Free Fantasy Football Advice: Be a Backup QB

Until you have mastered the art of fantasy football over a consistent period of years, you may want to take a lesson from Back up QB’s for your free fantasy football advice. There will be Free fantasy advice toward the end of this entry after the philosophical part.

Why would you want to take a lesson from a bench rider???

Well, you might want to consider some things it takes for a moment to be considered a good quality backup these days. Take a lesson from Shaun Hill. Forget that he did not hold onto the starting job. He IS now a great backup to Sam Bradford. Why?

Be Ready To Play.
Be Ready To Play.

Because he takes it as a constant professional. The diligent preparation makes him a master crafter of this game based on what he would do if he were in that situation the starting QB is going through at the moment, always ready for the chance to go into the game.

The number one lesson he has for young players he mentors is: Keep your helmet on. This shows that you are prepared and ready to go in, never losing your helmet and the signals that come in through that helmet, so that you don’t have to borrow someone else’s to get into the game.

Kinda like trading stocks, the one who gains the most in educated real time experience wins before he go out and actually does trading. The one who gets the practice before real time is prepared to win.

Hill takes time before and during every play to call the shots, making sure that his imaginary team is understanding his calls as he calls them out loud to know one listening. So it will take time, just call out your best matchups and stay consistent with your own strategy that works for you.

Free Fantasy Football Advice:

Become the Professional GM, Managing your teams Risks, Upsides, Aging, and other factors. With that said, the key thing with this time of year is recognizing which players are just good for the 2 weeks we have had so far and which ones will consistently be good going forward, working out potential trades and benching and/or waiver pickups for season long leagues.


Since RB is at such a scarcity right now, I hope you have backed those guys up with a handcuff, or the replacement player. If not you may be able to trade a deeper position for a RB such as WR, although to initiate these trades you may have to give up a WR of somewhat greater value to obtain the position of need but that’s ok. There aren’t enough RB’s out there from waivers to pick one up that may be effective unless you have stockpiled those. If you have not done so, then others have in your league.

Players coming back from suspensions:

Just to keep a heads up on these superstar caliber players, most owners will not want to give up Leveon Bell, Josh Gordon, and Tom Brady. These players I believe though will play major roles due to the injuries of their teams. Their roles will be in an increased type of role.

The browns will have to find someone in the meantime to pick up the slack for Corey Coleman missing a few weeks. Terell Pryor and Andrew Hawkins are the only options here it seems. They rookies they have don’t seem ready unless they want Ricardo Louis to get significant experience, he could be a sleeper.

Fantasy Football Matchups That Allow Success for These Players: Cheatsheet

This may be a team you could consider in DFS leagues or if you have them in season long, you are good.

QB Philip Rivers

RB  Eddie Lacey

RB Melvin Gordon

WR Marvin Jones Jr.

WR Larry Fitzgerald

WR Devante Parker

TE Jordan Reed

Flex: Louis Riddick or Steve Smith or Michael Floyd

K Justin Tucker

D/ST Dolphins





Fantasy Football Weekly Rankings: Week 2

Keeping in mind some valuable insights into fantasy football weekly rankings, per potential game flow, or lack of, here are some matchups to keep in mind according to games in order of most scoring potential:

Saints @ Giants:

Some star QB play will show here as it is safe to start one of these rocks who know how to sling it. The Giants have enough corners to cover all of these threats, and shut down D. Bryant last week. With C. Fleener not catching many targets last week, and cutting CJ Spiller who will the Saints turn to? How about Michael Thomas one on one with Eli Apple. Someone will have to break free. I think the Giants can use the

No Shut Down Zone

Click the Image For How You Can Follow Games Live, Call the Plays Against Others IN APP PLAY. Great Alternative the Anxious Grind of Fantasy!
Click the Image For How You Can Follow Games Live, Call the Plays Against Others IN APP PLAY. Great Alternative the Anxious Grind of Fantasy!

Odel Beckham Jr.

Sleeper Zone

Willie Snead and victor cruz


Jaguars @ Chargers

This game will have teams almost mirroring each other in points scored in a high scoring and probably close matchup. Both teams have good corners but the Chargers have the weakness at WR until or unless someone can step up besides T. Benjamin. I look for all those safeties on the Jags to create problems for the Chargers as well in both run and pass.

