Cash Game Plays for Today 2/21/19 NHL DFS Fanduel Optimal Lineup

Today I am going to give you optimal cash game plays for nhl today on fanduel. These rankings will give you Starting studs for every position and a lower priced sleeper that you can also fit into your fanduel lineup for Cash games today. Before giving you the cash game plays for today 2/21/19, lets answer this question for beginners to the game. See the NHL fantasy Hockey Blueprint System Below the Rankings.

What is a Cash Game?

A cash game is anything that gives you a near 50% chance of winning your contest that you enter on any dfs or daily fantasy sports site. This could be H2H, Double UP, 50/50, or Triple up contests. You could throw in a couple hybrid or Quintouple up or even 100 player 12% winning payouts as well for hybrid balance.

See the link below to get more in depth with the proven ladder system, proven strategies for dfs analysts. Here is the Ladders Cash/Hybrid/GPP Bankroll System for Optimal Cash Daily: NHL Fantasy Hockey for Beginners

Proven Cash Strategy BluePrint:

Here’s what you do as to what works for me: 

It really depends on what resources and tools you have. While the more tools you have the better, you need not waste much time at all getting to cash players you desire to implement into your lineups daily. This includes knowing where to go for lineups and starting goalies such as LeftWingLock and Here its showing all Front Line Forwards for Carolina.

Cash game plays today 2-21-19 nhl dfs fanduel
Free Tool at Daily Face Off

I will place in order the important factors in determining my daily cash lineups for you to implement yourself. This will not only help you get a feel for the most important stats to consider but also the most important ways to come about with the daily results I obtain that keep me in the game, and allow upside for large cash tournament wins every now and then. 

#1 Narrow your Core Base of players down to 12-24 players not including goalies.

How can you get a core group of consistently performing players on your fantasy starting roster without going through every possibility, taking hours of your time away? This is not an easy task unless you have the ability to take away that which you do not want, using filters. Here’s an idea of what that looks like: 

Cash Game Plays today for 2/19/19 in DFS NHL
Get the DFS Army spreadsheet along with more tools and complete training on how to use these by clicking on the picture.

This may not look like the most exciting nor easy spreadsheet configuration to use, but its the most “Get to the Point” method I have been able to adjust to over the years in any sport. That is the beauty of it. You can eliminate what you don’t want in a matter of seconds from your own pool. Here’s how in my video:

#2 Find and Compare Studs and Sleepers

Next while your pool of enough core players will help get you started you will always want to double check your stud players to see if you missed any guy for any reason, as well as detect sleepers which would take you hours to look for and fit into your roster lineups.

Here is a way to get sleepers into your lineups that are in the price range you need.

2/19/19 in DFS NHL sleeper list today

You can pick up a trial version of this tool, the DraftDashboard Here.

This is another tool I use to make is easy and convenient to check for plays in the price range per the site you are playing on, whether that be draftkings or fanduel. As you can see I am watching Joseph Bratt of the New Jersey Devils, that being for a number of reason. I may very well use the other guys on this list as well. If you don’t have the draftdashboard you may get that here, or hopefully my list for cash game plays below will include some low play options for you.

#3 Choose Goalie Similar to Method # 1

So sort of rinse and repeat for Goalies with a different set of parameters. To sort for Goalies use the Projected shots on goals allowed by the defending goalie, percentage chance of a win, and possibility of goals allowed for the team he is playing vs., which are all plus or minuses in the point scoring for goalies. Also sort by Home games preferably.

Summary of Cash Game plays for today

Keep learning, watching, and applying the key factors I pointed out, and you will be well on your way to a successful time playing nhl fantasy hockey.

How to use the Daily Fantasy Hockey Cheat Sheet from CBS

CBS sports has a betting and daily fantasy site called where there is a cheat sheet for your convenience. There you can use the sheet which should be free, to get your potential player pool for the night set up. I would like to take the opportunity, if you are reading through this to coach you on how to make real money using these same peripheral stats and grading system I use over my shoulder. Also if you are reading this article, there is some solid interest in daily nhl fantasy hockey or fantasy sport in general.
Here is a video on how I lay this out.


