Cash Game vs Tournament DFS: Projected Lineups Rankings for Week 13 Draftkings

For week 13 we have a lot of possibilities for stacking in tournaments vs cash game lineups breakdown, as I will provide a video overview of how to leverage the best stacks of the week.

For your main games however, here is the best model for combining various projection systems such as the tools I use, Draftdashboard, DFSArmy, Sportsline, and my own usual SD/CV system for obtaining the best consistency rating over the past 5 game sample, which also takes into consideration the full season average at these given positions. Hope you enjoy the week, and check back throughout the week for more updated content including the Cash and GP videos, for finding these almost perfect lineups. Remember to visit my “Starters of Consistency” post so that you can use the exact same formula, with any variation you would like to add, into your rankings for players listed here or not on my pool for this week.

Here is a quick tutorial on some Cash game items to consider this week for dfs advice and picks.

Remember to always go over your vegas lines for the week projections such as at so you get a feel for games you want to target.

Consistency Rankings: Week 13

note: As you move down the list, you are more likely to find good tournament plays for your strategy this week based on a higher standard deviation, which will correlate better with cash game lineups in stacks.

Cash Game RB’s

Cash Game WR’s

Cash Game QB/TE Stacks

note: I do recommend stacking in cash games, QB/TE to obtain a bit more upside in your lineups. These have the best correlation, along with S.D.

I will try to remember to put up a video on how to get the best defense/special teams into your lineups as well, which is very important.

I will also give you a peek at the defenses of the week per the DFSArmy Tool, as the defenses may surprise you a bit according to projected rankings.

Here is a quick video rundown of how to figure in the defensive factors:

Cash Game vs Tournament DFS
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