No Shut Down Zone

Click the Image For How You Can Follow Games Live, Call the Plays Against Others IN APP PLAY. Great Alternative the Anxious Grind of Fantasy!
Click the Image For How You Can Follow Games Live, Call the Plays Against Others IN APP PLAY. Great Alternative the Anxious Grind of Fantasy!

Allen Robinson & Allen Hurns Combo

Sleeper Zone

Mercedes Lewis


Falcons @ Raiders

Once again these 2 teams had a hard time stopping teams last week and the same should continue allowing plenty of points from these clubs. I would hate to say it but A. Cooper could get shut down by Oakland’s #1 corner here.

No Shut Down Zone

Click the Image For How You Can Follow Games Live, Call the Plays Against Others IN APP PLAY. Great Alternative the Anxious Grind of Fantasy!
Click the Image For How You Can Follow Games Live, Call the Plays Against Others IN APP PLAY. Great Alternative the Anxious Grind of Fantasy!

Julio Jones

Sleeper Zone

Mike Crabtree


Buccaneers @ Cardinals

With the emergence of the Buccs QB, a lot is expected of this offense at this time and even the Cards excellent secondary group cannot shut down this group of receivers. Similar to the Buccs, the Cards will be tough to slow down with so many weapons.

No Shut Down Zone

Click the Image For How You Can Follow Games Live, Call the Plays Against Others IN APP PLAY. Great Alternative the Anxious Grind of Fantasy!
Click the Image For How You Can Follow Games Live, Call the Plays Against Others IN APP PLAY. Great Alternative the Anxious Grind of Fantasy!

Larry Fitzgerald

Sleeper Zone

Austin Seferian-Jenkins

So these are the fantasy football weekly rankings for week 2.

And we stop here since, it takes only a few high scoring games to make it big in fantasy for the week. If you are banking on a player from one of those low scoring games, best to you, but make it a RB in the case of a good defensive battle. Those are the fundamentals of the fantasy game so keep in line with this philosophy when it comes to receivers, including ones that cannot be shut down and sleepers who are worth some risk as a flex or third WR spot on your managed fantasy roster.


Looking for Free Live Football Games?

Are there any ways of getting free live football games through the internet?

Not many really. You can get games online through the NFL site but theay are not live. Anything else is really not legal and unreliable unless NBC or Yahoo for example has a free promotion. So where else can you go?

Sports Apps

Well, Apps can get you access to lots of games through DirecTV. If you have a friend who will let you borrow their login, you have the answer, otherwise you will just be following along in certain sports apps.

How about a different alternative here to be demoed for free live football games…


Let’s give you an alternative option that we will demo for you here that you can check out right with the link below if you’d like to see how this is demonstrated in live action.

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The the television networks not budging on their nfl packages, locking you into contracts for years and paying high fees after the first year.

So though its not actually broadcasting on a game app, as is the purpose of this app, its surely the next best thing.

Overview of Free Live Football/Sporst App

Free Live Football Games

Fantasy apps give some in game stats but not actual in game such as the ones shown above in demo mode.

This is not Fantasy sports but it does have some enhancements of elements of fantasy sports.

You can see that getting a kickoff return TD on a call can get you BIG Tokens and BIG bragging rights.

Your never out of the loop when it comes to live gameplay action. If you are an inspiring coach or a predictor the outcomes of the fundamentals of the game, this game app will enhance your experience in other sports as well:





Rugby and..

Cricket??? huh

Well maybe not, but it has a lot of fans in other countries internationally.

And much more you never knew you might have been interested in.

So come join us in playing. You may even see some people you know, if not before long you’ll be inviting people to play through facebook and other social sites.

So while we are all hoping for the day when the streaming or game apps will give us such coverage without belonging to a specific higher priced network or phone service, in the meantime, catch all the action you can with the United Sports App experience.

Please feel free to leave honest opinions of the App and Game Look.

Game On!



Week 1 fantasy football projections

According to NFL Schedule for week 1 fantasy football projections, here is what we can project for these games on the week 1 fantasy football projections for any league really. This this give you a starting idea of what to expect philosophically.

Fantasy Football Week 1: week fantasy football projections

Thu. Game:

Panthers @ Broncos:

Don’t expect a lot from this grudge match, as defensive minded teams go after ball control:

In ball control offenses, the bulk of the workload should go to the RB’s for the Broncos, and split between the QB’s and RB’s for the Panthers. No one is thrilled about J. Stewart but he is still their #1 option. It will be interesting to see if anyone else gets involved besides Cam. Also how much will will Simeon be throwing.

Ready for Some Big Boy Action??? See one of the links on the upper right to play

Sunday Games:

Vikings @ Titans:

With Bridgewater out,  It will still be interesting to see which receivers will be used most frequently for targets on both teams. The Vikes may be able to neutralize the Titans 3 man running attack and put Mariota in the pocket and see what happens with the receiver options

Bears @ Texans

Establishing the running games will be important here as well but look for a potential shootout caused by the Bears inability to generate much offense at this time. If they can get the passing game going to get caught up, as a result of the Texans being fairly highly favored, it could end up as catch up to the clock time IF they can overcome a stout Texans Defense

Browns @ Eagles

It seems like the Browns will be better at first then the Eagles on offense.

Both Defenses could use a lot of improvement. Look for the kickers to make an impact here. I don’t mention kickers much but Parkey and Crooms should be pretty good in this game. I believe those are the guys there.

Bills @ Ravens

Bills fans hope for better runners behind McCoy so let’s see what combination they use here but for now, McCoy should be good against this defense I would think and could be underrated when healthy along with Taylor at QB for this game. No one knows what to expect of the Ravens offense except for one consistent: Flacco.

Chargers @ Chiefs

If your going to build a championship team you’ve got to start with the QB. What does this have to do with a fantasy matchup. Nothing directly, just wanted to mention these teams must rely on their QB’s more until consistency shows up with RB’s on both team. Not a matchup that would seem to score a lot of points this week.

Raiders @ Saints

These teams QB’s are also in a good position with many different receiver sets to choose from. Can the raiders highly rated defense this year slow down D. Brees? Look for L. Murray to probably have a beast type game, which he has the potential for running past this defense.

Ready to Play with the Big Boys? See one the links to the Right >>>>>>>>

Buccaneers @ Falcons  2016 week 1 fantasy projections

How will a good Buccaneers offense as shown in the preseason, do against a defense that has added pass rushers now? Winston seems ready for the challenge. I’m interested in seeing if/when the falcons get to the goal line, who will be in at RB.

Bengals @ Jets

This is a game designed for PPR leagues with RB’s gaining a bunch of yards. Forte is known for this and Bernard is ready to take more targets as a result of loosing a couple receivers there. Not sure the bengals will get much else moving against one of the great NFL defenses.

Packers @ Jaguars

Packers will be saying thank you Jordy Nelson Ranall Cobb, and Jered Cooks as they seemed poised to help this offense out. The youngsters on jaguars side will have a challenge. Maybe Ivory can get goal line work.

Dolphins @ Seahawks

Such a test for this Dolphins offense. I would not expect too much of this on this road game against what is still a good defense. Not sure what else to say on this one except that R. Wilson should consistently get his way unless that high priced line of Miami can slow him.

Giants @ Cowboys

The game of star receivers is here and this game holds a lot of value for fantasy owners, but with Romo already in question, this may be a re-accurring theme unless Dak Prescott can really give them half of what Romo really brings in his overall game. The Boys do look though, like they could key in on OBJ and not worry so much about the rest of the G-Men.

Lions @ Colts

This Colts defense seemed to consistently get rolled over in the pre-season so look for the Stafford to Marvin Jones expected connection to start early. Not a bad low entry play for any league. Colts offense will be heavily passing.

Patriots @ Cardinals

Looks like a great matchup of quality teams. Who will the Patriots key in on slowing down? Lots of weapons. And the same goes for the Patriots. This is a Super Bowl type matchup with the biggest stars here stepping up, like Gronk and Fitz.

Steelers @ Redskins

The linebackers on both of these teams are gooood.That makes it a little difficult in the running game. Look for DeShaun Jackson to get deep.

