SD Padres STATcast overview

1. Fernando Tatis

.410 Bapip doubt that will stay that high, as well as his 32% fB rate, indicating inflating numbers Hit for power and ran with real speed. .047 negative expected Woba differential. Doesn’t sound like much but even though all the scouts have said this guy is real and everybody loves him as a fielder as well, we could expect a regression in a sophmore campaign. You never want to rely on one year. Going pretty high in drafts. Showed off his max exit Velocity barrel rate at 21 yrs old. Son of another player.

2. Eric Hosmer  L

Below avg hitter who has not hit .800 OPS in a few yrs. Maybe their holding onto that 2017 .882 OPS 498 SLG %?? Can hit it very hard at 46% contact and with a line drive rate of 22% probably up in the order like this, sometime you just need a veteran guy to bring in some runs for cash. Terrible vs. Lefties but should start out with full playing time based on the contract.

3. Mannt Machado

Pretty even split of GB to FB rate. His BAPIP was only .274 for his first full season away from camden yards. I expect these numbers to bounce back somewhat to what he did in Balt. Remember he was top 92 percentile in all batting categories even in a year of partial run at Camden during the trade.    Struggled in ST play going 2 for 23, however his 300 mil contract secures his spot at third base.

4. Will Myers

Big Will Myers profiles similar to Hosmer, can hit line drives, has some power, wit 34% rate, thats a killer. But can also steal bases as a savvy veteran which Hosmer did not do much of. Not sure if he’ll be at this cleanup spot.      Was HOT in ST going 9 for 22 with 3 HR, 5 RBI’s working his way to everyday at bats.

5. Tommy Pham

We are looking to use Pham for getting on base and OBP vs. Righties. The huge payoff bonus is that if Pham gets back to one of his previous seasons we’re looking at approaching a 50% along with steals of 20-25 per season, he could be a valuable DFS option if the price is right.   Didn’t do much in ST, but everything suggests he’ll be healthy and ready to go despite soreness in his side. “Participated in a sand-lot style baseball game organized by Trevor Bauer. Interesting..

6. jurickson Profar

Afte losing Renfroe and Manuel Margot to a trade, Pham and Profar will seem to work themselves nicely into the lineup at positions of need. Nice production even though batting way down in the A’s order, can steal a base, and Very good avg exit velocity showing consistent surprisinlgy signs of power to add to his GB and line drive rate, even though having a lower BA and OBP. Sneaky coming in perhaps right behind Pham in LU.

7. F. Mejia

With a lot of times in the indians farm system, his first full staring season up from a couple yrs in AAA showed him struggling as a catcher. Didn’t show much hitting at all. Done nothing in ST Scouts say he can hit but has shown nothing at any Major league level yet.

8. Austin Hedges is more interesting for occasional power as they will split time.

9. Trent Grisham.

Hit 6 HR”s in 156 AB’s nice ST play.


Chris Paddock   R

His Actual ERA was backed up nicely by his XERA of right about the same, 3.3 K% of 27% is good, and ralies on 3 pitches. Mostly 4 seamer at 60% and Changeup at 28% and a little curve ball. Very adequete at the 2 main pitches and not bad at the curve either staying under .300 Woba. Need to be more Well rounded and develop into an ace for this team. Has almost 10 k/9’s


Garrett Richards  R

Last couple shortened injury seasons he threw over 10 K/9, but that is not real, as his career shows he’s at 7.8-8.8. He does have up to a 96 mph fastball as his specialty, and can get hit hard on this pitch with hard contact over 40% and exit velocity allowed with some of the worst in league so this is an easy spot to attack rather then use him.


Zack Davies

Only 6.4 K/9 through his career, however a good GB pitcher, grades out bottome 5% in league in SO’s.


DiNelson Lamet

Actually has a 4 pitch slection. 11.7 K/9!! Really good DFS option at a value price for sure. To 7% of league at 33.5 SO%


Joey Lucchasi

Had a good rookie yr at 10 K/9 and then fell off last year at only 8.7 so his Sinker hits up to just about 90 mph topping out. Most effective pitch is the changup using that less then the Sinker 51 compared to 35% so perhaps that will go up in usage.

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