FanDuel, DraftKings, Yahoo Week 7 NFL Lineups

This week I want to give me my most watched players in fantasy football for this week, covering the best Bandore, draft kings, and Yahoo leagues for week seven lineups.

What I’m going to do is just go ahead and bring out the players with Numbers here.

This way my actual watch players are ranked numbers one through whatever number of matchs that I am watching.

Last weeks post was very successful in obtaining players watched that either gained 100+ yards or had scored a touchdown.

This week I am hoping for similar results, even though I don’t really like to rank players week to week like this, this will provide you some solid algorithm, and real world backed decisions on gameday. I will also give each player a specific designation: Injury concerns included, making this the complete breakdown

C = Cash Game Play with a Safe Floor

GP = Tournament Play with High Upside

S = Season long or consistent Stud Player with Both Safe Floor & High Upside


Matt Ryan GP: If your going to go deep in Tournament play this doesn’t necassarily feel like the safest play as Ryan is missing his #2 WR most likely but did show positive flashes at Miami last week. So while he does not feel like a stud, nor has he performed like one so far, he should be highly owned and played in all formats.

Drew Brees C: We are having high hopes for Brees this week as well with not as much of a shootout as last week, if it is, that makes it even more juicy. Even though he projects high against the Packers due to past history with this team, if their defense performs anything like they did last week, this will not be a shootout, and therefore could rest Brees’s arm. I don’t see him as having high enough ceiling for tournaments. You gotta love the Jimmy Graham matchup along with Willie Snead getting healthy.

Dak Prescot GP: This makes for an easy choice when it comes to GP’s because he has come off his highest scoring fantasy point total last week, and the matchup is looking better and better as we progress through the week vs. this 49ers poor looking defense. They should be relying on him more going forward with the Elliott suspension concerns. Good value you should get at only $374 per Point on Fanduel and $325 and DK‘s

Tom Brady S: Even though Brady has had some down games this season through no fault of his own, with OLine concerns, he is a safe stud to still play, in the highest point total game of the week, expecting the shootout.

Kirk Cousin S: Another guy here, consistently on the rise, he is getting well gelled with his WR core, and is boosting his modest numbers every week. Expect a low ownership percentage in Tournaments. Under 10%. Also what’s great about Cousins is on Fanduel he gets you great value at only $348/FP price per Fanduel Point. $302 on DK’s

Carson Wentz C: While Wenz actually does score big enough to get him into a tournament play, I prefer to wait until he proves to put up more bigger scoring fantasy games. Just fine in cash games, even without a consistent deep threat yet, favoring his TE a lot. Has exact  same $348/FP that Cousins has, providing great value at the position. Has the best value on DK’s at only $299!

Other Guys in Play:

Marcus Mariota: GP Only if you want to take a gamble on his health, and his lack of production this year, this is his chance with the 2nd best matchup of the weak vs. Browns defense.

Russell Wilson: GP A lot of people will fade Wilson vs this tough looking Giants defense all of a sudden, but its a good matchup and Wilson has proven high upside capability.

Carson Palmer: C Cash play only here, as the Rams defense is no pushover, however Palmer has good balance with his running game and thats what he needs to get you 20+ points on fanduel with WR’s healthy.

Super Sneaky Plays: D. Kizer: Kizer is obviously a GP play only, as a big risk, but he put up a 25 point game, as some forget in week 2, makes him very lowly owned, contrarian pickup of the week. Hopefully he finishes the game out.

Blake Bortles: Similiar to Kizer, Blake has some upside for sure vs. this Indy Defense in GP’s

In this Video I also explain, for beginners how to start slowly, not risking, with low risk, high upside plays for DFS and Yahoo. As I started to set a Lineup on DraftKings.

For the Tool I am using to gather a large portion of this information frrom week to week visit: DraftDashboard

Running Backs:

Zeke Elliot: S Zeke has the ability to be the highest scoring back this week, based on a very favorable matchup, 2nd worst vs. Running Backs.

Devonte Freeman: S While Freeman has not had quite the upside as the top stud RB’s, he has been cleared to only be a fantasy asset on any team in any format, being used in redzone situation every week, despite Coleman getting into the mix.

Adrian Peterson: GP I consider him sort a a Tournament gamble. It will be interesting to see what ownership percentage he has in daily fantasy formats this week. Don’t consider him a stud yet, even though no one else is in the backfield right now, with Andre Ellington hurt, I am basing this 3rd overall ranking on opportunity this week.

Mark Ingram: S This beast has proven to be able to now carry the workload, ironically with they guy ahead of him out of his way. His 55% of snaps should work its way up this week as well.

Leonard Fournette: S would consider him good in both cash and Tournaments, however the injury concern should make you be sure not to play him in too many of your cash games. If he’s really healthy high upside is the great advantage.

Le’Veon Bell: S The Fantasy Stud continues his domination: While numbers getting better, while not having one the best matchups, vs. the 5th best vs RB’s, its a home game, with LB’s and DB’s hurt for Cinn.

Joe Mixon: GP Mixon is ready in my opinion: No one else has performed thus far for the Bengals consistently enough at running back, and Mixon is getting enough touches, at about 15 per game, to warrent a nice sneaky play vs. a good fantasy defense, however the 27th worst vs fantasy RB’s.

LeSean McCoy: C With a subpar performance so far this season his price on Fanduel is lowering and so is his upside. Does not seem like the same McCoy but should get you enough points as the Bills give him almost 24 touches per game. Click on the Image for a Free Report on Analytic Keys to Consistency broken down like a science.

This a screenshot of DraftDashboard for this week in layout of the Position Optimizer, RB Matchup Rankings as shown starting with #32

Fenduel Draftkings Yahoo lineups week 7

Wide Recivers

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FanDuel, DraftKings, Yahoo Week 7 NFL Lineups

Julio Jones: GP How could you really go with anyone else here as the top pick? Even though he had a really low scoring game a couple weeks ago, the injury hopefully is not lingering. Has not had the upside so far this year, but with superior physical ability and skill, he has the most potential to give you the million. Hopefully his ownership will not be above 25%

Dez Bryant: S Yes we are looking for Dez to have a stud day, as his consistency has gotten better and more steady since week one, and seeing him in practice, doing well, hoping the balance of Elliott still there for now, hoping for the RedZone TD. 

Michael Thomas: GP Playing a a better level now as well, the odds of Thomas putting up a big game or a stinker is about the same. The same kind of calculated risk that you will need in large tournaments. 

Pierre Garcon: C Going with Garcon in a cash game seems safe here. For the price at only $6700 on FD, it seems like the best deal, for the points he can give you as a low end #1 wideout in a really good matchup. They will have to throw those middle level balls where Garcon excels as a posession reciever. 

Jordy Nelson: GP If your hoping fro a big tournament play from Nelson, you will pay a little less then usual. B. Hundley may try and force the ball to him a few times I suspect, but what better WR to force it to then Nelson to try and get a deep one.. 

Alshon Jeffrey: C I see Jeffrey as being used in both Cash and Tournaments if you are stacking along with Carson Wentz and hoping for the deep balls. That is a strong possibility with both CB’s on the Redskins hurting at the moment. Look to other options on this team as well at WR.

Tight End

Zack Ertz: S To be at over 10 points per game at every week so far this season is unprecidented. Thats Good! Consistent Stud at the position this season.

Jimmy Graham: GP This is a position where I have to favor the best at he position in the season long rankings that so many of you may have veiwed before the start of the season. This includes Graham as still a good option.

Rob Gronkowskie S: Always to be considered the best TE in season long in all formats, if willing to pay, or have the money left over.