Rams @ 49ers

Both of these teams must look to new way to create offense and especially interesting is the up tempo 9er offensive and how many plays they will start running. Look for Carlos Hyde and Torry Smith to have overinflated numbers because of this at this time. Very underrated in most fantasy drafts as s few players will produce in this offense.

Ready for some Big Boy Action???  See one of the links to the upper right for game on

Free Fantasy Football Player Projections


Everyone likes free, so here it is before the start of the season. Free fantasy football projections organized in tiers of position:

Lets put you in fantasy football player projections school for today. Here’s who you’ll learn about today for your leagues of choice.


Elite QB’s: These QB’s should score more than 375 pts in standard scoring leagues this year.



Dew Brees

Tom Brady (after suspension) and pro-rated when paired with a replacement such as Kirk Cousins or Derek Carr

Phillip Rivers

Cam Newton2016 Fantasy Football Projections

Aaron Rodgers

Andrew Luck

Only these quarterbacks should reach that elite mark, with Russell Wilson and Carson Palmer also of good use in fantasy scoring.


These RB’s should reach 200 Points + this year in Standard Leagues


Jamaal Charles

Adrian Peterson

The Wealthy Fantasy Football Logo
The Wealthy Fantasy Football Logo

Lamar Miller

Todd Gurley

David Johnson

Le’Veon Bell (Should be able to make up the 200 points with only DeAngelo Williams picking up the slack so great deal here in drafts)

There are plenty of RB’s who have enough potential to move up into this list but a team games dictates how well they will do and unfortunately, injury takes its toll.


These WR’s should reach Elite 190+ Point Status for the coming year


Julio Jones

Antonio Brown

Odell Beckham Jr.

Fantasy Football Projections
Fantasy Football Projections

DeAndre Hopkins

Dez Bryant

AJ Green

The riskiest player here in my eyes at this time is Bryant. Who else could have a chance to move up into this list? There is a very real change for Alshon Jeffrey and Jordy Nelson here.


And Lastly, these TE’s should score 130+ Points:


Rob Gronkowski

Jordan Reed

Greg Olsen


I don’t want to leave out Travis Kelce here, if he can just get more consistent throughout the year. Many of his points were in the first few games last year.


When projecting these players many of them are going to have a chance to really make an impact because of the quality of talent and skill around them. Ezekiel Elliott is a real threat to be worthy of a first round fantasy pick. There is risk with a rookie always living up to potential but the upside is great with him and this Dallas offensive line, which is the best in the league.


This is really all part of the fun of fantasy sports for beginners and long seasoned veterans. Play with free player projections or play at your own risk. Its up to you. Compare these to sources for Daily action during the season without the season long grind of commitment.

Get started with Fanduel here if wanting to get 5 free contests starting with the season:

If you want Lower fees and larger payout percentages, look to for more dedicated players looking to make you successful. Just watch the video the right to see the advantages.

10 Team Fantasy Football Strategy: Good/Great Players by Team


When considering Good/Great 10 team fantasy football strategies, there a lot of players to choose from using every position and every team.

So, to narrow down for you your top players list in a 10 team league, consider the teams here and what players they are sure to count on in 2016:

This should help your 10 team fantasy draft board.



Miami: 1. A. Foster  2. J. Cameron 3. J. Landry 4. D. Parker

this list does not even mention J. Ajahi the backup running back. Worth mentioning even in a 10 team league


Colts: 1. A. Luck 2. TY Hilton 3. F. Gore 4. D. Moncreif 5. D. Allen

A lot of mouths to feed, leading to a disadvantage unless one of these guys get hurt, again, but P. Dorsett is ready to step up.


Titans: 1. D. Murray 2. D. Henry 3. M. Mariotta

This team is geared for a run oriented attack.


Browns: 1. C. Coleman 2. D. Johnson 3. G. Barnidge

The threat of J. Gordon here is real. Keep updated on him


Jaguars: 1. A. Robinson 2. C. Ivory 3. TJ Yeldon

Should be fairly high powered, so we’ll see if B. Bortles can pass to A. Hurns as well


Texans: 1. D. Hopkins 2. L. Miller 3.

No one else is really worth mentioning here at this time.


