NFL Mock Draft: NFL Fantasy Draft Needs

Whey would I be talking about NFL Draft Needs in the same sentence as fantasy football rankings? What NFL team cares about making fantasy picks? None.

This is a fantasy site and therefore a fantasy article is here to pass the fantasy time away.

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NFL Mock Draft: Fantasy sports draft

in a perfect fantasy world, here is the order of the draft. However with the twist in this mock draft, we will only draft players that will be the best overall players who can help fantasy players needs. If the player does not help your fantasy team, we will not draft them. That does not actually exclude defense, because defense is also part of fantasy. So even if you do not play individual defensive players, we will consider players that will improve that position on your fantasy team as well. As another perspective on the projected best fantasy players entering into the nfl draft see my most previous article here

  1. Browns: Saquon Barkley RB

Without any surprises here, lets have the browns just take the #1 Valued Fantasy Option as there is no better skilled player, and potential to be worthy of a first round pick. The Browns get their man in a perfect fantasy football world. Carlos Hyde and Duke Johnson are find handcuff options for him. Just get him a quality lineman to enhance the experience for your fantasy team. Could also add the QB needed to balance the offense.

2. Giants: Sam Darnold QB

The Giants needing help at all positions take the best overall player available. So they decide to go with the safest QB and take him off the board, building for their fantasy quarterback of the future. Eli is not happy 🙁 At least they keep OBJ, not being able to trade him, contributing this year.

3. NYJ: Josh Allen QB

The Jets have a lot of fine options at the WR position but no one reliable to throw the ball to. Reminding them of Carson Wentz, they figure they can get him into the starter role sooner than later, providing impact as a sleeper on a fantasy team.

4. Browns: Quentin Nelson OG

How could the Browns pass on a QB? Shocking as it is, in the fantasy world, the 3rd best QB, won’t do your fantasy team any good according to history, and this guy will open things up for the fantasy browns to perform as a top flight fantasy team with their new weapons.

5. Broncos: Josh Rosen QB

The Broncos have other needs but adding the potential to their fantasy team, makes for some interesting competition and maybe even a future star.

6. Colts: Kolten Miller OT

And so the draft, at least not the fantasy draft (aren’t all mock drafts fantasy anyway since none of them hold true?) goes well for the Colts as the #1 lineman is off the board, not according to Andrew Luck’s protection plan.

7. Buccs: Calvin Ridley WR

One thing the Buccs have not really tried successfully so far is to draft a compliment WR to Mike Evans and this could be the spot to do it, even though it seem early, this is the best available offensive player.

8. Bears: Bradley Chubb Edge Rush

The bears decide to be the bears, enhancing their team and individual defense, with an instant upgrade.

9. 49ers: DJ Moore WR

As another option as the best WR in the draft the 9ers look for a replacement for the aging Peire Garcon, to help the new offense.

10. Raiders: Derwin James S

Helping their fantasy defense, which is already good with Kalil Mack on the edge, as one of the best individual defensive fantasy players, add another one at strong safety.

11. Dolphins: Darius Guice RB

About time for another offensive threat to help, for those times when injuries happen, set to compete and win against the starter they have, Guice may be a better all around back. Surprisingly pass on this next guy.

12. Bills: Lamar Jackson QB

The bills get the steal of the fantasy world draft, and pick up a superstar capable of being better than Deshaun Watson. Incredible!

13. Redskins: Baker Mayfield QB

Really this is not a bad spot to pick up a potential replacement for Alex Smith and although not ready, they can get him ready for next year.

14. Packers: Roquan Smith LB

The Packers decide to improve their fantasy defense instead of adding any more weapons at this time. They always make good personell decision.

15. Cardinals: Mike McGlinchey OT

Needing to get stronger here, it will help all of their offensive output.

16. Ravens: Courtland Sutton WR

The Ravens decide to get offensive, and hope for a deep threat to compliment all other. I think its a great match fantasy or not.

17. Chargers: Tremaine Edmunds LB

The Chargers get a steal, projected much higher, the add to their already good defense, enhancing to one of the best in the league.

18. Seahawks: Frank Ragnow C

The steady decline of the Seahawks is due in part to their offensive line. This pick will help in the real world as well.

19. Cowboys: Denzel Ward CB

While the Cowboys will be able to take a compliment WR at this spot, in this draft, there are none worth their value here as the Boys settle on taking a compliment to Byron Jones.

20. Lions: Mike Gesicki TE

This is a conceivable invite for the Lions to take a position of need here, giving Stafford more fantasy weapons.

21. Bengals: James Daniles C

With the Offensive QB options gone off the board, they don’t really need anything else. The best direction to go is to get the line shored up.

22. Bills: Minkah Fitzpatrick CB

With Offensive weapons in place to go along with Jackson, its time here to take the best player available off the board. Why didn’t the Raiders or Cowboys take him? Bad drafting teams.

23. Rams: Leighton Vander Esch OLB

As the best team heading into the draft, they opt to add depth and a certain need at linebacker, as their fantasy team is set!

24. Panthers: Nick Chubb RB

So the Panthers look for sort of a power running back replacement for James Stewart.

25. Titans: Christian Kirk WR

The Titans add an added role at WR, using Kirk but will he be able to be used like he should in this run oriented offense?

26. Falcons: Vita Vea DT

the Falcons get very happy with the steal here to make the defense fantasy worthy.

27. Saints: Hayden Hurst TE

Its a great name and great potential fit for a fantasy based offense.

28. Steelers: Mark Andrews TE

Pittsburgh also adding to that for Big Ben.

29. Jaguars: Will Hernandez OG

The offensive guard fills the offensive need, instead of drafting an original gangsta.

30. Vikings: De’Ron Payne DT

The Vikes add Pain to their defense, becoming the #1 overall fantasy defense for 2018 this year.

31.Patriots: Dallas Goedert TE

AS the run on TE’s sort of continues, his the Pats turn to build for the future.

32. Eagles: Marcus Davenport DE

The Eagles take the best overall player left, as they have no needs.

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