Season Long Fantasy Baseball Leagues: Your Experiences

Hey Fantasy Sports readers, wanted to just provide this article not only for season long baseball leagues ideas but also for other general ideas on keeping your passion for fantasy football going.

There is a lot of Google research you could do for reference such as on this blog here

I believe taking on other sports, even this time of year, can keep your daily or season long fantasy fire going.

Here is a quick video overview first:

No NBA but here is what is Gong on Now

Here is my article overview of the 3 step process for winning in Hockey

During this time of year, with the all-star break we will be back to NBA before you know it, maybe its a good time of year to start playing in a half-season long league. If any thoughts on your experience in NBA leagues, leave those below.

Next, I want to get into your opinion on what you’ve enjoyed the most from your experience or preference on taking on MLB.

How Season Long Can Help Your DFS Management

Reason for maybe even more interest in the season long aspect of MLB, is that when you are managing your roto or weekly leagues in baseball, you will become sharper, in using certain players you have drafted at he beginning of the year. There is more intrinsic value in winning against your opponents in winning, or suffering the loss against your peers using the guys you trusted in trying to dominate using the numbers and fundamental aspects of the game.

What do you think? Use Yahoo? CBS,, or other, I have heard that CBS has great comprehensive help on their site for use on their fantasy leagues, and I love listening to their podcasts including sportsline for all sports: An Example of the CBS Fantasy page.

season long fantasy baseball leagues

Or.. maybe you don’t like the commitment to season long sports at all and just use a site such as or just keep playing on Fanduel and/or Draftkings only like many people like myself have been doing for sports other than NFL.

I will go ahead and form the league based off your suggestions and get the MLB season long season under way.

Leave a comment on whether you would like to join a season long baseball league, and what kind of league, or which site to use?