Toronto Blue Jays Starting Roster: STAT Cast Breakdown

  1. Bo Bichette

Bichette made his anticipated major league debut last year in a big way. I thought we would get more steals from him as I would expect more this season. I also think his ISO will regress as his BABIP was high.

2. Cavan Biggio

He throws Right but Bats Left only. Seems much better vs. Righties as he showed some power there. Also has good speed and plate discipline.

3. Vladimir Guerrero

Looking like a DH spot guy due to poor fielding. Looking back at his Father’s stats which you can do with any of these BJ’s, I found that he was a great power hitter. He has Great ISO, SLG, and BABIP was .316. The son stands out as of course potentially reaching that some day, but I believe it will take a couple years, as his minor league numbers also implied, not swing up to a great level out of the gate.

4. Randal Grichuk

Nice Isolated power numbers along with low BAPIP that stand out to me here, he could be the most productive hitter on the team. Has proven potential for better SLG per his XSLG then he did last year.

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