Week 1 fantasy football projections

According to NFL Schedule for week 1 fantasy football projections, here is what we can project for these games on the week 1 fantasy football projections for any league really. This this give you a starting idea of what to expect philosophically.

Fantasy Football Week 1: week fantasy football projections

Thu. Game:

Panthers @ Broncos:

Don’t expect a lot from this grudge match, as defensive minded teams go after ball control:

In ball control offenses, the bulk of the workload should go to the RB’s for the Broncos, and split between the QB’s and RB’s for the Panthers. No one is thrilled about J. Stewart but he is still their #1 option. It will be interesting to see if anyone else gets involved besides Cam. Also how much will will Simeon be throwing.

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Sunday Games:

Vikings @ Titans:

With Bridgewater out,  It will still be interesting to see which receivers will be used most frequently for targets on both teams. The Vikes may be able to neutralize the Titans 3 man running attack and put Mariota in the pocket and see what happens with the receiver options

Bears @ Texans

Establishing the running games will be important here as well but look for a potential shootout caused by the Bears inability to generate much offense at this time. If they can get the passing game going to get caught up, as a result of the Texans being fairly highly favored, it could end up as catch up to the clock time IF they can overcome a stout Texans Defense

Browns @ Eagles

It seems like the Browns will be better at first then the Eagles on offense.

Both Defenses could use a lot of improvement. Look for the kickers to make an impact here. I don’t mention kickers much but Parkey and Crooms should be pretty good in this game. I believe those are the guys there.

Bills @ Ravens

Bills fans hope for better runners behind McCoy so let’s see what combination they use here but for now, McCoy should be good against this defense I would think and could be underrated when healthy along with Taylor at QB for this game. No one knows what to expect of the Ravens offense except for one consistent: Flacco.

Chargers @ Chiefs

If your going to build a championship team you’ve got to start with the QB. What does this have to do with a fantasy matchup. Nothing directly, just wanted to mention these teams must rely on their QB’s more until consistency shows up with RB’s on both team. Not a matchup that would seem to score a lot of points this week.

Raiders @ Saints

These teams QB’s are also in a good position with many different receiver sets to choose from. Can the raiders highly rated defense this year slow down D. Brees? Look for L. Murray to probably have a beast type game, which he has the potential for running past this defense.

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Buccaneers @ Falcons  2016 week 1 fantasy projections

How will a good Buccaneers offense as shown in the preseason, do against a defense that has added pass rushers now? Winston seems ready for the challenge. I’m interested in seeing if/when the falcons get to the goal line, who will be in at RB.

Bengals @ Jets

This is a game designed for PPR leagues with RB’s gaining a bunch of yards. Forte is known for this and Bernard is ready to take more targets as a result of loosing a couple receivers there. Not sure the bengals will get much else moving against one of the great NFL defenses.

Packers @ Jaguars

Packers will be saying thank you Jordy Nelson Ranall Cobb, and Jered Cooks as they seemed poised to help this offense out. The youngsters on jaguars side will have a challenge. Maybe Ivory can get goal line work.

Dolphins @ Seahawks

Such a test for this Dolphins offense. I would not expect too much of this on this road game against what is still a good defense. Not sure what else to say on this one except that R. Wilson should consistently get his way unless that high priced line of Miami can slow him.

Giants @ Cowboys

The game of star receivers is here and this game holds a lot of value for fantasy owners, but with Romo already in question, this may be a re-accurring theme unless Dak Prescott can really give them half of what Romo really brings in his overall game. The Boys do look though, like they could key in on OBJ and not worry so much about the rest of the G-Men.

Lions @ Colts

This Colts defense seemed to consistently get rolled over in the pre-season so look for the Stafford to Marvin Jones expected connection to start early. Not a bad low entry play for any league. Colts offense will be heavily passing.

Patriots @ Cardinals

Looks like a great matchup of quality teams. Who will the Patriots key in on slowing down? Lots of weapons. And the same goes for the Patriots. This is a Super Bowl type matchup with the biggest stars here stepping up, like Gronk and Fitz.

Steelers @ Redskins

The linebackers on both of these teams are gooood.That makes it a little difficult in the running game. Look for DeShaun Jackson to get deep.

Rams @ 49ers

Both of these teams must look to new way to create offense and especially interesting is the up tempo 9er offensive and how many plays they will start running. Look for Carlos Hyde and Torry Smith to have overinflated numbers because of this at this time. Very underrated in most fantasy drafts as s few players will produce in this offense.

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