Fantasy Football Player Rankings: Positional: RBs 15-1

Here we have it the final list of RB completion of over 1 week in making. Its not the NFL’s top 100 list but.. Its the Fantasy Football Player Ranking Version of Positions.

Fantasy football player rankings position rb

15. Christian McCaffrey

McCaffrey has everything he needs in a productive running offense. However the passing game has been built to go deep, so it will be interesting to see how Newton now uses his new passing threat, perhaps using him deep on plays.

14. Isaiah Crowell

Crowell is kind of hard to count on honestly as a quality every week starter. Duke Johnson preferrably fits as a third down back option, so if the Browns improve this year, Crowell will be seeing a heavier workload, as his breakout long run potential is always good.

13. Todd Gurley

With diss-appointing fantasy games last year due to very few long runs, Gurley is hit or miss most of the time and the offense in LA gave no help to this superstar. Maybe Andrew Whitworth will make a difference in blocking at Tackle

12. Lamar Miller

Expect Miller to have a bounce back year. I should rank him higher, especially if the offensive QB position improves, resulting in better overall offense.

11. Jordan Howard

Howard a lot of newbies, need help with afraid of the sophmore slump with a production fall off. No need to worry about that today. If it happens the risk is worth the reward, only problem with the ever down back is seems is the poor quality of wins they will struggle with.

10. Joe Mixon

From film study Mixon has all of the awareness needed in running the Cinncinatti bengals backfield. Everything is there for him to take advantage of the opportunity with much higher upside than #10.

9. Jay Ajayi

Ajayi has the bruising feature the Dolphins love, and so he will continue to be given such as the workhorse back getting a little rest here and there. A lot of people love this back and rightly so.

8. Leonard Fournette

This is where it continues to get tough to evaluate as the 2nd tier of backs already starting. I do think Fournette could have landed a better offense to be a part of, but maybe the offense, having the ability to open things up in the passing game, gaining balance, will help Fournette gain ground without getting behind in games.

7. Devonte Freeman

Freeman has proven he can be a 25 touch plus back but does not have to have production that stays within the mean, meaning the numbers say this is a big cash game guy, but  numbers aside his production is and will be top 10 in the NFL Fantasy world

6. Demarco Murray

Murray has gotten hurt in OTA’s/Minicamps sooo, we’ll see how he progresses and moves up or down, based on his past production level being outstanding as one of the feature 25+ touch fantasy backs

5. Melvin Gordon

While being the master of the fantasy game in not deviating from the mean much, he was one of the best in the game. This definitely surprised a lot of “Experts”, as Gordon proved he could do a lot more than expected, even without the big game breaking ability.

fantasy football player rankings position running back

4. Leshaun McCoy

McCoy has been around now and is still obviously looking to be one of the best the game has to offer, no leading his team in bring more productive players over from various teams. McMoys’s talent and ability is unmatched, and will continue as the #1 offense tool there.

3. La’Veon Bell

Bell is difficult not to put #1 but his issues have been consistent in letting you down from time to time, and has the consistent production only a few RB’s will really have, as he tries to avoid those injuries.

2. Zeke Elliot

Zeke, has the superstar ability the Cowboys love and will continue to get fed all day. The athletic ability with a higher mean average scoring fantasy points per game than all but one:

  1. David Johnson

The #1 pick is Johnson, as he is the engine of the Cardinals, as the offense appears ready for another run at the playoffs, Johnson is a part of all/most running and pass routes, making him even more valuable in that sense the Bell.