1. Start with the minutes, then get into the fantasy points scored fairly recently, going as far back as 10 games is fine.
2. Get your deployment right with for 1st thru 4th line along with PowerPlay not leaving out completely those 3rd and 4th lines, since some teams show similar minutes played in distribution per LWL’s line combinations screen.
3. Look for consistent stud players with upside as needed depending on the type of contest.
4. Check value rating on as many sites as you can.
Daily Fantasy Hockey Cheat Sheet
Daily Fantasy Hockey Cheat Sheet
The Sportsline site also has tournament handicapper lineups for all 4 major sports.
5. Check vegas and expert sports book lines.
6. Advanced stats such as line stacking correlation, usage percentage, blocked shots projections, and other phiripherals.
7. Not mentioned but listen to podcasts and visit sites such as for any new articles.
8. Matchups or DvP of the players opponent, who that Goalie is along with this stats, and recent performances, and the overall team performance of the defense.
As you can see, this is a different process then any other sport as you need more than just the FD fantasy points per game to make informed decisions on whether the player is actually playing up to his production or not. The underlying peripheral stats with layers such as minutes and deployment help you decide which players are safe to spend cash on, and which players to determine for on tournaments.


Pricing of course is optional. I showed you ways to get the value plays for free, and you can spend as much as you want depending on how deep you want to go into the game for better results. Just remember to track every player you watch and every strategy you focus on employing when needing to record your actions however you do so. Also you can get stats from fantasy or FOX for things such as power play team percentage. All things considered, start small with your playing dollars, and the more you think of it as an investment business, the better.

Any Questions or Suggestions for future help?

You can ask away in the comments section. If you are not as familiar with the NHL game as you would like, perhaps I can write an article and make a video on explaining some of the advanced stats to look for when creating lineups. Feel free to share on social media as well, if you found something like this helpful.


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There is of course more to reveal, after having watched that piece.

With a little more background info on this, the video was shown on facebook with only a limited number of views, being 7,000+ and left at that. The little known strategy does have proven backing to it, however there are elements missing to be able to successfully surpass that “learning curve,” needed to successfully navigate beyond hockey. No further info has been provided by Roger on this subject, as he is no longer posting on facebook, for whatever number of reasons..

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NHL Fantasy Hockey

I personally will reveal, later on this weekend on this blog, how I go about using the strategy in basketball, since this is the hot sport as well for this time of year, providing results from the week, having never really done so, myself using the most direct tools for success that can be used in any of the major sports including NFL, NBA, MLB, and NHL.

This of course, means that your season never ends in flipping the amount of money that you can afford to invest into these proven methods for building a bankroll on the site that pays instantly, as well as DraftKings, and FantasyDraft. There are other sites, but we’ll keep this post and others more easily applicable in terms of fantasy evaluations.

Here are some quick General Fantasy Sports Tips to Prep any Beginners:

  1. Do research for any game:

Making sure to know what type of game you are getting into, knowing the vegas lines, used for gambling is very important in fantasy sports. They know what they are doing.

2. Never enter into any cash contest on a whim

Be sure to take the time to learn the curve, and get into cash games when you are actually ready. If not, at least use an optimizer tool that is easy to use: Optimizer Tool Ready

3. Bankroll Diversification

Just like in stock diversification, let only %10-15 of your bankroll asset be potentially sacrificed. make sure you also vary your lineups if entering many of the same sport on a particular day, to ensure a bad game by a team, or individual players does not kill your chances.

Let’s go ahead and discuss any angle of this video that you want, if you have any questions feel free, for open discussion as  long as they are not general comments on my website, as those will not be published just to mention.

Reason, being is my focus is on Fantasy Football and other sports, not on getting my web site perfect.

Just to also note, this weekend’s post will also reveal the top plays for the Fantasy Football World for your lineups, per the Fantasy Football Overall Theme in season long or daily contests.