Cash Game Plays for Today for NBA DFS 2/5/19

Get your week 17 nba dfs cash game plays ready for today on 2/5/19.

For NBA DFS newbie beginners here is an article to start with, as an overview of getting your bankroll right in Cash or Tournament games.

IF you’d like to keep going on how to compete in this arena continue on with the series of beginner articles with Using an NBA Optimizer.

These are in order in terms of must play status. In other words, get the first guy in your lineups first, then work on the next guy, and work on who else you want to prioritize in your cash lineup. Try to create about 10 lineups and vary the players by 1 or 2 in each to get some diversification on a night like tonight where there are plenty of games. 8 matchups are on the slate.

Here is the video rundown to start with, along with top 10 stat categories, including the And1 which is not on DFSArmy.

Also here is the link for NBA Miner.

Cash Game Plays for Today for NBA DFS 2/5/19