NHL DFS Cash Game Rankings Today 2/1/19

In NHL fantasy hockey or DFS you can make ground in cash easily. I will give you my personal cash game rankings today for fanduel, the site I like to use for my nhl dfs cash game rankings today, opening up some opportunity for winning a tournament for a 600 X return on on a $0.25 investment.

Yes this return is possible if you follow the exact method I use in my article, NHL DFS GPP Strategy, for the full breakdown. Watch the video there as well, as this is where I showcase how I did the 400 X return on investment on that particular night, the highest possible.

In order to position yourself to take enough shots at that kind of return, you can solidify the cash that you invest for example, let’s say you want to invest $2 in your tournament games. You would then position yourself with $8 worth of cash games, so that you can easily balance your bank roll on any given night in the NHL contests. See my article, Getting your bankroll right, as part of my NBA beginner series to understand the ladders effect on your contests you enter.

Ok, so now that we’ve hopefully connected all the dots for beginners and an explanation of what we are doing in fantasy sports in general, here’s a breakdown of the most profitable cash game players for today in the 8 game NHL slate on fanduel. Sign up for a promo with free deposit money by clicking on the blue fanduel logo to the right. I also explain a few basics about fanduel on my article mentioned above for newbies.

Explanation of the NHL DFS Rankings Below

The minutes per game for Forwards, which are the center and wing positions a few less then what they normally get on ice per game then the defenseman postition. The minutes are based on the last 3 games average.

The deployment is based on the even strength lines. I also provided the recent power play lines, or penalty lines as well. The value is based off the X value, same as the NBA X value, which was broken down a bit more in previous posts, as the higher the number, the better the value on the day.

Here’s my video breakdown for today’s slate: