Fantasy Football Player Rankings by Position: Rbs 35-26

In this section of Ranking the Rbs’ #s 35-26 we will go over as we approach the best ranked fantasy football players of 2017 as projected very carefully. See prior and/or future posts to see the whole of the rankings:

Fantasy football player rankings position rb

Let’s continue:

35: Terrence West

West has the Redzone TD potential you like in a fantasy back, based on last year’s performance, which was better then projected last year. However a drop down in carries may well happen obviously with the return of Kenneth Dixon, and is sort of a plug in at this spot. In what would seem like a crowded backfield with Dixon, Woodhead, and even Buck Allen lobbying for carried, with Dixon out for that time, West has a chance to keep proving a %50 backfield mix of carries in a good rushing offense with that line.

34: James Stewart

While no one expects Stewart’s numbers to stay the same as last year’s value, based on being the #1 back, with a rookie on the rise on this roster, the Panthers have no other real options running in goal line and between the tackle, or clock management situations other than Stewart and/or Cam Newton. Look for Stewart’s Co-Efficient Variable to perhaps be more consistent than last year, if the want to keep Newton clean in the pocket.

33. Rob Kelley

With no real challenger other than the rookie, Perine to be competing with in this backfield, its still Kelley’s job to lose, and while Kelley beat out Matt Jones, can he hold off Perine for a while to obtain the bulk of the carries or will this be a split backfield all season with Chris Thompson coming in to take some time back there, this backfield wont’ get any higher of a ranking than this.

32. Frank Gore

Yes, Gore is still running, and running he will do util the mentioned back in the last post proves to start taking significant carries away from him. Once again, this backfield will not have any more players representing this list beyond this rankings as Gore has historically proven to be one of the better fantasy backs with a top 3 caliber Co-Efficient most of his career.

31. Spencer Ware

Its going to be tough this year for Ware to sustain the numbers he once had with a highly productive rookie on his tail coming out of Kent State. Ware was one of the better value options in DFS and daily fantasy most of last year, and stayed healthy enough to make him a better option than hoping for Jamall Charles to bring something to the table. Ware will lose time this year in carries.

30. Bilal Powell

Powell heads into this season with really good potential for upside thanks to the aging of Matt Forte and the Jets NOT drafting a RB in this year’s draft witch gives him the opportunity to show that he’s more than just a PPR lower end option but to give the split time in the backfield, and be the guy next to Forte, as hopes for him are good in standard scoring as well.

fantasy football rankings 2017 rb

29. Dalvin Cook

While Dalvin Cook was one of the most talented RB’s in the draft, and has potential to be a steal of a deal for the Vikes, he simply did not get drafted into the right situation with players such as Murray, and McKinnon in place and in their prime, and knowing the offenses better than a rookie would in other facets of the game such as pass protection. Cook seems like a sleeper with high upside if he can get increases towards mid to late season.

28. Kareem Hunt

With the mentioned Ware, the Hunt projection makes it a split backfield situation, with Hunt having a lot of overall utility play at the least to be able to do everything this team will ask him to do. Since there does seem to be a 3rd down back in the mix, CJ Spiller at this time, this is as high as he gets, which is higher than Ware because of better upside.

27. Paul Perkins

While I do like Perkins film study from last year’s entering the NFL i have not seen enough of him professionally to conclude him as any higher than this at this time. He has the potential for Thurman Thomas type ability and with the new OC, hopefully they will stop changing #1 backs every week, especially with the exit of Rashad Jennings from the mix, there is another guy I would watch by the name of Wayne Gallman, who could make some impact this year as well, as the 3rd down back is solidified with Shane Vereen.

26. Jamaal Williams

I would like to rank Williams higher as a RB but the Packers may struggle at times still, trying to balance out this offense out for Aaron Rodgers. Williams could be the #1 RB, but the #1 offensive versatile player in the league is looking to keep a job ahead to keep one step ahead of letting Williams take over. Will Jamaal be ready?  The Packers have not been great at drafting RB’s in recent years.

2017 NFL Draft Position Rankings: RB

We all love rankings and trying to figure out the best prospects in this year’s draft. No 2 evaluations offer the same opinions in this year’s draft especially. My question though, would be to any expert evaluation is this:

What will be the results of this nfl draft class of RB’s 10 years from now.

Here’s mine:


  1. Leonard Fournette:

    No one can really make a good argument against Fournette hear, unless your offense fits better with Joe Mixon and want to utilize his talents as opposed to Leonard’s, therefore a team could wait on a later pick to get Mixon. I will just focus on highlights in this post to focus on the potential of this Back Class:

    Fournette has the tremendous overall power, speed, awareness, and other intangible evidence to show he is a starting back in the NFL, as probably one of the best in coming years.

  2. Joe Mixon:

    While one may try to judge his character, and that will have to be developed, no one can argue the rare top ten pick caliber player Mixon can be at the next leve. I thought about going to another “Safer pick” here but the risk is worth the reward here for many offenses, including New England, as I am sure they would love to have this ability if they perhaps needed it.

    If you can forgive the cafe’, you can realize the potential.

  3. Christian McCaffrey

    So that this RB may be an asset for a long time for a team, he needs to be used as an all-purpose back while he lasts. He played a lot as the feature back there, comparable to Reggie Bush. McCaffrey has though, more straight line running and receiving ability, and can master the next level, as prepared by the coaching to handle that.

    Every time this RB touches the ball, there is a breakaway of a threat to NFL Defenses.

  4. Wayne Gallman

    Here’s where most people may well disagree with the ranking. I tend not to watch too much film to be honest before I see what I am getting. That means it does not take too long to see the upside of the RB in this case, putting on the film, right away gets you excited for this guy.

    Gallmans’ highlights show how quick he hits holes, and can gather himself easily out of cuts around the line. What ability!

  5. Alvin Kamara

    You can attain what you want out of Kamara this year, and perhaps have a starting RB. overall he is good. He does not have the real threat of ability that will scare defenses, but he can help team with depth, and replacement of starter ability right away.

    Simply put, he can ball based on overall ability to find the endzone.

  6. Dalvin Cook

    Dalvin Cook shows a lot of skill on the field, died well in the combine, especially in receiving skills, but lacks the overall intangibles that I would expect out of a 1st round caliber talent. Her’s the film:

    Cook shows nice ability to get around edges for nice gains consistently, hoping he can do the same at the next level.

  7. Kareem Hunt

    Hunt shows enough quickness, lateral and breakaway speed, as well as utility type of qualities to be an all around player in the next league as shown here:

    He was a productive player that scored a lot in the MAC conference.

  8. Marlon Mack

    Mack has what basically a lot of NFL teams are looking for in ability and tendency to move the chains and gain first downs with a good combine performace.

    He seems like he will be a storng elusive runner at the next level.

  9. Jeremy Mcnichols

    McNochols shows good polished promise as an inside and outside runner with enough elusiveness to make cuts and get to the edge, finding the end zone.

    To get this guy in later rounds, as is probably the case, makes for one the best RB drafts in years.

  10. D’Onte Foreman

    As one of the better runners between the tackles, this kid can also come in right away at least on sub packages and dish out blows to a defense, as he has the potential for beast like 1000 yard year performances. Any comparisons come to mind?

    The big back, may be ready for some team to utilize the talents of a back like this on a regular basis, even in his rookie year.