Fantasy Baseball Sleepers Report: Opening Day

For Opening day of fantasy baseball sleepers today let’s consider the following prospects for a good opening day performance shall we?

Just also be aware though, it can be very difficult to predict these breakouts, but based on the numbers to project, that we have available from small sample sizes, and not so numbers based projections as well we will throw some guys out there for you to think about, whether drafting or just waiting to see if their fantasy value picks up for you to consider stashing now or Fantasy Baseball Sleepers Report: Opening Daylater, when they are perhaps being brought up to the majors. Here are 5 players to keep your eye on, if not later when the opportunity presents itself. Also here are my best sites for fantasy baseball preparation this year.

Potential Consistent Stud: Kyle Schwarber

Schwarber may have already established himself as a MLB slugger but his slugging percentage could rise a lot more. If he can be compared at this point to first round fantasy draft picks such as Mike Trout, this would be one of the greatest sleeper jumps from year to year. At only 25 years old, Schwarber could take the leap. In one particular stretch of this 2017 year, out of 33 hits, 14 cleared the outfield wall.

Right behind him: Ian Happ

Really, how could you mention Schwarber without mentioning Happ as the leagues breakout player of 2017? With a .514, he will be productive in any fantasy league. Only 1 year older, Happ has come into his own, even beating Kyle’s record for most HR’s over any given span, reaching his 20 homers even faster! That was in his 89th game as opposed to Kyle’s 97th game, reaching that mark.

Not reached his potential yet. Amed Rosario

Rosario has most of the necassary tools to make it in the big leagues, as he is comparable with his electrifying speed, to Frascisco Lindor. He is young and can break the New York Mets lineup soon as possibly one of the league’s best in steals, enhancing his overall athleticisim.

Injury Prone Risk?: David Dahl

This is an up hill battle but as a minor leaguer, this sleeper should have a chip on his shoulder as long as he is healthy. Projecting at one time as a batting title contender, In 2016 he had a 17 game hit streak. I he can stay focused, he can be pushed to such a level in the best ballpark in baseball for the Rockies. 

Smallest of the Sample: Victor Robles

While Robles of the Nationals would be a injury only move to actually pick this guy up, if he gets called up from the minors, he has proven his small sample: 1.092 OPS in his opening 15 plate appearances. That is not 15 games, however but if the injury happens, look out, at least for a short to potential long term gig, depending completely on that injury status of any starting outfielders there. 

Keep in mind, its the earliest day ever for opening day, so get ready today.