2019 NFL Draft: Best Available Regardless of Position.

Picking the NFL draft’s best available is much easier then picking the actual drafted players in the correct order. In fact, because of the continued variable during the draft itself, it more impossible to pick then the NCAA men’s March Madness tournament. So in stead here is the best available regardless of position.

  1. Nick Bosa: Bosa’s immediate impact may be felt right away for the 1st or 2nd selection of the draft as Bosa has everything going for him. His skillset is complete as he is great in pursuit of the ball carrier in both phases of the game. in run and pass support. Bosa sets a consistent edge in the 4-3 defense and should be the guy to anchor down the teams’ line that drafts him for years to come. Note: Fist pick Currently held by Cardinals.
  2. Quinnen Williams: While he may have to wait to endure 2 picks without getting his name called, this defensive line is definitely a position of strench in the 2019 nfl draft. His blend of size, power, speed, and flexibility are rare in the nfl. He can play anywhere on the line and any type of technique. He’s not too fat as well, so he can actually play on the edge at 285 lbs. Note: 2nd pick Currently held by 49ers. 
  3. Jawaan Taylor: A for sure top 10 pick this year, Taylor shows the superior consistency in blocking edge rushers of all types in his conference. This is where the top NFL prospects play, as Taylor is a proven commodity for the NFL. Any issues that he has with his hand placement and playing with better leverage are to be expected but fixable weaknesses. Note: 3rd Currently held by Jets.