Fantasy Football Playoff Projections

After watching a portion off all of the College Bowl games, and checking out talent for the NFL, this week will be dedicated to watching NFC/AFC playoff matchups from a fantasy perspective, so that we can discuss a bit of what we saw coming up in these Fantasy Football Playoff Projections in the wild card matchups.

The Greatest Part of the Football Season is Upon us: Check this out:


So if you get a chance to watch these pivitol games in these matchups, comment below on what you saw, or if they have not happened yet, what you expect to see, or are looking for from fantasy football perspective for next year. As we see the season dwindling down quickly to a completion, this may help in DFS options as well, to keep a season going in fantasy.

Fantasy football playoffs
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AFC Wild Card Weekend


I the last matchup earlier this year, I recall, the steelers had one of their worst games, as the dolphins had one of their best. That included a monster performance from Jay Ajayi, and less of a performance from Le’Veon Bell. Considering the two, I would have them at almost equal fantasy value in this game, with Bell having a slight advantage because of his receiving skill set.

As for next year these RB’s are obviously high draft pick, included in rounds 1 and 2. Devonte Parker is one I would look for to increase his fantasy draft stock for next year, but no one stands out to me on Pittsburgh’s roster at the WR position.

Raiders @ Texans

With 2 QB’s that are not all that here, can showcase possibly other areas of strengths obviously such as featuring the running backs in this game. The sleepers come in at the WR position. Will Fuller and Seth Roberts may work into your plans as sleepers

I will try to keep a keen eye on Lamar Miller and Latavius Murray along with the other RB’s on the Raiders roster to try and determine if anyone should get more playing time. As for next year, if the texans look to make a replacement at QB for a more effective one, will Hopkins and Fuller have potential breakout years in 2017?

Giants @ Packers

In this game as a lock for early round and value pickups for Daily fantasy, count on Jordy Nelson Aaron Rodgers, and Eli Manning along with Odel Beckam Jr. as QB, WR combos.

As a sleeper pick, as well as a consideration for a mid round draft pick depending on how he does with his opportunities, Paul Perkins is one to watch going forward.

Lions @ Seahawks

In this game of course, the lions will have to ride the arm of Matt Stafford to a chance of winning this game in the Hawks house, so he must hit some targets. Those targets should go in this order: 1. Golden Tate 2. Anquan Bolden 3. Marvin Jones Jr.

As the #1 TE for this week, and a top TE for next year as well, Jimmy Graham has his targets with Russell Wilson set, as the rest of the offense is somewhat unsure, but Doug Baldwin is a solid #2 option target. The rest of the offense on both teams will provide nothing better then late round sleeper options going into next year.

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Fantasy Football Playoff Projections and Tips

While it may be difficult to project Fantasy football playoff projections in your particular league, with the basic result of a snake draft, and pending free agent pickups, and a few possible trades along the way, Fantasy football playoffs are about elimination. It now or never to get it right.

DeAndre Hopkins

So here are some basic tips to set you apart from your competition as you hope to be your best, or best possible scenario that you can control in your playoff matchups:

First off, I never want to let any of my best players sit and not play, even if they have been dissappointing seasons thus far this year.

  1. WR dissapointment: DeAndre Hopkins has been all that this season. The most major of downturn his career, probably based on the QB play. Also his matchup vs. Jax has him slotted against surprisingly, the the 6th fewest points to the WR position. You may want to look elseware in this scenario, especially since he is on the injury report with a Q.

Possible replacements:

Alshon Jeffrey: If not already picked up in your league, this WR has #2 WR ability in fantasy as GB gives up the 9th most fantasy points to WRs in football making for a good matchup.

Rishard Matthews: With KC giving up the 3 most points to the WR position, surprisingly this is a very good matchup. Even though Marcus Mariotta had a couple low scoring games recently, expect him to bounce back this week against this KC defense unless they force turnovers like they have been in recent weeks, especially with Eric Berry roaming.

2. At running back, by far the biggest dissapointment has been Todd Gurley. With Gurley undergoing a coaching change at the moment, we don’t know if he will get more opportunities or not. With one of the worst matchups for him this week against RB’s that will have to wait until at least next week. Here are some other options.

Isaiah Crowell: As an option in some leagues for a late season pickup off waivers, or if you have him on your bench, a few longer runs is all he needs to get loose against a defense coming off a lackluster performance in the snow vs. La’veon Bell, and poor performance against Jay Ajayi earlier in the year as runners, allowing the 10th most overall this year.

Carlos Hyde: If you can get Hyde in your lineup at all, he is well worth starting, or paying for in DFS. VS the worst defense in the league at stopping the RB position. Yes, the Falcons.