New Daily Fantasy Sports Sites: Beginners Roll

This is my weekly column on the beginners guide to fantasy football and any sports for new daily fantasy sports sites featured in this article.

Every week this football season, I have been doing an article such as last week’s Fantasy Football Beginners: Yahoo Leagues

In this article I will go ahead and get into the new sites. This is because the same DFS sites like FanDuel and DraftKings are already well known and documented.

New Daily Fantasy Sports Sites
No Season Long Committments

So this article I will go over four major reviews of varying types of new DFS sites. Some basically paid and some free. Not really any pros or cons. Just based on your preference in playing.

  1. Draft

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That is all about doing just what the site says. Drafting. Dad is at Once you’re there you can join to be able to join in not only on beginning season dress but also daily and weekly. So while keeps the elements of daily fantasy intact, the draft hold a whole new element.

Conclusion: if that’s what you like to do, which could be the funnest part of fantasy sports in general go for it! Draft away.

2. Boomfantasy

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So in this instance the question arises: what is the difference between draft kings, FanDuel And boomfantasy?

Well I wanted to be clear on this myself, so I did ask and contact Support first before even looked into this particular best rated sports app. As it seems you are not actually drafting players either in cash or object or snake draft format like with the What boom does is make the selection process easier by simply asking questions about players Performance. For example, who will score more points: LeBron or curry?

But however, you are still selecting players. Wow that was a bit confusing to me at first it appears the selection process doesn’t go according to the questions raised in deciding which players that you choose specifically.

3. Fantasydraft

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Fantasy is very similar to the big ones. It’s gameplay and similar style doesn’t hold much difference between a draft kings along with FanDuel. I think I do like however about this site that there are more head to head contests and slightly more earnings on the winnings in the 50/50 contest.

4. FireFane ?

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Fire fan is also fairly new and similar to boomfantasy, There is a selection process, based on questions that you answer including total team output which constitutes when’s total yards and so forth. However, differing from that site there is not an actual team that you roster.

You simply based your points based off of the competition of the game that you entered with other people. This could be 1000 or just two people. So also it is the only one that actually operates in game, during the game which brings an element of excitement unique to its own!

For an invite to the Football Matchup League with Wealthy Fantasy There for NFL games, available for Chat to compete with visit FireFAn Signup, and downlaod the app.

Conclusion: depending on what you prefer there are options here for everyone in fantasy sports. I don’t necessarily recommend one over the other. Be very careful however, with paid contests. Except for FireFan, these are mainly paid