Tevin Coleman Signs with 49ers: 2019 Outlook

Providing the most relevant daily news today, per nfl.com free agency tracker, the 49ers have signed Coleman to a 2 year 8.5 million dollar contract as the time share runner and receiver reunites with his offensive coordinator in San Francisco.

What is the outlook for Coleman and the 49ers backfield for 2019?

Well, there are still 2 other premier type backs on the roster with Matt Breida and Jerick McKinnon still there.

As we can see here, per Ourlands.com there are many running backs that have had significant playing time. If you notice however, Alfred Morris is no longer there. Coleman is a great upgrade to the position.

Tevin Coleman signs with 49ers

With injuries galore on this roster overall, many rb’s got their own chance to even be featured from the very depths of the depth chart.

How will they plan to use these feature backs?

This is an easy answer as the rock will get passed along frequently with another try at Jimmy Garopollo under center. Barring injuries, this should be a better offense than the year before with the addition of Jordan Matthews replacing the role of Pierre Garcon as a possession receiver.

Coleman shows good fluid movement in execution of a dangerous play in the playbook for opposing defenses: The wheel route.

Here’s the play:

As we can see, this short video shows Coleman running out of the backfield in motion from the right. As he comes over to the left, the defender is forced to go man on man. The Single high coverage safety was not in position to make the play. the man in coverage also not able to make way in coverage on his own trailed in a just beyond the redzone touchdown play. However, Matt Ryan overthrew his intended receiver just beyond the reach of Coleman. The Falcons had to settle for a field goal on this first drive of the game.

Coleman is very dangerously is to be used in the same way, with scripted out plays designed to go to him in man coverage such as this with 10-20 carries per game depending on injuries this season. He should have a few very big fantasy games.

Will the 49ers be looking to add further weapons in the draft?

Yes with the possibility of drafting a WR, the main offensive role of Julio Jones missing from this offense, Shanahan would love to get a new tool in the box in one of these Wide recievers from Ole Miss to add to become a very dangerous offense in the NFL.

In Fantasy Football Summary for 2019

I personally watched the 49ers quite a bit last season, and my evident conclusion will be that he should get similar production with the 49ers as he did with the falcons.

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What do you expect for your fantasy team if you have had or plan to incorporate any 49ers into your drafts?

14 thoughts on “Tevin Coleman Signs with 49ers: 2019 Outlook”

  1. Thanks for writing this article on Tevin Coleman signs with 49ers.i must commend you for a well done job for taking your time to write this article. From my own point of view I think Tevin Coleman is going to perform good even with all the problem he his currently facing.is just a matter of time before he pick up

    1. HI, I was not aware of any specific problems he is facing. Hopefully all will be well and healthy for the 49ers, definitely what they need is a player like this. 

  2. Well. Anytime I see Coleman I’m always rest assured anyway but as I watched this game im just short of words then i must commend you for taking your time to share this article. I will start following you to get more updates from you. And I will rebroadcast this to my friends so we can see something to discuss about. I have t

  3. Tevin is a very good player and his presence in team would be felt. He does have the moves that determines if one is formidable in the attack and has proven himself dangerous to the opposing defence in a couple of games. I think his signing would do good to 49ners arsenals and I hope the season goes well for him

    1. Yes I can say I would also hope that the 49ers season goes much better with Jimmy Garoppolo at the home at the quarterback position

  4. Coleman is a very formidable player and him signing with the 49ers will be of great benefit to them. As seen in the video, he show a high level of skill set. I bet he’s going to perform well with great efficiency to produce great results with the 49ers this season. Interesting post. 

  5. I’m happy to read this lovely post about Tevin Coleman.  I would say it’s an interesting sport.  I also love the way you highlighted your points. I have been following your blog posts for a long time because your posts are always educative and I must tell you this is not an exception.thanks for the review. Much regards

    1. Thanks for your continued visits here is I did not realize that you stop by so much. Thanks for the help I appreciate it

  6. I have watched this. Coleman is good in making nice execution but I still wonder why he had to run from the backfield. He should know as an experienced player that if he goes to the left, the defender will definitely go directly and attack. This has made him not to game the way I felt he would.

  7. I will like to commend you for taking out time to write about Tevin Coleman Signs with 49ers: 2019 Outlook.. Though I have  had of him just ones because I don’t follow up with this sport. But from your post,  Coleman seems to be a very good player, seen that he is a game changer and he is going to add more value to the team

    1. Yes Barry, I can see him being a game changer for them as a deep throat receiver that they have not had out of the backfield bring you different type of element to their game

  8. Wow, I really love reading wonderful review like this on sports, especially this this unique review on Wealthy Fantasy Football. I really love fantasy, now that is on football. I personally watched the 49ers quite a bit last season, and my evident conclusion was similar to that of the admin. I do love to see more posts on this topic more at this site. Thanks for sharing. Sharing is caring!

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