Steelers: 1. A. Brown 2. L. Bell 3. Rothlisberger

No one else here until M. Bryant comes back.


Ravens: 1. J. Forsett 2. M. Wallace 3. S. Smith

Only these guys can pull their weight as starters at this time


Bengals: 1. AJ Green 2. J. Hill 3. G. Bernard

We’ll have to wait and see who else emerges from the TE, WR bunch at this time


Raiders: 1. A. Cooper 2. L. Murray 3. M. Crabtree

D. Carr should also continue to progress to be one of the better ones.


Chiefs: 1. J. Charles 2. J. Macklin 3. T. Kelce

These are the relevant big 3 here


Chargers: 1. D. Allen 2. P. Rivers 3. D. Woodhead 4. T. Benjamin

Forgot to mention Mr. Gates.


Bills: 1. L. McCoy 2. S. Watkins 3. K. Williams

Not ready to mention anyone else here:


Jets: 1. B. Marshall 2. M. Forte E. Decker

Fitzpatrick will help these boys out.


Patriots: 1. R. Gronkowski 2. J. Eddleman 3. T. Brady 4. D. Lewis

Definitely would not touch anyone else


Broncos: 1. D. Thomas 2. E. Sanders 3. CJ Anderson

Thinking of R. Hillman? He may be falling off




49ers: 1. C Hyde 2. T. Smith

I would simply wait here for WRs to emerge or take B. Ellington


Seahawks: 1. R. Wilson 2. J. Graham 3. D. Baldwin

There are others to look out for on this roster and Wilson is a lock as starter


Bears: 1. A. Jeffrey 2. J. Langford 3. K. White

Maybe this offense can pick it up if healthy


Packers: 1. J. Nelson 2. A. Rodgers 3. E. Lacey 4. R. Cobb

It seems like whoever is a starter on this offense will put up numbers


Lions: 1. G. Tate 2. A. Abdullah 3. M. Jones

Stafford is here to consider but needing consistent options now.


Vikings: 1. A. Peterson 2. T. Bridgewater 3. #1 Receiver

The Vikes don’t have a clear #1 yet.


Saints: 1. B. Cooks 2. Brees 3. M. Ingram

The big 3 here is real. Who will be the fourth? Could come from RB, WR, or TE


Giants: 1. O. Beckham 2. R. Jennings 3. E. Manning

Thinking late round flyers on other guys here.


Redskins: 1. J. Reed 2. D. Jackson 3. M. Jones

K. Cousin seems ready.


Eagles: 1. J. Matthews 2. R. Matthews 3. Z. Ertz

Its time for both Matthews to step up consistently.


Cowboys: 1. D. Bryant 2. E. Elliot 3. T. Romo

The backup RBs’ seem pretty good


Falcons: 1. J. Jones 2. D. Freeman 3. M. Sanu

It may surprise to see Sanu be effective as the third guy here now but offensive line is really good too


Rams: 1. T. Gurley 2. T. Austin 3.??

Third guy step up needed here.


Cardinals: 1. D. Johnson 2. C. Palmer 3. M. Floyd

Hesitant here to say who is the fourth guy but someone will be.


Buccaneers: 1. M. Evans 2. D. Martin 3. AS Jenkins

Let’s see if the 2nd yr QB can progress further along


Panthers: 1. K. Benjamin 2. C. Newton 3. G. Olsen

Very weak link in the RB’s here.


I hope This 10 Team Fantasy Football Strategy for 2016 will be a good help towards a draft order strategy whether you want to come up with your own Overall Draft position list for your own draft or just follow the Average Draft Position Guides found on Google according to your format of draft, or you can use the overall position placing found in the menu heading above.









United Games Review: A Marketing a Strategy that Works?

To kick things off, I am going to give you an in-depth review of what this United Games is, and what it is not.. the affiliate program is not available at this time.

I will start off by saying 2 words here: pokemon go and just let that settle in for a moment. It is the number one app in the world right now. Go ahead and google it. I will get back to this significance later.

First off,

What United Games is not


  1. It is not Fantasy Football

    While it may enhance gameplay using some aspects of the fantasy game, that may be the only thing it has in common with it, according the co-owner, Natalyn Lewis. There is no gambling involved in the product, nor is there any individual performances that make or break a season or other specified period of play such as in daily fantasy sports.


