Week 11 Fantasy Football Projections

With week 11 Fantasy Football Projections now upon us, how do your skills measure up. That’s one thing I don’t think people appreciate so much about fantasy football is the amount of skill it takes, whether technical and fundamental to master the game.

The analytic work, and research put into it can be costly from a time and maybe even a dollar perspective.

That’s why I’m here to help today. Here are my

Week 11 Fantasy Football Projections:

Wanted to throw in, as a bonus the game of the week, here showing the lines, with excellent players to target as shown by the bulls eyes to right.

Click on the image to enter an optimized lineup for your week 11 fantasy football projection for best lineup of the week, having the computer do the work. Give it a try!

Week 11 fantasy football projections

You may also consider, targeting Dion Lewis and Brandon Cooks, if you are looking to score big in tournaments, which is high risk and high reward if we are right in the highest game total this week.

Here are other great matchups to consider before I give the best “plays” of the week overall.

Week 11 fantasy football projections

Another good option as the Saints are one of the best teams with many of the best Studs in the game, watch and target these guys this week once again.

Here is my most valuable part of my week to offer. Broken down per Last week’s article if you would like to go back and have these numbers explained.

Another Great play to mention;

Alex Smith. This is a great game to take from as the Giants are justice bad with Smith putting up 21.1 PG with high upside and nice consistency.

Also in the same game and team, Travis Kelce should benefit from a stack with Smith as Kelce with a .58 C.O. and high upside of + 7 which are good numbers for TE’s

Jarvis Landry gets high targets and is very consistent but seems TD dependent in order to sustain those numbers at only 7.5 yards per reception. Something to think about..

J. McKinnon has a high S.D. the last 5 games and has an inconsistent.90 C.V therefore is a nice tournament play only, similar to Stef Diggs.

And lastly mentioning Mike Crabtree has a great matchup with high upside as always at 8.32 S.D. with .67 C.V which if fine for a WR

Also as a note to add from last week, I attempted to bring live updates per YouTube to you during the Falcons Cowboys game, which didn’t turn out to be a competitive game, however, I will stick to the app in which you can follow along with the game, and make live in game picks if you would like

here: Just download, pick a game within the “Football Matchup” invite and start making picks for example “Will Brandon Cooks get a touchdown”, and will “T. Brady throw for over or under 250 yards” Found here: Click on the image for the weekly matchups.

firefan app

Enjoy this slate of game! Comments on any of the games/matchups?