The Best College Fantasy Football Sites for 2019

As college fantasy football has picked up its popularity for 2019 and beyond, I will help you get a grip on the best college fantasy football sites for 2019 and what to expect from these.

Best Main Media CFF sites

Some of your normal fantasy football (American) sites cover the spread when it comes to college fantasy football such as the sporting news, yahoo, and rotoworld. Rotoworld being the better of the 3 for the literally hundreds of rankings for each position in NCAA football. Its easy to navigate to any position you want at the bottom of the page.

My personal rankings of each CFF position:


Running Back

Wide Receiver

Tight End

Best Rankings Centric CFF sites:

Best fantasy football sits: fantrax comp
Fantrax Comp

When you look at the comp for Fatrax on their site versus CBS, ESPN, and Yahoo, there is a long list of features that fantrax offers that others don’t. However the very first one, “Easy Click” and “Classic” Lineup Change Methods, I have seen on yahoo, so I don’t see why that is there highlighted like that. There are many as it appears though that stand out from the rest. This is my first year playing season long on a podcast league, so we’ll see how it goes. Despite the unfamiliarity with the actual league, fantrax is the #1 site as a one stop shop for all things college fantasy football related. Here’s why.

Reason Fantrax is #1 above all others. (1A that is)

You can get great strategy, breakdowns, analysis, and how to actually prepare for the college fantasy football game weekly on a paid site membership such as DFS Army’s College Fantasy Football 101 and how the college game differs from the NFL. These are also excellent resources on how to get movement on your DFS CFF cash fund, taking all important factors into consideration, teaching you how to become a top player in this arena yourself. Actually i would consider it #1B when it comes to quality content on this site.

Fantrax however being completely free as much as I am aware of, Fantrax HQ  has updated player position rankings, overalll ADP, podcasts, Articles, and their own app, especially for leagues. 

Fantrax can be used by the way, as a replacement for other leagues in all sports that you probably play in as it should allow you to transfer your league data if your a comissioner such as in a dynasty league.

The app however is NOT available in the apple or android store. Just click on the menu from the main landing page and follow the instruction as you choose your device and go from there, as you will be all set when it comes to your league and all available resources there.

College Fantasy Football sits 2019








In Summary:

If you really want to get into the College Fantasy Game, Fantrax is the place to play season long, and Fanduel for Daily, Click here for a free $10.

Also check back at DFS Army often for articles as mentioned above or just get a membership there for help in all sports year round, becoming a total seasoned pro.