2. It is not Real MLM or Networking

While the compensation plan does have multiple tiers of players you can get paid on, this cannot possibly be an MLM without recruiting. Here’s why that is: The company is taking away the affiliate growth base as of some future unspecified time. So at some time in the near future, affiliates will not be able to recruit. Period. There is no reason to continue to recruit individuals who explode the market with overflow of affiliates who over recruit to massive proportions. This is not what the company’s marketing department is looking for.

 It is not just a regular sports app

It is a live interactive one of a kind type experience that if you like fantasy or other sports, gaming, or other challenges with friends or other persons online, this may be a game for you. Its not another in game score and stat update. Its a real time in game app that takes 2 of the highest rising experiences in any world. World wide sports and apps.


What United Games is:

  1. A coming worldwide experience for most of all major sports.


    Think about it: What is the #1 world sport played? Football. But not American football. No something really much bigger. How about 400 million fans compared to 6 billion fans worldwide. That’s very credible to the game of soccer.


2. A Business Development Multiplier


It is a definite way, the way the comp. plan is set up to multiply your efforts naturally. By massive amounts of people sharing the app IF it takes off they way it is expected once it reaches base mainstream user base. In consideration of the phenomenon of the pokemon app, it is not expected to slow down at any point in the future. Also take a general look at E-commerce. Every year Amazon and Ebay has dramatically increased in user base along with the internet, and so basically the same is happening right now in the app world. 


The basic Marketing Strategy is this: Instead of spending hose hundreds of thousands, if not millions in ads run all over the internet, tv, and print, like pokemon, and more comparably, to spread the word, FanDuel, and DraftKings, this business eliminates those costs upfront before launch as they go into the affiliate marketing world.


Will this affiliate approach work? It has not been proven to work yet in this niche.


Affiliate marketing teams are set to make this work into their business plans and are implementing strategies that are proven to work, while at the same time adjusting to this unique type of approach to the exploding app world. They have already managed to pull together capture pages, auto-responders, conference calls, youtube videos, and so forth. But if you prefer to promote your app through off-line means there are options for you as well. The picture below does not give any exact representation of what the app looks like, nor the features that may be available other than it will be available on both android and apple.


Free Online Fantasy Games



If any questions please feel free to respond below.

Fantasy Football Money Leagues: Worth the Risk?

Fantasy football can be classified in many different ways. Fantasy football for money can be summarized in a million different ways. With the millions of possibilities, its no wonder there are only a number of millions dollar prize winners in daily fantasy contests.


While you may be interested as I realize, in best payouts, reviews, or even new fantasy football money league ideas, consider these thought provoking questions:


Daily Fantasy Football

  1. Is Anyone Making Money in Fantasy Football Money Leagues?


What we will do here is show you how to play mainly in season long leagues, not including the wager factor. Fantasy football for money may get you hooked to something that starts on the path of greed. To create wealth, think about this: Who are the organizations making the money from the results of these contests?

Obviously, you know who that is: Its the big businesses. Making money from every transaction, in which a person decides to take part in these contests. As fun as they might be for the person who can afford to take the risk, for most persons on average, will spend over $400 per season in mostly lost competitive wagers.


  2. Daily Leagues Bring an Element of a Lack of Commitment to the Game


With zero commitment, it takes away many of the fundamentals of sports and gaming. The season long commitment to excellence, (not intended to use the Raiders slogan here), but the simple course of a daily simple following of some players from different teams can keep you grounded. Sure you can still go about making trades for players to your advantage in a season long league, but the the chances of winning big contests consistently over time is really almost impossible.


3. There is 0 (Zero) Social Value Given to the Daily Fantasy League for Cash.


While traditions fantasy sports leagues give focus the value of being with your buddies, even though more on a minimal basis with online drafts and other fantasy league transactions, your worst friend could be engaged in the game with you and it wouldn’t matter because you probably would see or recognize all of the players you are competing against. I am not trying to take anything away from the fun of a daily fantasy match with friends, though since it could be organized for free as well.


