Fantasy football ? live Analysis Cowboys vs Falcons

With a total of 48.5 points, dropped from 50 points earlier in the week, perhaps this fantasy football live analysis of this game between the Cowboys and the Falcons has already lost some of its lust as another game could be right up there in a bonanza type scoring affair. Coming up the Alley to this game could also be Saints @ Bills, however this game does not feel like one where the Saints can overmatchup their opponent enough on the road.

So we’ll stay with the consideration of the Cowboys @ Falcons with Atlanta playing at home on the turf indoors. Take a fly through the Stadium anytime you want.

So here are the primary matchups based first on the quality of the fantasy football players actually playing in this hope, or at least hope to because of injury: This is how I usually use statistics to handle these ranking;

You may ask, what is this: Look here for another article on it if needed.

To add to that article, the Standard Dev. can be used in reference to upside. The higher the S.D., the higher the upside. The C.V. is used in reference to Consistency. The lower the number, the more consistent the player is.

These are Based on Current Fanduel Scoring.

Here are some other intriguing players this week:

Also wanted to mention Josh McCown. His ceiling and floor is higher then Big Ben.

Pure, Deep Wealthy Fantasy Footall Strategy:

I did not include Cole Beasly on this list but I should have. He is averaging 1 point more per game then Gabriel, and is simply a better slot receiver. While its difficult to determine how slot receivers do against certain teams, I logically go by tendancy. Meaning, if the team has another player on their squad with a similar skillset, or at least play someone in their division that has a similar skillset. To my conclusion, the Falcons, will not be efficient as they would like in covering Beasly, even though the have a very speedy Gabriel on their side. The Cowboys deep threat was Zeke.

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Fantasy Football live Analysis

Also to note: The Cowboys have not had a Deep ball connection threat since they played the Packers in week 6. This was with Aaron Rodgers. Even in this game, the longest connection was Michael Bennett, no longer with the team for 33 yards. Jordy Nelson was held in check for only 24 yds in the game. Something to keep on the lookout, as this could really limit what the falcons do deep, since they have not done much of is this year anyway.

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Either way you want to follow along, enjoy the highest scoring game of the fantasy week!