Week 16 NFL DFS Cash Game Rankings for Fanduel, Draftkings

In this Post I am going to initially rank and update throughout the week, the daily fantasy sports NFL Game rankings for fanduel and draftkings, with samples of the top play standard deviation and co-efficient variable. This is are plug and play safe cash game or %50/50 type contests you can enter on either site as most of your seasons are over in season long fantasy football.

These rankings could of course help you if your ranking or comparing one player over another in consistency in DFS or a season long championship scenario. Remember, we have basically a whole season of data so the Co-efficient Variable or C.V. is very accurate compared to the season long Fantasy Points Per Game and the last 5 games sample size as well. Also consider the player’s  home/road splits and any relevant PPG vs. previous meetings with the same team, which include division foes. You can find all of this data at the DraftDashBoard.com 

Its very important to watch your players, as seen below, as this can be much more easily modified and optimized into lineups then doing so manually would be. Just click on the bullseye to watch or X to avoid the player.

Week 16 NFL DFS Cash Game Rankings

Running Backs

Wide Receivers:

QB/TE Combos or 1 off