Free Fantasy Football Advice: Be a Backup QB

Until you have mastered the art of fantasy football over a consistent period of years, you may want to take a lesson from Back up QB’s for your free fantasy football advice. There will be Free fantasy advice toward the end of this entry after the philosophical part.

Why would you want to take a lesson from a bench rider???

Well, you might want to consider some things it takes for a moment to be considered a good quality backup these days. Take a lesson from Shaun Hill. Forget that he did not hold onto the starting job. He IS now a great backup to Sam Bradford. Why?

Be Ready To Play.
Be Ready To Play.

Because he takes it as a constant professional. The diligent preparation makes him a master crafter of this game based on what he would do if he were in that situation the starting QB is going through at the moment, always ready for the chance to go into the game.

The number one lesson he has for young players he mentors is: Keep your helmet on. This shows that you are prepared and ready to go in, never losing your helmet and the signals that come in through that helmet, so that you don’t have to borrow someone else’s to get into the game.

Kinda like trading stocks, the one who gains the most in educated real time experience wins before he go out and actually does trading. The one who gets the practice before real time is prepared to win.

Hill takes time before and during every play to call the shots, making sure that his imaginary team is understanding his calls as he calls them out loud to know one listening. So it will take time, just call out your best matchups and stay consistent with your own strategy that works for you.

Free Fantasy Football Advice:

Become the Professional GM, Managing your teams Risks, Upsides, Aging, and other factors. With that said, the key thing with this time of year is recognizing which players are just good for the 2 weeks we have had so far and which ones will consistently be good going forward, working out potential trades and benching and/or waiver pickups for season long leagues.


Since RB is at such a scarcity right now, I hope you have backed those guys up with a handcuff, or the replacement player. If not you may be able to trade a deeper position for a RB such as WR, although to initiate these trades you may have to give up a WR of somewhat greater value to obtain the position of need but that’s ok. There aren’t enough RB’s out there from waivers to pick one up that may be effective unless you have stockpiled those. If you have not done so, then others have in your league.

Players coming back from suspensions:

Just to keep a heads up on these superstar caliber players, most owners will not want to give up Leveon Bell, Josh Gordon, and Tom Brady. These players I believe though will play major roles due to the injuries of their teams. Their roles will be in an increased type of role.

The browns will have to find someone in the meantime to pick up the slack for Corey Coleman missing a few weeks. Terell Pryor and Andrew Hawkins are the only options here it seems. They rookies they have don’t seem ready unless they want Ricardo Louis to get significant experience, he could be a sleeper.

Fantasy Football Matchups That Allow Success for These Players: Cheatsheet

This may be a team you could consider in DFS leagues or if you have them in season long, you are good.

QB Philip Rivers

RB  Eddie Lacey

RB Melvin Gordon

WR Marvin Jones Jr.

WR Larry Fitzgerald

WR Devante Parker

TE Jordan Reed

Flex: Louis Riddick or Steve Smith or Michael Floyd

K Justin Tucker

D/ST Dolphins