How To Prepare for a Fantasy Football Draft for 2018

How would you prepare for a fantasy football draft for 2018. Well that could be one of 2 things. You could be getting ready for a live in person draft, getting snacks and drafts (Beers) ready, or you could even more likely entering a virtual draft room and preparing to win your draft, both of which are pretty cool.

In order to best prepare for any 2018 fantasy football draft you will first want to take into consideration the fantasy point factor.

What type of scoring system does your league use?

Is your league using PPR or General Standard scoring?

If your league is PPR scoring, you will have to focus on players that maximize their opportunities with Receptions. In Standard formats you will want to maximize your opportunities with Rushing attempts to balance out your rankings, going into your draft. For more help on that you can visit for sheets on scoring on any site you might play on.

What Are you Chances of Winning and at what cost?

Whether you are in a paid or free season long contest, most people have the end goal in mind of finishing #1 in their league. What will it take to accomplish that? Excellent drafting and waiver wire management. That means that you must hit on high upside players, and not settle for players that have limited upside, even when they are consistent in their deviation from their mean score. See my article, Fantasy Football Starters of Consistency for more info.

What you measure the cost in terms of investment you will need to balance out the amount you used to do so with an expected return. In most leagues only winners 1-3 out of 10 players get any of their money back. In Yahoo Premium leagues, you get paid out a large percentage of the funds as long as you finish in the top 2, resulting in an around %80 payout to those top 2 players. You must however finish in the top %20 of your competitors.

Choosing between Consistent Players and Upside players.

The fact is, its not hard for any educated NFL watcher to figure out which players have the best opportunity in the nfl, based on things like depth charts, and salaries, all made available through the internet. The hard part is choosing how many high upside players to choose and how many more consistent players to choose in the same tiers of players.

The best way to balance your risk and sure reward is this: Take 3 sure fire players who will be the go to guys, or studs every week, and the rest can be higher risk players who have some potential to become #1 WR’s and RB’s in the league.

Here’s an example of a Low Risk and High Upside Drafted Roster in a 1/2 PPR League:

This would be best if you happen to be drafting towards the end of your round, perhaps with pick 9 out of 10. If you are drafting in the top 5 this year, I would advise taking one of the top tier RBs in standard or PPR, unless you are taking Antonio Brown.

Round 1: DeAndre Hopkins; a very consistent stud last season, rarely getting less than 100 yards and a TD. One of the higher target guys in the league as well.

Round 2: Julio Jones; Yes I took Julio as the 2nd best target monster in the league last year, and even though he did not have the upside, he can easily re-gain those monster 200 yard 2 td games this year.

Round 3: Joe Mixon; Somewhat of a risk perhaps, but tremendous upside, he should only be available by the start of round 4. Think of Todd Gurley getting started last season. This could happen for Mixon this year, with an improved O-line for the Bengals.

Round 4: Zack Ertz; Here we get right back to safety with The most consistent TE last year, almost winning me my yahoo league last year.

Round 5: Alex Collins: Since we now have 3 players who can carry the team if healthy for the year, we must fill out the RB position with the most upside again. Referred to as the Money position, Collins provides the #2 option we you’ll need.

Round 6: Roonald Jones III If you have a flex position, its been confirmed that Jones will carry a large workload in Tampa. Why is he not being drafted higher than the sixth round. Remember Kareem Hunt last year. Tamp should get it going early with J. Winston out.

As you might be able to see, without filling out this example of a roster, you can obtain high upside to win your league. I would also suggest stacking, more common in daily leagues, but taking for example Carson Wentz if taking Ertz, or taking Matt Ryan, if you also believe the Falcons will score a ton of points this year like I do if you have Julio Jones. This creates synergy in your fantasy football lineup.

Sizing up Your Competition:

How To Prepare for a Fantasy Football Draft for 2018

As you can see above, the competition for this Yahoo league is not great, as the player has a 0-0 record, unless they have played on other sites.

If you have played with and are familiar with your league you will know whether your league drafts all RB’s High or some other position.

In a 2 QB league which I play in yearly, QB’s are drafted much higher than normal drafts. If you see this trend happening in the first round, go get some QB’s.

If your strategy or outliers consist of more helpful tips feel free to leave a comment below, so we can approve it right away. Thanks

4 thoughts on “How To Prepare for a Fantasy Football Draft for 2018”

  1. I like how fresh and up to date your info is. Critical to making good fantasy picks….
    So glad I found this site right at the beginning of the football season! I,ll be taking a look at the archives so I’ll be coming back every week for sure…
    Ready for some football !!

  2. Great advice on choosing your NFL Fantasy Football draft lineup. I have a tendency to lean towards consistency with top 3-5 picks and then fill out with boom or bust prospects. My results are typically top 4 with many top 2 finishes, so I know from experience that you need good stability along with watching weekly match ups. Remember that boom or bust players also make painless waiver releases as the league progresses should they not perform to expectations. Thanks for some top-notch NFL Fantasy Draft Advice.

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