Wealthy Fantasy Football Initial Fantasy Draft Lineup for Week 4

This will give you the official wealthy fantasy football lineup for FantasyDraft that will give you the absolute best chance for an optimal result, based on analytics, time share, injuries, salary, and matchups.

Where to start with your FantasyDraft LU

If you want to see actual simulation results for this week you can view by player breakdown on sportsline.com, even though it does not have a specific fantasy draft projection for each player you can use the Draftkings as a popular consensus. 

Where to get started on FantasyDraft?

To make this easy, I adjust my rankings by actually using the site specific app, fantasy draft, which you can get a promo code for by clicking on the Drew Brees link to the right of this page or the bottom if on a mobile device, where you earn $10 when referring someone as you can also refer a friend to the site.

Differences in LU construction compared to other DFS Sites

Remember also as well that there are a couple of significant differences between DK and FD. Mainly being the actual price differences and the 2nd flex option for the FD as opposed to the single flex option on DK. You can use this extra flex spot for another running back as a safer option as we will do in cash. Also be aware that you cannot make any changes after lock time, which you can do on DK or fanduel.

Fantasy Draft Scoring

In case you have never played on Draftkings, the scoring works as such basically: You can also look this up on the FantasyDraft App or site.

fantasy draft app

One more thing as  a main difference: 

FantasyDraft used the sunday night matchup as part of the main Sunday slate, giving your more options this week including the Dallas @ NO game, Yayyyyy!!!

Fantasy Draft Lineup Week 4:

Fantasy Draft Lineup Week 4

Fantasy Draft Lineup Week 4

For more about how to put these types of winning lineups together visit my page, Fantasy Football PPR scoring game flow insurance.

I added these videos to the site here on Thursday night to help you with a slightly alternative play and well as to get started on tournament LU’s Here you go!

6 thoughts on “Wealthy Fantasy Football Initial Fantasy Draft Lineup for Week 4”

  1. Oh, this is very good. I am not used to playing the fantasy games but a friend just told me about how awesome it is and you have given a very good recommendation here on something that I think I can work with perfectly. I will definitely give the fantasy draft a try and I am happy that I can also make some money too whole making use of the app itself by referring friends just the same way you have referred me. Tha ks for the info. I’d like a winning team like the one you have there though, that’s pretty cool.

  2. This is cool to read about and I’m definitely going to check the other ways to put the winning line up like this together because that line up is awesome. However, I am still new to the NFL fantasy football though but then, getting guides and helps through this post has really been great. I look forward to see what the coming week would be like. Thanks

  3. This is really interesting and nice. The simulation results link is really helpful, what I enjoy most out of everything Is the referral pay, you get $10 when you refer someone by clicking the Drew Brees link. Also, The winning line ups are nice and clear, before now I wasn’t so aware of the differences in LU construction compared to other DFS sites, reading this post have explained clearly to me. Thanks for sharing this post, I really enjoyed reading through and I look forward to seeing more of it.

    1. Of course Jones, its a really safe bet to be able to make safe lineups this way in head to heads. If you do it in season long, it a whole lot better to arrange LU’s in dfs weekly. 

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