RealTime Live Sports: Pre-Register for FireFan!

Fire Fan Sports Fans, fire up your engines for a real live sports experience.

Now that we are done with game 7 of the world series, staying up every night with no regrets for watching that classic, we are back to the real world for a moment. Too bad for the Indians and Chief Wahoo. The real world of Firefan! For Sports Enthusiasts only!FireFan

I will first recap, in case, you did not get a chance to read my previous post on this revolutionary and fun pro sports app.

This is a live in game process app that allows the fan to go deeper into the game, with some aspects of fantasy football or other sports of course that will be launched shortly. The soft launch is schedule for the week of the thanksgiving holiday. Sports fans will really get into this for Football!

The app, though, gives you a better feel for your team instead of getting into rooting against your own team, which should always happen in other fantasy sports, so this is being offered as a great alternative to that, as posted prior to this post. fire fan sports app

Now, to go over the free promotion and what it means for you.

If you get pre-registered for this historic launch, you will be in the best position to be one of the first to receive 12 free tokens towards your first full Firefan contest to enter. Feel the rush and addreneline of pure competition with either friends/family or with celebs, and of course, yours truly.

To take part in this offer, considering yourself part if the initial gaming launch as you learn how the game works, along with the demo per the previous post on United games with the link above, this link will get you to be able to obtain those once offered tokens for your first game.

Click here for early registration.

The game is real, the players are real, and the experience is real. Be one of the first to play!

Too bad this was not out for us to enjoy for the MLB playoffs and world series, but I definitely bank on it for myself as I take much more of an interest in what has been my least favorite pastime compared with American football and basketball. Sports games where you interact are the solution to this problem for the fan who wants to be more involved, at least for social reasons.

You must love the challenge of being part of the growth of the farm system and going out there at least virtually to manage the game. Yes, if you were manager for the Indians the outcome would be different. Just a staggering type of thought right! And thats the beauty of this app in my opinion.

Once again if you have not seen the demo, check back to the prior post link above and watch the demo on that page and be sure to register, giving yourself a big advantage over your competition.

What do you think? What might you enjoy most about an in game, live sports app like FireFan? Or what would you prefer to have most in the app game?

See you there soon.

10 thoughts on “RealTime Live Sports: Pre-Register for FireFan!”

  1. This is an interesting site – although I know nothing about American Football (as I live in South Africa), I have been looking for ways to build a South African Sports fan base for the company I work for so that we can profile and get a better granular view of them (in order to market better to these fans) – your page of gamification and fan engagement must be a good way to build this – am I right?

  2. I currently use espn for my fantasy football fix, but am getting very tired of it as it isn’t very interactive. This app definitely look interesting and am wanting to look into it more. Since i’m really into sports, this could be an added addition to my sports app collection. Thanks!

  3. I like that you breakdown certain players and the risk/reward factor for choosing them. Much like reality, you choose players and then hope your diligence is rewarded. With the popularity of the pro game you will most likely get a lot of interest here from people who are looking for a way to cash in on their knowledge of pro football.

  4. Hi Andrew,
    Fire Fan Sports Fans, fire up your engines for a real live sports experience. You make this sound awesome.
    Getting into the game on a deeper level sounds great.
    I am a Steelers fan, a little disappointed after watching them lose tonight, but the excitement of the game at 13 seconds to go and the Steelers blew it was incredible.

    I just might have to check this Fire Fan out,
    Thanks Keith

  5. As a big football fan I can see how I might enjoy a fantasy football program that encourages you to cheer on your team. Fair weather fans are wusses haha.

    I like how you say it can get you, the fan, more involved in the game. I hope it turns into a great success

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