Trending MLB Fantasy Picks for Next 30 Days

When picking fantasy baseball players, there is a lot of data to decipher for mlb fantasy picks.

What I’ll do today is make sure to be watching for the next 30 days, players who will either up their value over the course of the rest of the season no matter what league your players in, or lower their value. You will obviously want to use this watch list differently depending on whether your playing in season long or daily as in DFS or daily fantasy sports.

How About Picks for Today?

If you want fantasy picks for today, look to the top menu for daily fantasy baseball picks advice today as I will give you the best that I’ve got.

Christian Yelich:

Yelich has a BABIP that is under control through his massive start to the season. While we can use this statistic to measure normality, we have to assume certain numbers such as this when is comes to watching, locking, and loading players the we  want to drafts that we can reach for or pick in a daily league. Yelich has the stuff we want right now over probably anyone in MLB which is why I put him first. His hard contact rate is up %16 this season from the past 2 years which is fine, plus his wOBA and ISO are very hot right now, although these will come down.

Joc Pederson

Pederson has a hard BABIP + %22 over the beginning of season, however a normal regular BABIP of this same span of time. I will definitely be keeping him on my watchlist for a while as well, as his hard contact rate has went up %19 and running hot in wOBA and ISO categories.

Cody Bellinger

Bellinger is right where he should be as far as indicators go. His hard contact rate is good at %39 which is %40 for his past 2 seasons.

Yonde Diaz TB

Fly ball rate up, will provide update once I have a chance to look up the stats but he’s hot!

Christian Walker

More of a wild card his wOBA numbers have been surprisingly good over the past 2 years, as maybe the should give him more consistent playing time in Arizona.

Richard Urena

Also a wild card from here on out but there is data to prove his worth over the past years of his plate appearances for this Toronto SS.

Added to list 4/8/19

Hunter Renfroe

Renfroe makes the cut after having had a successful 14 and 7 day split compared to his 2017,18 BAPIP along with high wOBA, ISO, and Hard contact rate kept at near %70. It will be interesting to see as he gets more plate appearances weather he can keep that up for a while, perhaps to the 40 day mark.

Anthony Rendon

Rendon has an interesting track record, and has really gotten hot, while this will not sustain at the same success rate, this overall numbers from the past 2 years indicate he’s as high as anyone in wOBA and should be on this list.

Joey Richard

While this Baltimore out fielder may not stay in a strong spot at all, his past 7 day trend in our standard categories, make for an interesting play that you won’t pay much for, so give him a whirl this week, or better yet today! before he cools off.