Cash Game Plays today for NBA DFS on 2/22/19

In Today’s Post I would like to first highlight what cash game plays are in the DFS sports world, relating to today, 2/22/19 as an example to use.

This will give you valuable data to use in your own cash or hybrid cash games for your NBA lineups on fanduel, draftkings, or fantasydraft. These are all places you can find daily nba contests, in which you can win cash, based on the payout structure of the contest.

What is a Cash/Hybrid Contest?

There are slight differences between these 2 as cash is a 50% or close to, which could be around 45% for a double up. This is how the contest site helps make their margins, by keeping around 20% of the contest fees. Cash would also include head to heads, where you play against only 1 player, making only 1 winner out of 2.

Hybrids give more cash to the top of the payout structure. they can give winnings in positive cash flow to the top 1/3 of winners or 1/5 of winners in multipliers, or something similar.

You can find similar explanation breakdowns on at NBA daily fantasy advice: Getting your bankroll right for the duration of your lifetime deposits and earning.

Tournament Winnings

Tournament winnings consist of large to 6 figures of upside on many large entry sized contests. In order to place anywhere near the 10,000’s in positive cash flow you would have to be at or near the top 10% of all contestants. First to 10th place is usually very top heavy overall and are featured as the largest payout contests. When you hit one that has at least 100 entries, and have entered for $1 you should be at about $10 in order to 10X your money for example. You can do the math, for figuring top prizes given to the top 10%, however it depends on the contest structured payout.

Cash/Hybrid Game Plays for NBA Today for 2/13/19

How you can easily Track your lifetime balances.

My own personal suggestion would be to use a basic notepad as thick as you can find if you plan to commit to learning how to be profitable on DFS or daily fantasy sports, Starting with your top header balance, then on every line, daily you have your date, type of sport entered, your cash spent, and cash made on the left. ON the far right hand side of the paper, every day you calculate your balance. You can make 2 balances on the right, as you may have an actual and a lifetime balance. This way when you make more deposits and/or withdraw cash, you will still have your actual balance on your site you are playing handy. You should also have room on every line of the notepad to make some notes as to what you did differently in your process from the days before. Seeing how it works to improve your investment or game.

NBA DFS Video Tutorial using DFSArmy

Next, in my video I will explain how I come up with NBA Cash and Tournaments with the best results that I have mastered so far.

Here is the sheet picture of the 15+ cash game plays for today:

Cash game plays nba dfs 2-22-19

Additional Cheaper option Plays.

Chris Middletion

Draymond Green

Jason Tatum.

You will need these cheaper options.