Post NFL Draft Review: Short Term vs Long Term Impact on Fantasy Value

There is a lot of things to talk about during the best time of year, including the NFL Draft, so here is a brief post nfl draft review today:

I will give a per team summary of how they did in layman’s terms., including of course, the historical implication and fantasy impact:

One very viable issue that I am seeing with the state of franchises is the short term vs. long term building that GM’s are deploying. I will get into this per term as well.


The Cards took into account the long term and even short term, as their offense is instantly upgraded per the moves they made all over the board. They are helping to protect and equip the best pure pocket passer in the draft, as someone will also make an immediate fantasy impact besides just David Johnson and Larry Fitzgerald. With Christian Kirk, one of the better WR options in this draft, will be given opportunity to pick up some targets and Chase Edmonds, drafted in the 4th round should be able to project a viable handcuff option for Johnson.


While Calvin Ridley their 1st round draft pick may not out targeting Mohammed Sanu for the 2nd most targets on the team, his slot receiving skills should provide another target with good upside on the roster. Ito Smith, drafted in the 4th round, would only be a third option for depth.


While the Ravens are maybe the worst team in evaluating NFL WR talent, the TE position does much better, as they have drafted 2 in this year’s draft. Hayden Hurst may not make any impact this year. Lamar Jackson will be on the bench, and Orlando Brown, will need some work to step in as well, but they are making definitive moves for next year. The weird thing is the late round TE could be better than the one taken in the first round.


The Bills are another team in need of WR’s but did not draft one until the 6th and 7th rounds, taking Austin Proehl and Ray-ray McCloud who have good pedigrees. Josh Allen has an aging Fantasy RB, whenever he is ready to step up, using his awesome arm and athleticism.


Taking the best receiver in the draft, D.J. Moore, the Panthers have depth at the position, and Ian Thomas is a great fit for the offense, in awaiting Greg Olsen’s retirement.


The Bears are doing what they do: Build up the defense, and Lines on both sides, traditionally. Anthony Miller adds an interesting prospect, to help light up the air, with Mitch Trubiskey in hopes of Carson Wentz like production. When the injuries hit, like they do, Miller will be in great fantasy position.


The Bengals did not have an impressive draft, with their only splash player perhaps being Mark Walton, who won’t see the field much unless there are major injuries. Their focus was on the defense.


I hope Cleveland proves everyone wrong by selecting Baker Mayfield. I still would have taken the safer #1 QB option. Their moves on offense indicate they must rely on their coach to bring in players that could cause some off the field trouble. If that can be done, there is a lot of talent around Mayfield in this draft.


With the need at WR, the have to rely on Gallup, so the fantasy opportunities will be there for Michael Gallup. They appear to be re-tooling instead of rebuilding for the future with moves for Conner Williams at G and Dalton Schultz at TE, to support Zeke and Dak long term.


I like the move to obtain Courtland Sutton whom I believe was underrated in this draft class. He has the size and ball skills to make an immediate impact, if he can be utilized as the 3rd WR. Royce Freeman also has a chance to outperform his draft status as a 3rd round pick. Dashean Hamilton added to the mix adds depth.


The Lions show a commitment to the running game, as they add 2 offensive linemen, and Kerryon Johnson a back with impressive size, speed, and tape. He could be a steal, and help Matt Safford’s value in fantasy.

Green Bay:

With their late round selections, the Packers, who do a good job of drafting WR’s drafted 3. We don’t know which one has the best chance to break out, but their first one taken has good size at 6’3″, J’mon Moore.


The Texans are still looking for the slot receive, a position teams are utilizing more than ever. The TE pick was another need filled as well with Jordan Adkins. However they failed to get enough help along the OLine, to protect Watson, which should have been a top priority.


Adding 2 guards and 2 RB’s were great moves for this team, shoring up the line and running game potential. Hines could be the next Terik Cohen.


This will be a dominating team, but not a fantasy team. The defense dominates, and only got stronger on both sides of the ball. DJ Chark could develop later into a deep threat.

Kansas City:

With no offensive players taken, look to their defense, in fantasy drafts. Always a good choice anyway along with Jax.

Los Angeles Chargers:

As one of the best sleepers of the draft, Justin Jackson, taken in the 7th round, could actually play if/when their #1 option gets hurt. Look out, as the rest of their draft was mostly defense.

Los Angeles Rams:

The Rams took a potential staring tackle someday in Joe Noteboom. Also a center to add depth for help for their fantasy studs.


The Dolphins defintiely took the most athletic TE in the draft. That was also a need, following that up with D. Smyth from  N.D. and Kelem Ballage, who could provide fantasy value next year, or even this year.


The Vikes took no one of any real fantasy football impact.

New England:

The Pats took Sony Michel as a potential starting back. However their system does not allow any one runner

New Orleans:

As a head scratching draft, no one knows why they ended up doing all that trading to get an edge rusher with the 14th pick. However, the WR they picked up in the 3rd round, may replace Willie Snead just fine, Tre’quan Smith with decent combine numbers.

New York Giants:

The Giants questionable moves in the real world, became a slam dunk for future fantasy owners of Saquon Barkley. Will Hernandez provides the muscle up front for him.

New York Jets:

Darnold surprisingly did not get a lot of help in this draft. The whole team needs a lot, so will this coaching staff be a good fit for Darnold in the coming years?

Oakland Raiders:

The Raiders did a great job potentially shoring up the O’line. This helps the fantasy value of Derek Carr, Marshawn Lynch, Doug Martin, and Amari Cooper and Jordy Nelson. I don’t see the trade for Martavis Bryant making much of an impact.


The Eagels pick up a TE they don’t really need. But they don’t need anything. Dallas could potentially be in play for the 2nd TE to trusty Zack Ertz, which could put him in fine position in fantasy football.


James Washington and Mason Rudolph could very well be in play this year and beyond. When Ben gets hurt, hopefully Mason will be ready to play this year. Washington seems in line to replace M. Bryant, but that does not provide enough targets unless someone gets hurt for relevancy.

San Fran:

Offensively the 49ers made some solid moves in the first 2 rounds. McGlinchey and Pettis should help right away, and provide fantasy relevancy to Goropollo and co.


Many people question the drafting of Rashaad Penny because of the other RB’s on the board. However moving on, this is their guy, with excellent size and speed.  The starting job is his to lose.


Tampa should get a huge instant fantasy impact from Ronald Jones. Strikingly similar to Jamall Charles, this is  a great move using the 38th pick for the bucks, and overall production for their offense.


With no offensive player taken, look forward to Mariota, Corey Davis, and Derrick Henry should make big fantasy value this year.


The redskins drafted Darrius Guice and something weird happened to his draft stock after being widely viewed as one of the best 1st round picks in the draft. The also took a OT from Louisville to help out the running game, increasing the fantasy value.


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  1. Hi Andrew,

    Although I don’t profess to know a lot about football, my husband is a very keen fan (of Dallas first and then the Oakland Raiders) and gets into the season wholeheartedly when it arrives. So as a wife of a football fan, I do understand some of the terminology that you use.

    I must say that you give a very detailed account of why you think a particular team might or might not do well.

    Keep up the great comments as I know there are many of your readers who will agree with you and of course, some that won’t :).

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