Andy Gallagher’s 2020 NFL Draft Board Quarterback Rankings

Here are my 2020 NFL Draft Board Qarterback Rankings. According to my notes from the most important aspects of the NFL’s evaluations, here are my personal rankings that fluid from day to day. This is the first in my series of NFL Draft Big Board Positional Rankings. 

1. Joe Burrow

This was honestly a tough choice for me knowing the unique talent of the next guy and the 1 year of experience this guy has. Expect Burrow to have a very productive rookie season out of the gate in fantasy football based n the system and talent that Burrow brings to the table.

Burrow is a very., very instinctive quarterback under pressure as he is poised to take on a variety of challenges in the NFL. His impressive ability to take on the rush and make something out of nothing makes me think that he is much better off than the quarterback by the name of Geno Smith because he can really take it to the next level. he does not compare to Gino however Gino was one of the best quarterbacks that I had seen in recent years that avoid the rush so Burrow is a guy who can only add that to his total repertoire. Even though we can only compare to what we see at the college level I see them Bro is a quarterback who can stand up to the task to come in the professional weam. We Even though we can only compare to what we see at the college level I see that Burrow is a quarterback who can stand up to the task to come in the professional league. According to a DFS Army expert on Burrow in DFS, here’s what he had to say for the Showdown Draftkings slate for the BCS national championship game: “5,208 yards and 55 TDs with just 6th INTs. On the season, he averaged (!) 36.9 DK FPPG and his lowest output was 27.94 DK points. Burrow has completely disected so many top rated defenses so I’m not worried about him not producing.”

Burrow is worth the #1 pick not in fantasy but in the reality of the 2020 draft and I would love to see the Ohio boy stay in Ohio within a successful Sean McVay system I would bet he has a Jerod Goff type year if healthy. That would actually put him possibly in the top 10 of fantasy performers with upside. This scenario will play out as very interesting if the bengals just stay their ground, take the guy and move on.

2. Tua Tagovailoa

The Alabama pro conditioned prodigy is also a fan favorite of mine as as he shows comparable ability to Steve Young. I have heard a guy like  Taysome Hill being compared to Young. However I do not agree that Hill has the pedigree of Young at all. Young was a Brigham Young standout with USFL experience, playing at a level  that he was capable of. Tua has outstanding ability to scramble like eggs being fried just the way you like them. Over-easy or sunny side up. Watch his film and you’ll see the aggressive down field ability he displayed in his freshman year in the championship game. While the 2nd QB off the board may be hard to predict in whatever system he plays in, consider this: Kyler Murray as the #1 pick last year playing on a team that ran more plays in pace then any other QB last year. While Tua may not land in a similar system, is it not easy to see after watching the film that he could be better then Murray? He will be an interesting wild card in fantasy if healthy starting the season as well.

You’ll probably notice that the font size of my Quarterback listing grows smaller as we go down the list: For example Tua and Burrow are the same size, while Herbert is a smaller font, because he is a lower tier of quarterback for fantasy football. 

2. Justin Herbert

Herbert has good running and balanced passing ability. This is not your Bobby Herbert from the 1980’s. There is not relation as Justin is a much larger physical speciman. Justin has a better arm, legs, and grade point average for what its worth. He had a nice time time going to his #1 reciever, Jewan Johnson and his numbers show off to be the most consistent in CFB, going for 3471 passing yards, 32 TDs, and only 6 INTS. His style of play

2020 NFL Draft Board quarterbackshowever, whether due to the spread type high tempo system that Oregeon runs or the ability of the offense to create running plays limiting his passing yards on the season making him a high floor fantasy option in CFB. At the same time he was never a high ceiling QB at the CFB DFS level. Will this same type of scenario translate at the NFL level being a high floor but low ceiling QB? That also may depend on the system he plays in. The combine performance was a bit raw, but as he was more comfortable in his pro day, he has improved his footwork and is getting more used to playing under center with his big arm ability.

4. Jordan Love

In playing vs. high competition vs. LSU last season, Love he made every throw. He is able to fling the ball with his quickness throwing down the field. He truly was one of the outstanding CFB quarterbacks last year with high upside. He did not show as much running willingness or ability as I thought he would in film. I just didn’t see him run very often. He ran a high powered offense, and made a few mistakes down the field. I think he got frustrated vs. this level of competition without enough help from his team. Love is more of a risk to actually draft IF he were to be drafted as a starting QB. a year backing up someone would do him well, perhaps similar to having a chance to be a Patrick Mahomes, even if only a chance to do so.

5. Jalen Hurts

I dont’ care what the draft experts say, Hurst is one of the better DFS options there will be in the next several years. He was one of the best options in college fantasy football, and there is literally no reason why he can’t be as good as Kyler Murray.  He has won all but 4 games that he has started for his 5 year college career. His running game increases his floor nicely, as his transition to the pass oriented Oklahoma offense, proved him to be one of the best passers in College Football. He seriously reminds me of a smaller Steve McNair, which is more then fine. His down field vision will stretch NFL offenses effectively.

6. Jake Fromm

Fromm has the experience and savviness to survive at the next level. With talented players around him, given time, he can deliver production consistently despite his smaller frame and less ability to run then the guys listed above. He has good intermidiate to deep ball accuracy. He would have been a #1 draft pick if this was the 1980’s.

7. Jacob Eason

Eason was a highly productive college fantasy quarterback. As most of these players will not be starting in year one, we are looking for an injury or benching on a bad team to happen before some of these guys are able to take advantage of the opportunity. He has a really good deep ball with accuracy. Ran a high percentage of passing plays offense and displayed great athletic ability even punting in at least one game for the Washington Huskies. Great short route fast ball ability as well that not many guys have.

Here is a link to my projected 2020 full list of QB’s if you would like to view that more in depth here.