Do Daily Fantasy Lineup Optimizers Work for NFL, NBA on FD and DK?

I will begin to answer the this question today as it is a long answer. I will break this down as simply as I can as well as provide a video, giving you the opportunity to comment. You can also ask questions here on my youtube channel today.

To answer your questions simply:

To begin with, when you use an optimizer for any contest on draftkings or fanduel, you are basically leaving the control of your lineups in the hands of the optimizer. When you do this, you will not get great results. At best you will likely get mediocre results. It does not matter what optimizer you use, its just that there are various important factors that go into making the best value based lineup you can put out there in order to compete.

You never know what all goes into the algorithm that determines these lineups that are solely generated by the computer. Obviously this is a little less then desirable for a semi aggressive approach to winning consistently on fanduel and draftkings, which are still the 2 main platforms out there to compete in.

When Do DFS Lineup Optimizers work?

Daily fantasy lineup optimizers work very well when you take control over them, to varying degree of efficiency depending on how many lineups you insert into your contests, and how much variance you want within those lineups.

If you are obviously entering mass multiple entry number of contests you need a much more advanced strategy. So here’s the next question of choice for you.

How long does it take to make an optimal lineup manually?

It takes dfs experts and coaches approximately 15-20 minutes to prepare the initial well thought out lineup in cash contests, or %050-20 contests in which a large enough percentage of the entrants cash in. If you are making 50 lineups, with obviously a larger bankroll to spend, then you are looking at around at least 12 hrs of work.

Wow! A full days work with overtime to make a decent living or profit at it.

The optimizer obviously breaks this time down. Where I think this is underappreciated is the fact that even if that was shaved down to perhaps a few hrs of rushing it in your lineups, what about the hours of preparation you need to actually evaluate your players?

Player Evaluation

When you look at what all goes into the evaluation process, in the nfl football sport, it takes a whole week of preparation to begin to get a real feel for the slate on either site, as the full time job takes its toll on fantasy sports experts that are breaking down every possible aspect of the numbers and watching as much football as possible, which is the fun part anyway.

Only so much time in a day.

Yes there is only 24 hours in a day, so therefore, your day is broken up in various activities that limit your exposure to these fun or not as fun activities. This is way many people rely on handicappers or fantasy sports experts to make lineups as we assume they are working on these all day and having these pool of players ready for a kickoff, tip off, first pitch or face off. You could get handicapper advice and lineups set for you at

Disadvantages of handicapping

The disadvantages obviously limit you in many ways, as obviously you might miss a player who is about to sit out as his health status may be in question. second, you limit your upside in creating a unique lineup for a tournament contest, or contest that pays lower then perhaps %20 of the field with 100+ players. Also third, you limit the amount of unique lineups you are able to make with these limited player pools. So for a site that does not offer an optimizer, avoiding a bad play or 2 on rosters, they lack any real way of making your own controlled and varied lineups.

Advantages of preparing for your own lineup optimization.

Not only do you get the satisfaction that a professional would in the least amount of time in the industry, but you would also be able to modify towards any particular player you like for whatever reason you have chosen. Maybe you know that a player is not likely to do well on the road as opposed to home, and want no part of him away from home. Or maybe you like the rapport of a quarterback and receiver playing together from a past team, now joined together again. There could be more then a few really important determining factors.

Where to get started?

Where would you thus get started in making quality lineups for yourself diversified enough to prevent you from losing cash on a daily basis? You must and most importantly develop and stick to your own routine of how you work your business. When you think of it as a business, or investment, you try of course to factor in all consideration when it comes to making these decisions.

Where to get this assistance in the daily fantasy niche?

I have watched many pros work their business through hours of tutorials, preparing their lineups from scratch, or from their own or others’ player pools. I however have not watched and one tutorial that summarizes my full process for successful winning lineups. I definitely use most of, if not all of the tools at my disposal, but my own process takes into account through months of testing my own most successful dfs strategies for completing the research and optimization needed for a successful lineups strategy.

No one really shares this as a whole with anyone to the degree that you really need. Even if they did, it may not work for you until you have mastered the player selection process to a most logical conclusion. So if your still reading, the next question may be:

Once your Process is developed what dfs tools are the best?

That question comes down to what I have personally used and experienced for the success of my own use. Or basically what works for you. Here are the tools I use daily to construct lineups, get advice, figure out who the chalk plays are, and organize data, for my own players to watch, inserting them easily into my amount of lineups, at the price point that I want daily. 

By the way, I do share part of my process from time to time, in the slate breakdown at least for cash games on my youtube channel as well. mainly for my own players that I want to watch and using the easy way to sort players by overall value, DvP and Player vs overall defense of the opponent. Since I play in all 4 sports, all of these are of course sortable and savable to my own lineups including watched players and players to avoid, holding that within the memory of the optimizer for as long as I want.

That way I can use my own pool of players whether based on my own analysis or other experts. You can add certain dfs experts to your pool instantly as well with the touch of a button! Here the main page I go to first in the dashboard.

Do Daily Fantasy Lineup Optimizers
The top Studs, or consistent players with upside showing first

The next tool I use and recommend is the DFSArmy Domination Station

When you compare optimizers such as these, you may find a lot of the projected numbers to be similar as you can see if there are any differences in the most important categories such as value rating, projected points scored, and other factors if you also use the DFSArmy Research station. Using both within the DFSArmy platform, as they are both included when you take the promotional offer, will give you full spreadsheets you can download and manipulate with an excel spreadsheet if you have microsoft office suit. If not, you can do the same on the sheet on the site. Here is the first screen you see on the Domination station once you select your contest slate and sport.

Do Daily Fantasy Lineup Optimizers Work for NFL
The Domination Station is the optimizer of DFS Army

There are obviously some differences between the 2 options with advantages and disadvantages, and some similarities between both the research side and the optimizer side of both sites, price range being about the same after trial offer.

So do Optimizers work for NFL and NBA lineups for the best chance of winning in DFS? The long answer is an accomplished “Yes.”