Draft.com Review: A Fun and Effective Way to Earn

When you are looking into other sites to log into and get adjusted to, for fantasy sports, the Draft.com review will get you what you need to know and be prepared for today.

Getting into the App and site when you look around the app, after downloading, its really simple to get started. Just a basic email and credit card account will do it with different payment option, if I remember correctly, paypal was an option.

When initially getting started with only $10 I wanted to see if I could keep my profits going the first few days.

So I decided to use my free $3 entry and take on an NBA game. Unfortunately, I lost that, but had only gains overall the first couple days as I entered an additional paid NBA and NHL contest at $1 each so that I would not risk too large of an amount of my $10 investment. So in total, I spent $2 but ended up with $13.40 total for a profit of $3.40 for my first 3 contests.

I was pleased with these initial results. I am also playing tonight in a $1 contest, since I figured hey, on a short 2 game slate you can also have a reasonable chance to win, almost any time of the night, since with only 3 persons participating in the draft, for a 5 team roster, you don’t need a large slate at all to have a shot at a wide enough selection of starters and a few 6th men on each team to choose from. The talent pool is just about right, as value plays can easily be found as long as quality teams are playing.

NBA Drafts

draft.com review

What I used to evaluate the Draft.com drafts for the night was the Draftdashboard I have highlighted this fantasy sports tool other articles, such as how to evaluate for NBA Cash Games.  These will be helpful type of articles when it comes to playing fantasy sports on various sites.

NFL Drafts?

Yes there are early actions going on in nfl drafts, so if you are into the combine and college nfl draft, this is the game for you right now, drafting the rookies, as its early in the valuation process, but the unique thing about draft, is that you draft a team now, and wait and wait, but.. you add up all of your highest scoring players, not even have to worry from week to week which guys to start, thereby losing out on valuable points. Just pick the best overall players for the season, highlighting your ability to draft.

draft.com review

2017 NFL Fantasy Football Rankings

When preparing for your 2017 NFL Fantasy Football Rankings, where do you start?

2017 nfl fantasy football rankings

Hopefully you will pay attention to the ADP, or Average Draft Position in your own fantasy rankings and use this information to make informed decisions  about human tendencies. See this tool @ fantasyfootballcalculator 

Since you can always see this information there, updated daily, and even use and sort according to the “Dashboard”, then this article will go over some of the key strategies and considerations when humans are making these picks. 

When making computer analysis picks always look at the Draft Dashboard, for up to date analysis on GameDay

By the way, as you can see there the setting allows for the black out of the chosen players you already have drafted as well as others picks, to quickly see where you are at during a “live” draft.

For the actual list, I will go ahead and update the top menu section: “Fantasy Football Draft Board” for the Best Value Based on ADP, Computer Rankings, and Fundamentals of Fantasy Football in PPR Leagues across Yahoo, and DanDuel Points Generally for season long and Daily leagues also being considered for the upcoming year projections. 

This Post is mainly laying the groundwork for the foundation and explaining what is all behind the rankings will include: (To my knowledge, no other site considers these additional factors. 

  • Variance: Meaning the Lowest Co-Efficient Variations, which are spotlighted Here as to how this calculation is actually made. 
  • Matchups: Based on Stats of apposing teams’ strengths and weakness defensively. Not accumulated until after a few weeks of regular season data. Prior season(s) not used. 
  • Upside Potential: The Upside of the Player to show improvement in his gameplay, increasing his Avg per Game Points scored compared to the previous year. 

whether you are a seasoned expert or a beginner, there is a lot to consider. Consider this: 

2017 fantasy football rankings
Wealthy Fantasy Football Rankings

If you have followed Fantasy Football for a number of years, you are biased to certain players’ performaces in remembering whatever you recall in past performance of a certain player in your HUMAN thinking, you miss a lot of the information that really matters, that you cannot possibly evaluate in your head. Sure following football for years, gives you and edge, but a lot of people do too..

That makes for a lot of competition. So you need something more to base your player targeting on. This tool, DraftDashboard will help you Target the Best Up to Date Evaluated Players of the Day for you. 

But it is only a starting point. Always consider your league: How does the scoring work? 

In Daily Fantasy, How large of a contest is it and what percentage of players will actually win any cash. These large contests should be used with High Co-Efficient Variable to give you a legitimate shot to win Big Cash in Large Contests @ Low Entry Points, for Max Profits. 

One More Important Thing:………

Check, if you can find this info, the ownership % of a player you are purchasing, as well as even how many Points a Given Player Actually Costs you In Cash Style Drafting such on DraftKings or Fanduel. 

In a future article I will discuss how to find this data much more easily this year then in previous years as well. We are stepping our Game Up!