receivers. I will look for play action passes to open up down the field to Sanders and thomas.

Browns at Houston:

This is another domination game. The Texans are favored by a lot of points and I will obviously include Watson ready with DeAndre Hopkins, Lamarr Miller and company. This is a great matchup for them all around.

Courts at titans:

This is not so sure of the game as there are no lines as of right now at 6 PM when writing this. There are no glaring weaknesses on either teams defense. Marcus Mariota is up in the air as to whether he will play. Luck will not.

Chargers and Raiders:

Look for Oaklands running game to do something in this game. Of course with Marshawn lynch lien the way some back ups could also get involved. The Chargers are expecting Mike Williams to make his debut. You can look for water Sever’s to get open but who knows which ones.

Steelers at Chiefs:

Here there is a high enough implied. Total to go ahead and say the Chiefs favorite at home will do pretty well with Travis Kelce seeming like he’s going to play and open up opportunities for T. hill. Not sure though, if big Ben and Antonio Brown will put it together this game.

Dolphins at falcons:

In this particular game Atlantis number one pass rusher is back easily. Miami has a number of injury concerns therefore, the Falcons are highly favored and look to score a lot of points as a dolphins continue to struggle with linebackers and Byron Maxwell may be very well hurts. So go with the regular starting guys here Ryan, Jones, Freeman, and Coleman. If you want to take a flyer on Gabriel that’s fine.

Rams at Jags:

Both teams have some defense of backs hurt. Therefore, you can pick low-cost quarterbacks and wide receivers from both teams. The point total is not too high because of the defenses of both of these teams playing well so take the best offense of players if you want with caution.

Patriots at Jets:

The patriots need help at linebacker and defensive back. The Jets are in a situation with only Matt forte and a back up with Bills Powell not expecting To play. Look for the usual place here on the patriots offense with Brady scoring big.

Lions at Saints:

New Orleans has concerns at offense of an defense of line Detroit has defense of line linebacker as well as a defense of back concern with Grover Quinn looking hurt. However, this is the highest in point implied. Total of the week at 50 points. There should be a lot of scoring this game. I will look for breeze to do fine with one of his main targets back.Look for the Lions to lean on running backs with Theo Riddick taking some snaps at receiver and running back.

Packers at Vikings:

This game shows Minnesota do not be so highly favored at 2 1/2 points. Minnesota though needs help at offense of line. Green Bay needs help with defense of backs. Without Stephane Diggs there’s not much of a chance of Minnesota with case Keenum starting that Minnesota may be able to even take much a vantage of Green Bay’s defense of backs.

And finally to give you some ideas for setting and finding players, to win your league, Even in the Waiver Wire on Yahoo:

4 thoughts on “Week 6 Fantasy Football Position Rankings Breakdown”

  1. Andrew,

    As a Fantasy football participant I love your site. I’m constantly looking for tidbits of information that might give me an edge over an opponent. Our league started in 1989 and is still going strong so any more detail I can get the better. You have a good grasp of the statistical analysis and lay it out in digestible fashion. Good job!!!


    1. John, did you say 1989?? That’s incredible. You must be quite the long time student yourself. The thing is with these leagues now in DFS is you have to stay patient all day! While it seemed that I was behind and losing during today’s 1p games, later I came back with quite a few victories on the day in profit for my total fanduel bankroll, so watching is not always what I do. I watch when I can, because its an up and down rollercoaster when you know you are relying on certain players, although I don’t use any one same player on all my teams. 

  2. Hey there,
    This is a good page, thanks for posting and sharing. I really enjoy your quick synopsis of each NFL game this week. It’s obvious you’ve done some great research and are definitely a student of the game so to speak as well as well versed in fantasy football.
    Speaking of which what would you recommend for the best fantasy football leagues? I use Yahoo because some guys at my work who include me in the league use that tool – would love to hear your thoughts on other ones.

    1. Yea Matt, Yahoo is Great. Other than that I use Fanduel, which has friends mode now, Draftkings, or FantasyDraft. Thats pretty much it. Played on NFL.com before but none of my friends have played there, but its decent. 

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