The Fantasy Sports Game – Re-Invented: New Strategies

For today’s post I wanted to get you some ideas for trying fantasy sports for the first time or simply trying again after failing. 

It’s not about winning the lottery. Its about developing the skills to use in research to get the best advantage in any game. 

First though, lets consider the time of year it is: 

We have MLB, NBA, and NHL all going on at the same time. When we eventually get into football season, shortly after the opening games in the NFL, we will have in the month of october, we will have all four major american sports going on at the same time, with NBA and NHL starting up during the month on different dates, and this being while the ALCS and NLCS is going on before the start of the world series. that will be an incredible time similar to this time of year, even though without football, having NCAA march madness going on. 

Here is the key shift in mindset to propose. 

I used to limit my fantasy sports to NFL. Now since I have advanced into MLB last season, heading into my 2nd season of playing, there are clearly opportunities to make skilled winning daily. If you can pick some games from the best slates using 2 out of 3 of these sports, that creates endless opportunities in DFS or daily fantasy sports. Of course when spring is finished, heading into the summer, there is only MLB. But that’s ok. the great thing about it, is teams play 6 days out of the week! What could be better. So you can easily see how the opportunities exist to adjust your strategy and skill set during these seasons. Even during the weekly NFL season there is never a time in which the other sports don’t play daily slates as well. 

So let’s waste no further time getting into what we do best. Get you some incredible tips for the day for beginner, or fresh re-start up strategy. 

Getting Started

  1. Don’t let past experiences slow you down. Let’s face it. You were probably making bad financial decisions based on luck of players you pick, for no solid reason other than liking a guy who looks like a real player. From experience, you will have to find the right statistical data for any sport. Nothing is over simplified. Don’t flinch when it comes to the numbers. 
  2. Start developing your sustainable system. You want to be a technician. But you don’t want to take away from the fundamentals of the game. Respect that. 
  3. Every sport has its own specific strategy depending on where your playing and the scoring. For those used to playing on fanduel, that’s fine. You can continue to use their salary system and find the best bargains. However, to keep things interesting, you can consider signing up at for live drafts that take place every minute there. While its  a different game there, if you have your research in place, you can be just as effective and efficient winning on as well. This app will get you into the game and excited about Free Wins! click on the picture for access
  4. fantasy sports game

I will let you go with those 3 key things when mentioning idealistic ways of getting more cash in your pocket, if you can paitently learn to outlast and let the projections normalize themselves in given sports. 

Here are a couple examples. 

In MLB, this was brought out on the NumberFire fantasy sports podcast. after looking at he deep stats such as wOBA and or WAR, these numbers normalize themselves after a certain number of games. That number of games being 60. 

When you take the example that just happened on opening day of MLB, Matt Davidson of the Chicago White Sox, hit 3 HRs, and 5 RBI’s. may seem like a mirage, especially with this quote directly from FanGraph’s. 

The Quick OpinionMatt Davidson hit for power in 2017, but he didn’t do much else. His extremely poor strikeout-to-walk rate, poor contact rate, and poor defense will likely relegate him to a reserve role in 2018.”

But.. why did this guy with just moderate power go beyond what he should be?  That’s the great part about it. This type fo performance merits something better than just a reserve role, or at least a hot streak in the making, that you can use before this normalization happens, if you are timing your lineups right, before any hot streak ends. This basic strategy has been used in any sport, and you can ride the wave, but then estimate when to get off of it. 

Would you like more strategies such as this one for Free? You could do a couple things: first for daily videos, on the Slates of the day visit Andy’s Youtube Channel for daily advice Also you could opt-into the form obove right, to be emailed daily with strategy specifics for your sport(s). But also see my article on the best fantasy sports sites that reveal real strategy. And finally you can always re-visit here for in depth tops concerning the seasons we mentioned, especially in fantasy football.

If this makes sense, drop a comment below, if not that’s fine as well, just comment.