4. Fantasy Sports for Money or “Gambling”, has been Rendered Illegal in Some States


If your going to do so, it may be illegal. So check the Statutes in your area if you are going to do so, or completely avoid it at all. There have been publicized incidents on this such as the headline in daily fantasy sports news: DraftKings, FanDuel, and Yahoo Get Cease-And-Desist Letters In Delaware.


This means that the daily fantasy sports industry has taken another major hit, and if you are in one of theses states, no games will be played, at least as the law states there as of today:


Montana  fantasy football money leagues








New York


and of course Delaware


These daily fantasy sports sites usually include, of whom have to basically back out of certain states, not allowing their business there are:


Yahoo, DraftKings, and FanDuel. So what are the best fantasy football leagues for money? Your state will tell you.


That’s 11 states and counting. Would that seem to be a thing you can count on to last?


In Summary, manage your risk and start to think about getting or staying away, since you may have to prepare for that anyway.


Believe me, after trying a few times myself it was hard to break away, but these will probably not be around long so save your money.



Free Online Fantasy Games: United Games App

In the world of free online fantasy games, the app world has really enhanced, in appreciation of the simplified gaming fun of the 24/7 fantasy gamer.


An App that Changes the Game   United Games App


The United Games App is ushering in a whole new and long overdue interactive experience for the gamer/fantasy player.


Many people are into the duel threat! Fantasy games and gaming, and in this day and age, using quality, easy to use apps that bring the experience to the palm of your hands.


Mark Mongie, a former EA sports programmer, has been working on the project and is on the job, forwarding the movement in excelling the gaming experience. Yes, overseeing the best games in the history of sports gaming, in the Madden, NCAA, and Nascar formats. Yes, this is a team, not just a single man project.. No Pun intended in team sports.


On that subject, the team aspect of the fantasy sports gaming interaction has been taken away from some fans if they are deeply ingrosssed in the day in and out grind of fantasy sports management.


For more a past time, as the team or other sport, ususally was back in the day, this app promises to bring a better team and user friendly experience to your electronic device.


How the United Sports App Works: Free Onlilne Fantasy Games

1. It will be accessible on all mobile platforms, Android, or Apple, of course, and easy to use.

2. Choose your sport preference and team you desire.

3. Select the level you want play at: Remeber Madden gamers the easy, intermediate, expert, and Madden level?


Interactive Experience in the tuest sense.


You also have access to the Live Play Call as a feature which will allow you to experience live with your friends or others’ real live game play to eaern not only points, but real prizes. These are usually based on 3 choices given to the user so that anyone can get involved with easy invites froom social media.


When is this to be released?


In the fall of 2016, just in time for American football season!

Set your sights on this game app for more info check back here for more info: United Sports App



Cleveland Cavaliers Rumors: Championship kept intact?

As a blog dedicated to fantasy sports this is a break during the offseason used to consider the NBA..

Congrats to the Champs! We are the champions, and with the champion defending ride come a few moves for any team looking to stay competitive, even after winning the prize.


Cleveland Cavaliers Rumors

As s personal tribut to the Cleveland cavaliers championship banner year, I would like to inform readers of the rumors that may be true and may be false. So pay attention with not so much attention to detail today:


As a Cavaliers fan in the Fort Lauderdale area I hear a lot of rumors spread as to different players involved in the free agent market down here including Hassan Whiteside and Dwyane Wade. (There is some validity, I believe to the prospect of Wade coming to cleveland, possibly to replace the guy I will mention below)


I would love to look forward to a year in which we defend our championship banner!


With these free agents in mind, let me say the south florida rumors have no significance.


Lebron James has promised to stay in Cleveland, Ohio and this will hold true.

I really appreciate how this team was able to draft, even though not retaining for the full length of his career, since the the championsihip is achieved, that he will liekly go on leading our team into the defending of next year’s championship with a lot of competition.


While it does alarm me a bit to see Lebron on the UFA list, I don’t see him going anywhere else at this time. Especially not Miami again.


I do though, have a few doubts as far as the other guys status starting with JR Smith, and a few of the reserves. I don’t see any way for Kevin to leave either.


Thats all good news for Cleveland sports fans. Great News and good rumors!!


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