Feb 27 DFS NHL Fanduel Picks Today | Winning Variance

I would like to show you today using variance and the logical organizer, How to win your NHL Fanduel Picks Today Tues. Feb. 27th. Be careful of any player status changes such as injury, trade, or other news this time of year.

DFS NHL Straegy Philosophy:

Please bear in mind, these are only numbers. These are not lineups that you should go ahead and set. They players may be used according to my prior articles on how to set your lineups and the complete, best recommended process. Since these may or may not work for you. Once you have adjusted your game and strategy though, you should be able to get more wins than losses on a regular basis.

Some things to  note: The Vegas Golden nights are playing back to back at home with the exact same team, the Kings. Look for the backup Goalie to perhaps be a bargain, ideal pick for GPP plays on Fanduel or Draftkings.

Update: All of the money lines are updated as of early this morning 2/27, so fire up the top teams, and don’t be afraid to stack Vegas, which I love doing myself, at 3.16 PPT

How to Dominate NHL DFS Picks 2/27

Also to get your picks locked down, on any slate, any day of the week, watch this video below:


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Showing the Top Stack for  2/27/18

Feb 27 DFS NHL PIcks
The Top Tournament Stack of Night, May substitute Malkin for Crosby on 4 Man Power Play.