How To Win At Fanduel: Beginners DFS Football

In my fantasy football for beginners post this week, we take a look at how to win at fanduel.

You may be surprised to find the results from a sample size on my earnings and winnings that have come out in profit, while it may seem to be in small amounts, the potential for scaling up is Tremendous.

I have seen high rollers end up winning contests regularly being entered of 1k just to get into the contest, hoping to bring home 3k, tripling the Fantasy Contest investment.

However, even with that example, in a 3 person format, it is very risky, unless you are on a professional level. Sounds like you need to be a professional stock trader right?

Well, its not that tricky as the stock market.

You can begin very small, as a lot of people do not know, now Fanduel offers even 0.01 Cent contests.

So with minimal investment, literally penny investments, not Penny stocks, you can be in profit right away!

Could you lose your money? Yes. Can you control the amount of money yo lose, minimizing risk until you pick up your learning curve?

Absolutely! Not a problem

I’ll help show you how.

How to win at fanduel
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To be up front about it first though, the easiest way to get bank roll scaled up very quickly is in baseball season. MLB has the largest amount of statistical analysis out there, making it easy to capture large winning on some nights. Also the competition is not so great compared to football. I will have to provide that on another post, or if your wanting to look into that on previous posts, just type “baseball” into the search bar to the right. Or you can just watch this video Here:

Now, getting back to football. Here are some basic and essential rules to play by: BTW, here is my Cornerstone Content Post

1. Diversify

When investing, you diversify. Well maybe not in all successful investments, as Warren Buffet would refute this idea, but in this game, diversification is key. Never allow yourself to put the same lineup into many different contests on the same day of play. This is because, even with the most optimized lineups for the day or night, there are times when that stud player won’t deliver. This would affect all of your lineups adversely with a large amount of money wasted on these lineups, capped. Establish your lineups with various players, attempting big cash payouts.

2. Consider deeper stats

You must get your lineups structured to be able to take advantage of matchups that will favor your chances of opening up the flow of points to your team. You obviously don’t want to get any players from a defensive struggle with only 15 pass attempts in a game, unless you are taking the running back. Think about your game flow scenarios.

3. Consider Consistency Rankings

In the chief cornerstone of my content I have here what is considered and other post shower now going down though, once again.

To break down the Consistency pointsFactor obviously, some players will perform in a more consistent level even though they won’t have as high of a score and games as others. This philosophy does well in season long leagues where your most pretty consistent fancy performers will do well for you throughout the year. Therefore, the standard deviation as well as the coefficient variable can help you, once you are used to using these numbers to evaluate for stud players. Also of course, to evaluate true sleepers. Once you have this broken down, you have potential available players per the goal on site such as FanDuel, to be able to win contests that our tournament type.


Lastly, game flow factors in. When you look at a couple of the games that flu last week in week number six, there were games though teams were shut out. Seems like the Jag wires in Rams have shown to be capable. While this does not happen very often, it does make these teams defenses down use sore. These are the games with you basically avoid using offense of players unless the running backs can dominate. So, you always have to consider which teams may get blown out, and trying to get back in the game throwing the ball afternoon towards the 4th quarter.

Are all important factors to consider so hope to come back and see the next article at the same time next week. Go ahead and drop some comments and see what you think that really helps you?


Daily Fantasy Football Week 2 Projections & New Live Game Feed Demo

If you would like to know where to start for Week 2 of Daily Fantasy Football for Week 2, this is the updated place for Projections. As the season progresses, its the time of year where many are duped into chasing players, as brought out in my Prior article, Week 2 Fantasy Football League Adjustments. Here’s how the Projections will be laid out this year going forward:

Fantasy Studs:

Always work into your lineups a few studs based on a number of factors such as matchup, strength of schedule, and most important Consistency Rating per the FP per Game Ave.

Here are those guys at the top of the list regardless of position this week, without significant injury concern. Daily Fantasy Football Week 2

Jordy Nelson: Nelson may not have the best matchup in reality, because of facing Desmond Trufant this week, however, he still puts up numbers worthy of consideration on this slate because of his skill.

Todd Gurley: At this point, there is no need to worry any longer about Gurley. His offense is better than last year’s poor version, which could only go up, and he will be getting the total touches to succeed vs. Redskins

Phillip Rivers: While not an overwhelming option last week scoring 19 points on FD, Rivers this week however has a really good matchup vs. Mia., always does well early on in the year for whatever reason, and has the weapons to score a lot of points vs. the Dolphin Defense being favored

Ty Montgomery This should be a very well scoring game for Montgomery, with Carries and targets aplenty, he will continue to get opportunities as the main guy, that will have high downside to his point total.


Aaron Rodgers: As the #1 projected QB all season long, this does not change in DFS, especially for this great matchup vs. Falcons. What else is there really to explain?

Tom Brady: With a possible expected shootout, go with the pros, The hall of famers, the proven veterans, who pass for 5k+ yards on a regular basis. What would suggest otherwise with the matchups in favor.

Sneeky Stack: Drew Brees, with Michael Thomas. With another first ballot HOF player on deck tomorrow, these teams will be chasing each other in points with a hurt NE secondary.

Here’s a live Game result of the Action from the Saints vs Pats Matchup. Sorry about the side view angle, but it was Great Timing!

Here a link to Join in Here

Running Back:

Mike Gillislee: While he is highly unlikely to get the PPR points as those will go to J. White, and R. Burkhead with plans to play in the slot, Gillislee, remember is the replacement option for L. Blount. With that in mind, he is the most likely back to reach the end zone, once this higher powered offense does reach the redzone. Most likely.

