The Best Daily Fantasy Advise Sites to Prepare to Win in DFS

What are the best daily fantasy advise sites? There are thousands to choose from as the top results in your search engine may pull in some free and paid advice for the daily slate mix. How could one possibly go through all of these to determine the best website to obtain daily advice from?

This does not include television, Podcasts, and printed publications.


See my article, Fanduel NFL Lineups Generator for my latest article on generating great lineups, saving you time, as you control the players you want in your DFS lineups.


When you talk however to expert dfs players, you get biased answers based on what product or service they support.

The truth is there is no specific place to obtain a perfect dfs lineup from night to night as the variance of the sport changes beyond what any expert, analyst, or computer can consistently give you.

This may seem like a clique type of answer, but you can bet the best answers to your daily swipe of cash or tournament plays depends on your adaptability and improvisation skills.

If you can get some of the basic insider information, you can win most nights in NBA, NHL, MLB, NFL, CFB, and more sports.

All of these contests however, are very different from sport to sport.

As this site indicates, it’s a season long commitment to success in fantasy sports. That season long aspect can include the daily fantasy sports game that so many play.

If you want to latch onto a community of DFS enthusiasts, who have their finger on the pulse of the daily action in their particular sport of interest or skill level, then you want to visit the slack chat dfs army channel. Then you will have daily grinders there, with the same, if not better mindset then you in executing daily fantasy strategy. This is even though you may be competing directly against them in your daily lineups.

You really want to try and consider everything you can in the fantasy sports decisions to get yourself free of failure, but you also want to keep it simple to stay in the daily game.

You don’t want to over complicate the way you evaluate your daily fantasy players.

One other important thing you want to keep in mind at this stage of the game, as undoubtedly you are trying to improve your daily fantasy game, is the chalk of the day, or the most played players. If you can hit on just 1 or 2 players, along with your main cash game guys getting daily success, you will win some money on most nights/day. Usually its more important to hit on a main position on a slate such as quarterback, goalie, pitcher, and a superstar for an nba team.

I will give you my own personally most used sites when looking at factoring in 3 key elements of a daily fantasy sport.

Those are

1.       Advanced detailed metrics

2.       Chalk of the day

3.       Tracking your watched and avoided players

All three of these elements will help you evaluate, and test, test, test, your personal best in strategies for a given slate.

Best Daily fantasy site for Advanced Metrics

The best site for seeing the most advanced numbers in spreadsheet format is at the dfsarmy. There you can view adjustable columns of advanced offensive and defensive stat categories broken down into the average per game, seasonal, and value based propositions on the players salaried price on the major sites for competition such as fanduel and draftkings.

Best Daily Fantasy Advise Sites

Chalk of the Day

9 times out of 10 you will need to simple chalk of the day. This can be found and many free sites, but when you go to you will see what the expert analysts are giving the public in free optimized lineups for every sport. There is a paid subscription to obtain the tournament lineups, which do work well at times for winning contests of 2-1000 players, preferably single entry contests.

Best Daily Fantasy Advise Sites: Sportsline

Tracking your players

After some diligent research on these sites, you then perhaps want to get a different view of things from the DraftDashboard. After all,  what good does it do to have all this research and scouting of your opponents with a way to track all of this according to the number of contests you want to play in.

Best Daily Fantasy Advise Sites: DraftDashboard

Once you have these sites down and how you use them to create the lineups you want, you cannot be stopped in profitability for your daily DFS lineups.

Make sure to see my prior article link above for the breakdown of the optimizers available on 2 of these sites.

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  1. Oh my goodness, my son has been just starting to get into this fantasy football thing, and I asked him if he knew anything about it, and he told me he was learning as he went along.  That’s why I started doing some research, and I’m super excited to come to your site, because it looks like a place he could go and actually learn what he’s doing and get some great information!  Thanks so much!

  2. Wow! Can I just say, I like the WFF logo there? 

    I’ve always found fantasy football leagues interesting because it was fun to watch my brother lose. Hee. 

    You provided some excellent resources and detailed information that I think any participant would be wise to listen to. Perhaps include a website especially for beginners? Because all that information is overwhelming for this newbie! 

    Very informative. 

    1. Thank you Dj for finding my website I appreciate the fact of beginners need training and insights. I will attempt to do this more often on my site.

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