TB Rays Starting Roster: STAT Cast Breakdown

In this article and video I am giving you a breakdown as the title states “stat cast breakdown for the TB Rays starting roster.” This is because the advanced stats along with where to find them give you some options to look for as we come closer to home when it comes to getting sports back in some safe way. You would need some basic knowledge of baseballl stats in order to obtain some takeaways from this post.

StatCast Season Evaluation

This will help gauge what kind of production to expect from this TB Rays lineup moving on into post sports  blackout days.

  1. Austin Meadows

Meadows showed off top 25 Power with bat strength. His 547 XSLG % shows evidence of a really, really good hitter who did his time in the minors.

2. Brandon Lowe

Lowe has secured a starting spot in the lineups without losing his coveted #1-3 slot as his X numbers are in line with his seasons performance. Not sure if he can sustain those numbers vs. Lefties.

3. Yandy Diaz

Diaz started hitting homers with one of the best exit velocities on the planet once he was traded  to TB. Combine that with very good hard hit contact and you’ve got yourself a hopeful value this season.

Here’s a video for 5/1 if you want to have some fun with these numbers on fanduel and see what happens. Play for free by clicking on the Blue logo to the right if have played daily fantasy baseball. 

4. Hunter Renfroe

Renfroe has progressively gotten better over his few years in the majors, he seems like a seasoned power veteran that I have used many times in GPPs the last few years, now has a better lineups around him. Seems like a lock for 25-35 homers.

5. Ji-Man Choi

With more potential for power, his XSLG vs. fastballs is .523. His Exit Velocity supports that potential and good BB% for very good OBS.

6. Nate Lowe

Showing very good exit velocity and launch angle, he may be able to improve on his HR. This I would back by his .191 ISO.

7. Kevin Kiermaier

Can get you a home run and/or a steal. Ranked 23rd in sprint speed.

8. Willie Adames

Looks like his 20 home runs came from an increased launch angle he created after his rookie year. Had too high of a ground ball rate, as you can’t say his batting average helped him to justify the low power numbers.

9. Mike Zunino

I would expect his HR/FB rate will go back up as consistent as he’s been with his BABIP, he should be hitting fine for ISO well into the .200 range, which gives him good bounce back potential as proven. He had a 116 Max Exit Velo, which was one of the best last year.



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