Fantasy Football Lineup Strategy for 2019: Breaking Gameflow

When considering your overall fantasy football lineups strategy for 2019, we all know its going to be about both your draft strategy and the players you pick during your draft.

This will be part 1 of a 2 part blog post, where I decided to break up the information for the following post as well.

When you play in daily fantasy leagues and season long as well, your perspectives change somewhat as to what works and what does not. This can cause some confusion from my experience when you use tools and daily style of analysis to comprehend what you are doing in your season long leagues. You will find out how game flow affects these strategies for hopefully helping you to see better results for 2019 compared to 2018.

Keep separate strategies for both game types.

First when preparing for a season long league you have to contend with 2 more difficult factors.

  1. Your stuck with the team you drafted unless you make creative trades.
  2. You will end up benching some of your best player scores.

These variable and moving factors cause many players in fantasy season long football to become frustrated. You are stuck for a while with the players you drafted, so you have one shot, so to speak on your draft. Here’s a question then, when it comes to what position you draft and the game flow. Running backs who actually run the ball a lot are a result mostly of good teams running down the clock IF playing it conservatively at the end of games. This is not obviously always the case, even with the best teams in the league. This is why LA and NE teams can be so effective, as they jump out with the lead, as these beast running backs carry the load late in a favorable game flow.

What does this mean for your fantasy draft?

It actually means you cannot rely on this variable for your league draft, nor in daily cash drafts, in which you have a salary cap. Therefore, you will be relying on the passing game season long.

Fantasy Football Lineup Strategy for 2019

With the prior example, when was the last time you saw a workhorse back who touches the ball 25+ times on the ground? Even with the prior example, these teams running backs got hurt and/or split carries with other running backs. So don’t rely on running backs to dominate your draft. It won’t happen unless you include the passing game in on your draft determinations.

Its really a simple game. You still need to draft a running back under these considerations early in your draft, and draft the right 2 guys really. I say the right 2 guys, because you can take a running back in mid to late rounds and get a lot of production as well. You can even find plug and play guys during the season from waiver wires.

So the next question is, what do you do with your other picks. Well, it depends on the individual player.

The Real

My wife watches this television show called the Real. I suppose the show themes itself on “keeping it real” or I could be wrong as to the purpose of the show or how it has evolved, however in fantasy football in particular, you need to keep it real, to give yourself the best chance, not to dominate your draft and season, but to stay in the game, mid tier by making the playoffs and giving yourself the right adjustments to your roster, so you can hopefully win the championship.

Will you realistically find a KC QB again this year. Likely not. Mahomes is once in a decade. So, while drafting the right QB is essential, you have no need to reach for one in any standard or PPR league unless there is an early run in a 2 QB league scenario. We will discuss flow of your draft in the next article.

I will continue this topic in the next post to discuss more about gameflow and the roster construction goals you will want to have including your own free built in insurance policy for every lineup.