Terrence West: The former Brown will do pretty well against this defense who is struggling with injuries in the front 7. Don’t worry about Buck Allen getting touches. He gets enough workload on the ground and redzone against this really good matchup.

Christian McCaffrey: I would not be surprised if McCaffrey turns into a top 10 fantasy back this season. I was impressed with the amount of time he was on the field and touched the ball. They must be committed to this phase of a maturing of their offense with this skillfull back.

Melvin Gordon: Gordon, as one of the more popular picks to be drafted high and paid for high in Daily Fantasy, will not cost you a lot at only $7600 on FD, compared to L. McCoy at $1000 more. Gordon has a better matchup, and McCoy even shows up on the injury report. All systems go for Gordon.

Wide Receiver:

Larry Fitzgerald: Larry is the most likely to get to take advantage of this good matchup vs. the lowly Cots Defense without their top CB. You may want to consider the other WR2 as Nelson had a good week last week.

Keenan Allen: I was hesitant about taking Allen on the season in drafts, but so far he is healthy and delivering. Its early, but matchup will work just fine as point total should be high in this game.

Mohamed Sanu: At only $5300 on FD, this is just a great value, as a #2 WR on a game that I am trying to get a lot of exposure to, you can fill your lineups with studs, using this price, and maybe get a touchdown around the goalline.

Brandon Cooks: I see this as a game where he will get loose. He will be ready to play vs. his former team, as Brady will need to hit him, so also consider putting Hogan into lineups as well. There is no reason for Brady not to light it up!

Tight End

Charles Clay: Clay is a good reasonably priced play at the right time, vs. one of the worst teams last year vs. the TE. However he will be highly owned this week. with Clay claiming to become a top tier level TE, which he has never been, don’t expect him to slow down this week.

Martellus Bennett: No need to actually goes with a top tier TE this week, as the potential of high scoring matchups will allow some of these lower tier guys to score TD, and get yardage, for longer gain. Bennett is also a guy that was favored in the Redzone in pre-season, so look for that option to materialize for Rodgers.

Sleepy TE: Even Ingram I went with him last week and got 6.4 points. Whether Becham plays or not, Igram is playing one of the worst vs. TE last yeare as well as this year, and is a matchup nightmare.

Fantasy Football Starters of Consistency: Keys to Evaluating

Fantasy Football Starters for Consistency

Success in Fantasy Football depends on the rate of consistency of which players go about their performance. The Baseball hitter who is most consistent over the season is praised with a high batting average with which no one can argue. How though, can football players be accurately estimated as to their performance equaling production: Well, there’s not a really easy way to determine basic fantasy football stats. Let’s take a look though, at a scenario here of two running backs with limited experience:  Which of the two running backs listed below was the more valuable fantasy running back so far this season in 5 games?

A. Melvin Gordon
B. Tevin Coleman
C. Equally valuable
D. More info is needed to make a decision on this fantasy lineup

While fundamentally, you could make an argument for Melvin Gordon, simply based on the volume of carries and workload he currently has in San Diego. But the first argument to that is based on whether your involved in a season long commitment or a daily fantasy football league. Both could be equally valuable in many standard or PPR leagues. The best answer though here, would be D.

Even though both players have virtually the same total stats on average with the mean calculation, they have different variations on their fantasy points scored in standard PPR Yahoo leagues, therefore need to be carefully chosen as to a week 6 and beyond fantasy starter.

Another way to see at it…

You could say, that the higher deviation from the mean average goes to Tevin Coleman, which shows below, a low of 5.0 points and a high of 32.0. Gordon breeds ideal consistency in fantasy football at least through the first 5 weeks. The more data you have, the better. Here is a summary of the 5 weeks from Yahoo PPR scoring on a few comparisons side by side:

Consistency with the Standard Deviation

If all things are equal the season long fantasy gamer will prefer Gordon so that he or she may obtain the consistent results by avoiding those downfalls in fantasy points during the season. The home run hitter is great to go for in season long leagues in which, for example only %5 of the team owners will win any prizes. This would be needed play, given the low probability of beating large numbers of opponents in many contests. Therefore that would entail going with Coleman and his big play potential..


The standard deviation as shown below, for Gordon is much smaller, making Coleman obviously more risky. Let’s next get into calculating this along with the CV

Standard Deviation and the Coefficient of Variation

The CV is found with this calculation: Standard Deviation/Mean. For help on actually getting the Standard Deviation first  Click Here for that, just type in the all week’s fantasy points  once you have both calculations, you can compare the numbers more efficiently.

For Tevin Coleman, the CV is 0.56, which says that the standard deviation is 56% of the mean. Larger CV’s mean that they are going farther from the mean on a weekly basis, and that is not good for consistency.


For Melvin Gordon, the CV is 0.23. The smaller CV from the mean obviously means that Gordon is more consistent in scoring fantasy points.

The next thing to consider as a key to fantasy success in scoring you want to consider the matchup that the chosen player has against his defense as to whether the difficulty of the matchup merits letting his performance rip this week.

Yahoo also has a nice tool, where you can research the fantasy points scored against fro a particular defense, where you can see how the defense is doing against running backs, wide receivers, quarterbacks, and even tight ends. With this data, as it progresses on during the season, gets more reliable and accurate, and is a measureable on how tough the defense your players actually is.

Don’t forget too, to always keep tabs on touches, meaning targets the player receives along with carries in the run game. This can be found on any stat compilation on many sports sites.

With all of this in mind are you ready for your week 6 matchups and beyond?