Fantasy Football Rankings: Week 4 Breakdown

When looking at fantasy football rankings for week four there are a lot more things to consider this week.

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Have you ever wondered how some of these experts on ESPN and other networks actually gather all of this data. Of course they may have some help but it’s not anything that cannot be done on yourself just taking a Fantasy Football Rankings: Week 4couple hours a week in doing so and giving yourself a chance to win $1 million right?

I will go ahead and delve deep into the ranking thinking process and help you out with that.

To start with never fail to look at the best studs that perform year around.

Do you want to try to keep in mind the basic philosophies of number one playing the best players and number two playing the players we have the highest scoring averages week by week. You can even take this as far back as last year as your knowledge of previous stats in years can help you.

But getting caught up to week three of the NFL fantasy football season there were a lot of things that have happened that are showing it to be up-and-down league with a lot of parity causing unpredictable lapses.

There has to be a lot of corrections in NFL teams including offense and defense.

When you understand with the strategies are this will help you to make your rankings. A team or not do the same thing the same strategy to weeks in a row they will look to other players unless you have a special player such as Antonio Brown.

Here is a video on my Break down method of the Week 4 Matchups

We can also see the snap counts and the ownership percentages of leagues worldwide.

This next video has more of a continued breakdown, since I unfortunately got cut short on the last video

As gameplay was necessary some of these running backs will be taken out of the game plan. We don’t know exactly which ones will be and will not be there from game to game at this point.

If you can see the banking of talent that cannot be denied so does Odelle Beckham Junior and Brown then you see guys like Jarvis Landry that should not be getting as many touches as these guys.

There are also a lot of quarterback options this week there are a number of teams I could but it put up good fancy numbers. Go ahead and look at the Fantasy lines or Vegas lines to see which ones will come out ahead with the most points.

So do not project in Fantasy value based on one week, Stretch it out as much as you can.

Also don’t worry about the age of Tom Brady is OK.

Sometimes a match up is not the best but it will work.

what I cannot see sometimes is how all these experts will have start or sit skit but does  The start  or sit part  maybe meant for Their own team in their own league.

Here is a quick rundown of the Players I am looking to fit on my rosters this week, providing best value and upside potential to finish top 10% in Tournament Play on the Big sites.


Sterling Shepard  – GiantsThis is where you have to be careful. $395/FP as he had a really big game scoring 23 points in week 3, but also had 9 points in week 1. Still watch out for Brandon Marshall. He’s not done yet.

Devante Parker Parker has all of the tools needed to be a star in this league, and maybe that is now happening. His targets is at 9/5 per game, and not many people are playing him yet, so use him to create some tilt from the chalk.

DeAndre Hopkins – Texans At only $7,300 this is a great value deal for a 3rd Receiver. with 12.7 PROJ @ $462/FP per game, his game is just consistent. He also has a high number of targets so the opportunity is there, maybe more so with the Rookie QB.

Nelson Agholor  -Eagles As a Deeeep sleeper, if his targets go up at all, he could be a valuable asset vs. the LA Chargers, given their nickel back is on IR @ only $489/FP, he makes for a good 3rd receiver on the Eagles and relieves a lot of salary.

Rishard Matthews – Titans  $449/FP, I have absolutely no problem starting him in daily or season long leagues, as he produces. So, unless you have someone better, Matthews will continue to rack up good points until the Rookie they drafted in the first round gets healthy and ready.

Paul Richardson – Hawks at only $5,000 this WR provides another low cost option. 7.6 PROJ $487/FP as he is ready to take on a bigger role, with Doug Baldwin kind of falling off right now. The matchup is Good vs. Indy


Chris Thompson – Redskins @ only $232/FP, scoring 14,24,28 points these past 3 weeks on Fanduel, you can trust him now, as he is a main targeted weapon in this offense, unless Jordan Reed takes some targets away later. Check his status, as Thompson is showing excellent burst in long runs.

