Fantasy Football Questions: Kyler Murray a Stud?

I will attempt to do a weekly series of fantasy football questions to stay on topic here at WealthyFantasyFootball.

What is a fantasy football Stud?

By Wealthy Fantasy Football’s definition, its a Player that has a high upside with consistency in scoring in fantasy football. Most of the time this is a high salaried player on daily fantasy football sites or a 1st or 2nd round draft pick in season long leagues.¬†

Want to get excited for fantasy football in 2019?

Well this may be all you need here: 2019 Preview Podcast with a screen shot of the 300k Winner from Week 13!

Fantasy Football questions

Well, we have seen it happen before. Rookie quarterbacks come into the league with much to show. But more often they come into the league with much to run for, or run away from.

Here’s an example of what we’ll likely see from the Arizona Cardinals unless there is a trade for the pick. Here the best examples of results to go by, since we have to assume certain things when it comes to evaluating for fantasy football purposes.

Here you can see the reasons why, as we will prepare for season long fantasy football drafts, we will not draft Kyler Murray unless  perhaps we are in a 2 QB league that is deep with 12 players. There are 2 outcomes. Taking the sack or throwing the interception.

The funny thing is it almost appears as though Josh Rosen does has the better chance to make a play against a poor Raiders defense that could not stop anyone, attmpting to lighten the competition for him. However, he ultimately folds under pressure.

Are the Cards better off holding onto Rosen?

Rosen appears to have no better chance at being a stud then Murray other then having more experience behind a bad offensive line.

Will Murray be a Good Pro?

I will not deny the athletic and football ability of Murray. He can be a good pro someday with great upside on a good team. As for being a fantasy football stud, time will have to tell, therefore don’t expect anything good this year at all. Check nfl game pass for more film of the Cardinals offensive line woes, or rather don’t wast your time for bettering your fantasy football game.

Any questions or concerns?