Best DraftKings Lineup Week 12

With Week 12 in our midst, lest look at, and get right into the best draftkings lineups for week 12 in the NFL.

Last week, I went over daily fantasy football picks for week 12 which focused on and gave you great value option lineups picks on fanduel. I decided to let this one dwell on DraftKings and interestingly see the difference in value based projections, if you want to see that article.

draftkings lineup

What this does in tournaments on the DFS Giant websit, DraftKings is give you a legitamite shot at winning in the Main Contest, the Sunday Million dollar ticket. While not likely to win you the biggest price of the $300k, you could likely get more back than what you put in, which would get you back more than the $7 investment.


Russell Wilson

Poor Man’s: Marcus Mariota

Running Back:

#1 Todd Gurly

Poor Man’s: MeMarco Murray

#2 Tevin Coleman

Poor Man’s: DeVonte Booker

Her’s a Great Video to Summarize and Example of this week’s potential Perfect Lineup:


WR #1 Antonio Brown

Poor Man’s: TY Hilton

WR #2 Doug Baldwin

Poor Man’s:  M. Sanu

WR #3 Alshon Jeffrey

Poor Man’s: DeVonte Parker

Tight End:

Delanie Walker,

Poor Man’s, Jered Cook, or depending on the QB Stack, whoever’s avg per game is considerably more.


D. Funchess

Poor Man’s: Kenny Stills


Always Jax.

Poor Defense: Pats