Leonard Fournette – Jags Look for the Jags to get back to a heavy dose of Fournette. The only reservation about him in this lineup is possibly when he appears to be take off the field in various situations. VS NYJ, he’ll be very good, even if on a limited snap count.

Ezekiel Elliott – Cowboys If you don’t want to mess around with the guys above, then go for Zeke while you still can. Surprised he is the low at his point of the season, so make full use of him if you can.


Evan Engram – Giants, It would be too easy for me to tell you to just get Gronk or Travis Kelce, however, the beauty of it is: Get a streamer or sleeper at TE and not miss a beat, hopefully. At this point does not get enough points to be a Tournament play yet. You could squeeze him in, getting into the top 10% of your contest.


Eli Manning – Giants Eli has a lot going for him right now. 15.2 PROJ $438/FP so give him a try this week in some of your lineups, as he has an excellent price and a really good matchup this week, as OBJ is helping him a lot to exel.

Carson Palmer – Cards Another well priced, veteran QB you can count on to give you some good chances, or shots at numbers, producing for your fantasy team, allowing you to spend elseware in daily leagues. use him.

Marcus Mariota – Titans, Well priced at $440/FP, Mariota should have a bounce back week, as one of the best QB in fantasy, hopefully. He is playing against Houston, so look for him to be on the run, maybe getting a rushing TD. Not sure there is any reason to pay up at QB this week.


Jaguars: If you can pay the price, $5,200, you will have yourself a find matchup vs. the Jets, as the Jags have a real defense. Good young players to see here.

Cardinals – If you can fit this team into your defense for the week, this will be a great value pickup, with healthy guys like Chandler Jones on the Outside, and experienced veterans on the inside, along with the Honeybadger just to name a few names, you’ll be good.


2017 NFL Fantasy Football Rankings

When preparing for your 2017 NFL Fantasy Football Rankings, where do you start?

2017 nfl fantasy football rankings

Hopefully you will pay attention to the ADP, or Average Draft Position in your own fantasy rankings and use this information to make informed decisions  about human tendencies. See this tool @ fantasyfootballcalculator 

Since you can always see this information there, updated daily, and even use and sort according to the “Dashboard”, then this article will go over some of the key strategies and considerations when humans are making these picks. 

When making computer analysis picks always look at the Draft Dashboard, for up to date analysis on GameDay

By the way, as you can see there the setting allows for the black out of the chosen players you already have drafted as well as others picks, to quickly see where you are at during a “live” draft.

For the actual list, I will go ahead and update the top menu section: “Fantasy Football Draft Board” for the Best Value Based on ADP, Computer Rankings, and Fundamentals of Fantasy Football in PPR Leagues across Yahoo, and DanDuel Points Generally for season long and Daily leagues also being considered for the upcoming year projections. 

This Post is mainly laying the groundwork for the foundation and explaining what is all behind the rankings will include: (To my knowledge, no other site considers these additional factors. 

  • Variance: Meaning the Lowest Co-Efficient Variations, which are spotlighted Here as to how this calculation is actually made. 
  • Matchups: Based on Stats of apposing teams’ strengths and weakness defensively. Not accumulated until after a few weeks of regular season data. Prior season(s) not used. 
  • Upside Potential: The Upside of the Player to show improvement in his gameplay, increasing his Avg per Game Points scored compared to the previous year. 

whether you are a seasoned expert or a beginner, there is a lot to consider. Consider this: 

2017 fantasy football rankings
Wealthy Fantasy Football Rankings

If you have followed Fantasy Football for a number of years, you are biased to certain players’ performaces in remembering whatever you recall in past performance of a certain player in your HUMAN thinking, you miss a lot of the information that really matters, that you cannot possibly evaluate in your head. Sure following football for years, gives you and edge, but a lot of people do too..

That makes for a lot of competition. So you need something more to base your player targeting on. This tool, DraftDashboard will help you Target the Best Up to Date Evaluated Players of the Day for you. 

But it is only a starting point. Always consider your league: How does the scoring work? 

