Cash Games vs Tournament DFS NFL Help for Week 14

When going over all of your possibilities for your cash game vs tournament dfs lineups, you will have to break down a lot of information to win.

The Basic difference: Cash vs Tournament

When 1 important player throws off your cash game nfl lineup, you will find that you will out of the range of the %50 you need to be in, in order to cash in. Tournaments are much different and perhaps honestly easier to create, but are high risk, because of the low percentage of winners.

In week 14 or in any other week, you want to have your same boring process that you run with week to week, once you have almost perfected it.

How to construct a Cash Game DFS NFL lineup

You should start with the most consistent quarterback in a fairly easy matchup, preferably at home in a game that should be within a touchdown of scoring vs the opponent.

When you take a QB in a bad matchup, for example Andrew Luck in a bad matchup, you certainly run the risk of the ole’ saying “defense wins championships.” yes  in a world of analytical mastery, the old school terms still hold true from the old ball coaches such as Barry Switzer.

Cash Games vs Tournament DFS NFL

You don’t want to be running this offense here, as it does not provide modern day football diversity in offensive passing schemes.

What does this have to do with fantasy football Andy? 

Yes, well, besides having a little fun with it, knowing your football iq will help you, as you must know thy self. Then you can ask the right questions when determining a cash game lineup and be in positive money. Honestly, I had strategies last year that did not work well at all this year, therefore having to change my offense, or process from year to year, even week to week to keep up with the changes in strategy.

I will now break it down step by step.

  1. Dont’ disregard the obvious. Take into consideration first of all as many players as possible who take over %50 of snaps for any given team.
  2. Take into account the vegas line totals and try to avoid the low implied team total games. This way you avoid an offense that is not doing well.
  3. Take players that perform consistently throughout the season, compared to the last 5 games. We are looking for a balance between both clips.
  4. Take players that are sure to have opportunity this week in at least a decent matchup, projected to score at least their average fantasy points per game.

Ok, so the step number 4 needs quite a bit more explanation and should probably be for another article, but I do want to get into tournaments in this article as well, as you can always check my Standard Deviation and Consistency Rankings for Week 14 for more specific help for this week.

When you are looking to gain wins according to a lot of numbers, you can easily get confused as to what stats are important. You want to have some good idea of the floor and the ceiling for a particular player in their week’s matchup. The experts that do this for a living 40+ hours a day know these numbers quite well. You can shorten the experience of evaluation all of this data with help here from probably the best community of Pro DFS players from around the world with chat, Cash recommendations, stat/metric spreadsheets, articles, correlation metrics for GPP’s and WR vs CB matchups week by week for the rest of the season. That you will find Here

This way you get an overall feel of where you should go with both cash and tournament plays every week in every sport. Anyway back to the floor and ceiling thing:

How to Get Floor and Ceiling Evaluations?

Well there is no clear cut way to determine the potential in a high variance situation as the NFL, however my Standard Deviation and Coefficient Variable weekly breakdown gives you a %90 accurate way of figuring this in a vaccum. However, these weekly rankings cannot take into account the week 14 or any other week situations. For example LaGarett Blount may not seem like a favorable RB for this week. And I would agree he not for 50/50 or double up contests. However you could take him at his low price on hybrids for the upside of having lost Karyon Johnson and the fact that he has scored 2 Touchdowns the last 2 games and… The opposing lowly defense is terrible vs the run in terms of rushing touchdown allowed.

You can also help for this at CBS HQ or sportsline

So there you have it, find the situation and the matchup that can tell a story, only partially based off the numbers. His own stats won’t show all of the story, but coaching tendancies will. In this same case, the Lions also go to other RB’s throughout the course of the game.

If you find any interesting matchups for this week, or strategy in this very interesting sunday for injured RB’s let me know below.

BTW, the best  place you can find these kind of updates, which could dramatically change the outcome of your fantasy cash and tournament plays, download the “playerline” app to receive constant updates on players.