Fantasy Football: Winning a Championship; Isn’t that’s what its all about?

“Henry Thoreau said, ‘All want not something to do, but something to be.’ I’m proud of being part of an elite group.” ~ Todd Christenson

If you can resonate with this, you are on the path to the elite. The elite group of champions. A Fantasy Football Champion!

As far as this article goes, we’re not worried about SEO, to put it politely. This is about hard core football fans, those who suffer and prosper at he mercy of their team, from childhood, who not only surpass their own childhood, but give credit where credit is due. That is what the Raiders fashion is all about. While this would not be considered an epic George “Papa Bear” Hallas Historic Post, or a Bear Bryant ambitious coach up, this post can be considered an undersized linebacker post, a Mike Singletary tackle at the line of scrimmage.

It’s about avoiding embarrassment. Even if your are new, in your first year or two as a beginner.

The Week to Week Gameplan

My goal is to give you solid, info packed, and analytically proven methods, along with hot players from week to week that you have to pick up or start in your lineups.

When you making value based decisions on your fantasy team, you must first have an overall guide in choosing players that will help you in the long run. This means that while some players will help you in the short term, perhaps a long term solution may develop during the in season part of the year, where a player’s value will enhance, with as expected or unexpectanlty. This means that if your had an average to poor draft, you must not hesitate to pick up the guys that no one else bothered to consider drafting, or placed on waivers. The tool, below, is what I use the help you throughout the season, using the exact scoring formats of Draftkings and Fanduel, which is similiar to many Yahoo leagues to get you set up from week to week. Click on the Picture to get a Free Report.

Fantasy Football: Winning a Championship!

Making the Right Decisions at the Right Time

This also means that in order to win in a 10 team league, logically you only have a %10 odds chance of actually winning. While 2nd and 3rd place is not bad, you will not get the 1st place without taking logical chances, instead of always taking players that get you the minimum of 5 points per game. Must must be able to take risks and let it fly, like a quarterback who is not worried about throwing interceptions.

Make Trades?

This does not mean that you have to make any trades with other players at all. However you will need to pick up players from the Free Agent list.

What I’ll do to help you along the path is give you some trade value scenarios so that you can project value for your team, if you are drafting this way. If not, this strategy and trade value will help you to project the upside or risk, along with what you need, so that you can make use of this list coming up in the very next post for reference going into your season and through the end of your trade deadline for your league.

Why Bookmark for upcoming weeks?

Why would you come back to this list after 7 weeks of football? Because from week to week, there will be ups and downs from week to week. You will have a difficult time, if you try to pick up the flavor of the week. whereas, if you check the qualified list of trade value, based on upside from last year, and projected player value, you will know whether to pick up the flavor of the week, or pass for the next guy.