In Daily Fantasy, How large of a contest is it and what percentage of players will actually win any cash. These large contests should be used with High Co-Efficient Variable to give you a legitimate shot to win Big Cash in Large Contests @ Low Entry Points, for Max Profits. 

One More Important Thing:………

Check, if you can find this info, the ownership % of a player you are purchasing, as well as even how many Points a Given Player Actually Costs you In Cash Style Drafting such on DraftKings or Fanduel. 

In a future article I will discuss how to find this data much more easily this year then in previous years as well. We are stepping our Game Up!



Fantasy Football Player Rankings: Position

When ranking the top 100-150 fantasy football players for 2017, its difficult to sort out when Blogs do those straight player of any position rankings because not all positions are treated equally in fantasy football as is a well known fact in any fantasy football league.

So I’ll go by position compiling to just about equal the same amount of players of a top 100 list, so we can go about organizing them better.

Please comment with any feedback, Share the post whenever you can, and..give suggestions on any type of other rankings you would like to see in any type of format.

Fantasy Football Player Ranings: Position Here we Go: Starting today with Te’s for the 100 list. Keep in mind also these lists do not include technical scoring accumulations as in my freereport explained, as well as in my prior blog post, fantasy football starters explained evaluating fantasy football consistency in particular. These are fundamental projections based on upside talent, offensive opportunity, and general performance, and injury history variables, with a bit of my opinion too.

Fantasy Football Player Rankings: TE

Fantasy Football Rankings: TE

TE #1 Travis Kelce:

My initial thought was to put Gronk here, but left him at # 2. Kelce will provide consistent value delivered over the course of the year, with durability and value delivered over the middle part of the field with the same offense ongoing from last year with the Outside Wr’s. His dynamic playmaking ability to take plays to the house allows for really good TD percentage with TD’s in probably 10 out of 16 games.

TE # 2 Rob Gronkowski:

While he won’t be drafted as high overall as in previous years, Gronk continues to be the most dangerous and aggressive force that the NFL has to reckon with in mismatches. If he can stay healthy for 10 out of 16 games that would be good, but not high enough to really merit a top 3 round pick in standard drafts.

TE #3 Jake Reed:

Another Te who is hard to keep healthy, checking weekly, if not daily injury reports on this one, which makes it a good idea to wait on drafting a Te in many draft formats, unless you get Kelce. The mismatch ability makes many teams looking at drafting similiar looking Te’s coming out of college with similar attributes.

TE #4 Jimmy Graham

Though many would disagree as to these tiers, in my opinion Graham is still in the same tiers as these previous and could be taken ahead of 2, and 3 here if you prefer, since Graham has a chemistry now with Russell Wilson even though its supposed to be a running offense. While Graham does have injury concerns, so does everyone else. There is no denying his potential as a threat to score in Redzone.

TE # 5 Greg Olsen:

Though there are concerns about the offense changing with the arrivals of lightning bolts on offense, this guy has been the most consistent on this offense including Cam Newton. Kinda reminds me of Jason Whiten in terms of the ability to age and keep it up for a long time, being a reliable target, and threat to score as well.

As for the rest of the Te’s well, I will just mention and finish this segment up, because in reality, in standard scoring leagues, and even PPR, the rest will have to be streamed at some point in the season to keep good lineups going:

Player Ranking: Unranked Streamer Position

Tyler Eifert, Delanie Walker, Martellus Bennett, and Eric Ebron.

Oh, and don’t forget the San Diego, I mean LOS Te’s as mismatching from week to week.



Weekly Fantasy Rankings: Week 9

Here is a fantasy football rankings post for the week to set you up for your leagues, no matter what type of league it is, getting you the best value in your lineup so that you can decide according to the price and lineups available in your particular league. Just don’t consider these high dollar ($million) dollar DFS leagues. More like 50/50s.

You’ll get a nice bonus at the bottom of this list since I had went over the keys to consistency in a pryor post, here that is Pryor Sr. in comparison below

  1. David Johnson  RB Cards
  2. Ezekiel Elliott Dal. RB
  3. AJ Green  WR Bengals
  4. Julio Jones WR
  5. D. Freeman RB Atl.
  6. O. Beckham Jr. NYG WR
  7. MeMarco Murray RB
  8. Le’Veon Bell Pitt. RB
  9. D. Hopkins WR Hous
  10. Jordy Nelson GB WR
  11. A. Brown WR Pitt.
  12. Matt Ryan QB
  13. Melvin Gordan SD RB
  14. Tom Brady QB
  15. Jay Ajayi Mia. RB
  16. Mike Evans WR
  17. Mark Ingram NO RB
  18. D. Thomas Den. WR
  19. Dez Bryant Dall. WR
  20. Dre Brees NO. QB
  21. Kelvin Benjamin Car. WR
  22. Larry Fitzgerald WR Cards
  23. Allen Robinson WR Jaguars
  24. E. Sanders Den. WR
  25. Michael Thomas WR NO
  26. Matt Forte NYJ RB
  27. Rob Gronkowski TE
  28. Brandon Marshall NYJ WR
  29. Alshon Jeffrey WR Chi.
  30. J. Matthews Phi. WR
  31. T. Pryor Sr. WR Cleve.
  32. Brandon Cooks NO WR
  33. Jordan Reed Wash. TE
  34. Greg Olsen Car. TE
  35. L. Miller RB
  36. J. Howard RB Chi
  37. Todd Gurley LA RB
  38. C. Newton Car. QB
  39. D. Booker RB
  40. Aaron Rodgers GB QB
  41. Russell Wilson Sea. QB
  42. Jonathan Stewart Car. Rb
  43. Travis Kelce KC TE
  44. B. Roethlisburger Pitt. QB
  45. M. Mariotta QB Tenn.
  46. L. Blount RB
  47. Doug Martin RB
  48. Quincy Anunwa  WR Jets
  49. Doug Baldwin Sea. WR
  50. Jimmy Graham Sea. TE
  51. Coby Fleener Ind TE
  52. D. Ware RB KC
  53. M. Wallace WR Balt.
  54. Stefon Diggs  Min. WR
  55. Donte Moncrief  Ind. WR
  56. Darren Sproles RB
  57. Jarvis Landry Mia. WR
  58. D. Prescott. Qb Dall.
  59. Ryan Matthews Phi. RB
  60. Chris Ivory Jax. RB
  61. Philip Rivers SD QB
  62. Delanie Walker Ten. TE
  63. T. Williams WR SD
  64. J. Eddleman WR NE
  65. T. Eifert TE
  66. C. Conley WR Wash.
  67. Randall Cobb GB WR
  68. Devante Adams WR GB
  69. D. Pitta TE Balt.
  70. Isaiah Crowell  Cleve. RB
  71. Corey Coleman Cleve. WR
  72. J. Brown WR Cards
  73. CJ Procise RB Sea.
  74. TJ Yeldon Jax. RB
  75. Gary Barnidge Cleve. TE
  76. Devonte Parker Mia. WR
  77. Tyler Lockett Sea. WR
  78. Blake Bortles Jax. QB
  79. Rishard Matthews WR Tenn.
  80. J. Whitten TE
  81. M. Sanu WR Atl.
  82. T. Hightower RB NO
  83. Meridith WR Chi.
  84. Geo Bernard RB Cincy
  85. K. Britt WR LA
  86. K. Fuller WR Hous.
  87. K. Wentz QB
  88. C. Palmer QB
  89. B. Powell RB Jets
  90. S. Smith WR Balt.
  91. Kapri Bibbs RB Den.
  92. James White RB NE
  93. Eli Rogers WR Pitt.
  94. Jeremy Maclin KC WR
  95. J. Hill RB Cin.
  96. C.Beasley WR
  97. D. Martin RB TB
  98. P. Barber RB TB
  99. R. Kelley RB Wash.
  100. M.Asiata RB

Will be updated daily through the week.

Here’s a bonus for comparison in consistency among a few select players for this week: Very interesting if your into real numbers.